Monday, December 30, 2013

Time to get serious!!!!

OH my - if that (getting serious) ever happened in this house - well it would be a miracle.

Every morning I walk the girls in the forest. It is very early in the morning and I let them run free. There is NEVER anyone there or very rare. This morning, Sparky went off for a bit of hike on her own as she does from time to time. She usually catches up with us. But by the time I got home, she still hadn't caught up. OK - sometimes she is a few minutes behind us. Nope - not this morning. Oh crap - I have to go and look for her.

I don my new  BRIGHT red coat, my red hat and scarf and I am off to look for her. I decide to take Sammy - why not - she is fat and needs more exercise!!!!!    We are walking along the path and calling out Sparky's name. Then I hear her barking - a weird kind of barking. Hmmmm - where is that coming from?   Oh yes - it is BEHIND us. So we back track and there is Sparky trapped on the OTHER side of the fence that separates a town house complex from the forest. Good grief - get your butt over here!!!!  

Well apparently she couldn't find the hole that she crawled through to get to the other side and she was STUCK!!!!!!    We walked all the way down to the end of the fence - NO HOLES. At least not big enough for her to crawl through. Now this doesn't seem like such a big deal, but keep in mind - I am wearing a BRIGHT RED coat, there are NO leaves on the trees (and I am fighting my way through the trees and snow and ice), and Sparky is howling like an idiot because she can't get through. I am surprised that we didn't get yelled at for being a peeking tom since this fence is just behind the town houses - so we are practically in their back yard!!!!!!!!!  

Stupid dog - she wouldn't stop howling!!!!!    We ended up having to walk the ENTIRE length of the fence in the opposite direction and I had to go into the complex from the street before I could get her. I do not know where she went through the fence, but she found a hole somewhere!!!!!    Needless to say - she got a lecture - which promptly went in one ear and out the other!!!!!!!!!  

Oh well - that was humiliating!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have a lot of time this morning thanks to Sparky as I spent an HOUR outside in the cold to get her. Thank goodness I had dressed for it.

Got down to SERIOUS business with the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

Step One of Clue Three - DONE!!!!!!!!!!    Yes - there are 200 half square triangles. 

Step two involved making 25 pinwheel blocks - I got two done. The rest of the HST are used in Clue Five. Will try to finish those up today. Feels good to be making some progress on this. I hope to be completely caught up before the next clue gets published on Friday. 

As I was working on other stuff, I managed to use the little cut offs from Clue Two as my enders and leaders. And I got a bunch done. These ones are even pressed and trimmed. As I worked on them, I had visions of what I could do with them. A couple of things come to mind. 

I will post pictures tomorrow, but I started work on the cutting table. Just went methodically through one project after another. Some took more time than others, but over all I did make progress which is what counts.

Today I have a play day planned and my partner in crime is due to arrive very soon. I can't wait!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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