Monday, December 16, 2013

Playing HOOKY and it's NOT my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another secret as to why I can post a blog most days. Sometimes (like NOW), I prepare the post the night before and then set the post to be published at 7 AM. Tomorrow (today) is Monday and with spin class and having to leave at 8:30 AM to get to the church to open the door - I often do not have time to post on Monday. So I am doing it tonight (last night)!   (You get the picture)

The snow got shoveled. Yeah. It wasn't really that big of a deal and I even got M out of bed to move her car and she helped with the last bit!!!   Yeah M!!!!   I didn't have my camera with me, but the girls had fun too. Sparky likes to sit watching. Just watching to make sure things are OK in her neighbourhood!!!!

One of the problems we have in winter is that we live on a crescent. That means when they come by to clear the street - there is a LOT of snow that potentially ends up in our driveway!!!!   Today I heard the tractors when they zipped down the street. I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs. But first I had to run to the basement because the camera was there!  No wonder I have no problem averaging 35 flights of stairs a day!!!!

Anyway these are pictures I took from M's window.

Two tractors with HUGE blades. The two guys looked like they were having fun as they whipped around the corners!!!!

We didn't make out too badly this time for them dumping snow at the end of our driveway. You can't really see because there is a BIG sticker on the window and right in the middle of my picture!!!!!    Hey M - scrape that stupid sticker off your window!!!!!!

As the guys were getting ready to leave, my next door neighbour runs out to them. I think she gave them each a big bar of chocolate. Oh crap - I didn't give them anything - I guess I might be dumped on when they come by next time!!!!!!!!!!!

I love to watch the birds at the bird feeders and some of them quickly discovered the newly put out goodies. I was lamenting that I want a zoom lens to take closer pictures. DH suggested I ask Santa, then I thought - crap - I already have one - I just don't use it. So back to the basement (I told you - 35 flights of stairs is NOTHING in a day for me) to get the lens. And look what I took..............

WITH regular lens

With zoom - isn't he cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

And momma cardinal!!  I love her HAIR!!!!!

Well I almost didn't have a zoom lens. As I was whipping off the regular lens, and trying to put the zoom on - so I have camera body in one hand - zoom lens in the other - my hands slipped and I almost dropped BOTH!!!!!   A very quick catch and I was safe!!!!   Phew - that made my heart rate go up a bit!!!!

After a consult with my photographer friend Mark, I thought I would try using just the zoom lens. Nope - as soon as I wanted to take a picture inside - I had to switch lens again!!!!   Oh well - just have to keep the darn thing handy or BUY another camera body and then have two cameras!!!!   Oh I am so pathetic!!!!!

As I promised - I did get another customer quilt done

Customer quilt - DONE  - ONE MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Detail of quilting

So I started to load the next quilt and I was dutifully taking pictures of it so you could see the process. It was going great even though it was a big quilt.

Then disaster!!!!!!!!!!   (OK - so I am exaggerating)

The quilt measures 87 inches by 111 inches. That is very important.  I got the backing loaded, got the top loaded - then whipped out the bag of batting. Opened the bag and proceeded to put it on the machine. Hmmmmm - Houston - we have a PROBLEM. The batting was too small. Oh well - probably have it the wrong way - NOPE - even when I turned it - still too small.

Batting - TOO SMALL

Then I looked at the bag - AHA!!!!!

Do you see what I see????   Yup - that batting is only 108 inches long and the quilt is 111 inches.

 Normally this wouldn't be a problem - I would just add some batting. Well I do NOT stock this kind of batting. Although I do have  some pieces of this brand. I checked it out and what I have is NOT the same density as this. I am NOT touching it until I hear from the customer. She wanted it for Tuesday, BUT it is now 6:30 PM and I still haven't heard so getting it by Tuesday???   Well - we will just have to see.

I should have checked when I got it - but I did not. And the customer did not - so we are both to blame - I guess. Anyway - that is one of the reasons why buying the batting from the long armer is better???   At least I would never run out of batting - I have ROLLS of the darn stuff stashed away.

So I am playing hooky and LOVING IT!!!!!!    I had a ton of stuff to prepare for Monday and I got all the necessary paperwork prepared - photocopies, and other stuff - all DONE. Got two out of three quilts trimmed for the girls on Monday. One more to do tonight.

And then I GOT TO PLAY.  Well not exactly, but I am working on my sample and if things go well - I should have two blocks completed by tonight. One is done and I am half done the next one. I have until Friday to get it complete. I have made an appointment with the store owner to drop it off. The clock is TICKING!!!!!!!!!!!   (Never fear  - even though I have six blocks left, I still have to assemble it and put on borders and although I have no quilts  to do - I still have some pretty full days booked and not a lot of sewing time!!)

As if having all these deadlines and Christmas looming isn't enough - I decided that NOW is the time to start dealing with my closet. I got a call the other night from one of the charities who are collecting used clothing and house hold goods. By December 27th. I decided that I would start with my pants!!!!    Emptied the closet/drawers and there are over TWENTY pair. And how many do I really wear????    About five!!!!!

Pile of pants!!!!
 My goal - try on two pair every night and make a decision. Already got one pair in the give away bag and two sweat shirts that I love, but haven't worn them in years - gone!!!!   And a picture - gone!!!!

Want to play along?????    Pick some item of clothing - and put it in a pile and start to go through it!!!!    What doesn't fit???   What don't you wear?????   If it has been more than 6 months you haven't touched it - in the bag!!!!!   Oh  boy - I am NOT going to have much left!!!!   I would love to take all my clothes and sort them into categories, but no time for that this week. Maybe next.

Oh yes - this is a disease and I am loving it. I can't wait to really have time to get into this clean up thing big time!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. I have loads to do.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I dropped four bags of stuff at Value Village today. Also have 2 blankets and 2 dog pillows I made from old pillowcases and batting and fabric scraps to take to the Humane Society.....have to remember the animals!