Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celtic Solstice - checking in.............

Yikes - it is late on Thursday evening. Got to get the pictures posted BEFORE the cut off. OK - it's not that late, but time to get organized.

We are egging each other on to get working on this quilt. I probably need the MOST egging on, but my customer deadlines are DONE. Just my own personal stuff and it can wait????

Anyway - here is the status of our group (we need to have a party at the end!!! - but ONLY if we all finish!!)

I made progress on Clue One. Except I can't count!  When I got to the end of the sewing, I realized that I had cut 86, NOT 96. So that last 10 are cut and waiting to be sewn.

The first half of Clue One

I did manage to get all of the second part of Clue One cut!!!!

Second half of Clue One - at least it is all cut and TWO units are sewn

Did not manage to progress any further on Clue Two.

Clue Two - CUT, and ONE Chevron is done!

Clue three?  Oh yes - there was a clue three. I managed to get the strips cut

Strips cut for Clue Three

I have to say that I am WAY BEHIND the others.

 Jan's status   .............

Part 1
Complete but need to be trimmed

Part 2
Need to trim and sew halves together

Part 3

75 of 200 half triangles done and untrimmed


Jan - not bad considering the dog got into your project and messed things up, chewed a few pieces!!!!   You made good progress. I am IMPRESSED.

Linda`s status.................

Will finish sewing chevrons today while using half square triangles for leaders and enders.  Should be pretty well caught up by the beginning of the week.

Linda (and it is all LINDA`S FAULT that we are doing this) She got me started a couple of years ago!!!!!   And our group is growing!!!!!

Mary`s status.....................

Clue One - DONE

Clue Two - DONE

Clue Three - DONE

Hey Mary - you are an over achiever!!!!!

Tish`s status  (and I LOVE TISH!!!! - she is not done!!!  Not even close - she is my best friend!!!)

Clue One - she is using Inklingo. I LOVE that yellow in the one on the left. 

I don`t have pictures of Anne`s and Evelyn`s, but I am sure they are up to date or very close to it!!!!

WOW - that is so exciting to see all that work. I see from Bonnie`s post tonight that the next clue is easy???   I am wary when someone says that. Easy, but.....................     Well I will be looking for the next clue tomorrow morning and can't wait to get myself caught up.

And to honour Bonnie's recent trip to Germany - this fellow stands guard at our house during the holidays........

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. How fun that you have a bunch of friends all working on the quilt. Hope you all keep up so that you can have an enormous party!