Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's working and what's not.....................

As we move towards the beginning of the new year and all the EXCITEMENT or ANTICIPATION of all the things we are going to do!  You know - good intentions and all..............   Well in order to facilitate that, I decided to do one more thing. That is evaluate what is working well and what is NOT and needs to be changed.

So far so good with the calendar planning (OK so I have done it for ONE week), but because I wrote the work that had to be done this week and scheduled it in, I have so far gotten everything done that I said I would. I think the 1/2 hour planning time on Sunday evening will be a keeper.

I also ACCOMPLISHED the three things on my critical list yesterday. It was near the end of the day when I finally got all three done. For some reason, writing cards is NOT on my top list of FUN things to do. I can put it off and put it off, until the person who I purchased the card for - doesn't need the card any more. Well this time, the card is IN THE MAILBOX.    And I have already written out my three things to do today. So that is also going to be a keeper. And since I am my own worse enemy - I will MAKE myself do those things. Of course - it could be a fun thing as well!!!

And it is not only doing these things, but remembering to do these things. Since they are scheduled in my Google calendar, there is NO WAY I can forget to do them. For me that is HUGE!!!!!

But there is something that is NOT working and it is HUGE. You see, I started this TWO years ago and it just is a dismal failure. I had my 2012 shelf  - things that I would work on in 2012. Then it became the 2013 shelf and I think it looks WORSE now than at the beginning of the year.

See - it is a disaster (normally there isn't stuff on the floor in front of it - I've had a couple of busy days and no time to keep up with the back end of stuff)

And I have ladies coming over this morning for embroidery club and so I had to clear off the tables............

Cleared work tables (also have to change a light bulb this morning)

And since there are so many coming, I had to clean off an extra one. BUT look at all the crap that I had to move. 

The intention of the 2013 shelf was that THAT STUFF that I keep shuffling (my current stuff) would be on the shelf. So - I have to figure out how to change that.

I will pull everything OFF the 2013 shelf. I will sort it and make lists. What really is realistic to work on in 2014?????   Then I will cull that list. I will also do the same with the stuff on the table. A lot of that stuff on the table is VERY CLOSE to being finished. I may have to make that another goal for 2014 - complete ONE item that is within one hour of completion every month. I know - it is very sad!!!!!!!!!!!    Again it is VERY HARD to tackle something when you don't really know the entire scope. I am NOT even going to worry about what is in the storage rooms - I am just going to focus on the shelf and the table. There is probably enough there to keep me going for a couple of years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line - something has to be done. The big problem is what to do with all the stuff that I will NOT be working on?????    Well I have to admit that over the year, things have crept from the storage rooms onto that shelf and the tables. Some of it will just have to creep back into storage!!!!!!!!    Have to be firm with these projects!!!

I won't have time to get started on this today - well maybe I can pull a box or two off the shelf and evaluate whether it will get on the list or not. Hmmmmm - I need to contemplate that while I am quilting. That is when I do my best thinking. Or when I am walking the dogs.

And look.........................

I did get all those red/white half square triangles sewn. Not only are they all sewn, but they are all trimmed as well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the quilt du jour - here it is......................

Customer quilt

Detail of quilting

On that note - I have a bunch of embroiderers coming over and I have to change that light!!!   Better get moving.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


PS - I hope your sewing room make over is coming along nicely. The assignment of the day is - evaluate what is working and what is not. I have another story to tell you about that, but no time to post it today. But if something isn't working - no room to work, too much clutter or whatever it is - you need to identify the problem and THEN - come up with a fix. That is on my list for the next week.

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