Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is that a habit????

I am loving these lazy days!   Not getting as much done as I would in normal FRENZY mode, but progress is being made and that is what it is all about!

I was working on those secret projects that I was supposed to have done by Christmas. Since things changed there is no rush to get them done and I am working on them now so they will be done by Christmas 2014!!!!!     The good news - two are done!!!!!!!   And I decided to make two more. And as I was working on parts of the first two - I was doing parts for the second two. Let's just say the second pair will go together much faster because of that.

However - I needed some cording for the projects. Found a nice cording at Fabricland (and I've been back TWICE more to get more cording and other things as well!!). If you have ever worked with this cording you know it unravels like crazy!!!!  I was trying to find a way to seal the edges.

Cord that frays!!!!!   Unless you secure it with scotch tape and THEN cut it
I tried burning the end - UGLY. Then I tried to stitch the end - EQUALLY UGLY
Then I tried fray check - nope - did nothing. Then I tried glue

And it worked. A nice neat end - the top one is glued, the bottom one is held with tape

I am going to experiment to see how aggressive you could be with the glued end before it gives way. Anyone have other suggestions to securing the ends?????     The projects won't get much use, but I want them to look nice for a long time.

Then I started a NEW project. I know - well it really isn't new. Well new in the sense that nothing had been cut out. But I need this. It is a small sewing caddy. And why do I need one????   Well the caddy is mostly to put my hand sewing tools and this is what I currently have.

A small needle case that I picked up at a guild show that is laden with pins, clips and needles - none of which are INSIDE the needle case. The little pouch contains my two sewing thimbles (the winter one and the summer one - OK - so the fat day one and the skinny day one). This will pouch was clipped to the needlecase by the ribbon and the small clip that you see on the needlecase - the scissors were on the ribbon. Well the bad news is - the ribbon finally wore out the other day - so now I need something new and something that doesn't look so silly!!!!!
When I was going through a drawer the other night - I found this pattern that I had printed out from Connecting Threads. It was a freebie on their web site - MANY MANY years ago. While it is much bigger than what I currently have - it will allow me to place a small project - like an embroidery square in it as well. Or an applique block. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And since you are cutting one - you might as well cut TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!I did get some sewing done on it last night - in the middle of the night. I had a bad night - could NOT sleep which is the most annoying thing in the entire world. Reading didn't work, sewing didn't work. At last I did fall asleep. I think the lack of getting my butt to the gym isn't helping the sleep situation!!!!    I need physical activity and lots of it in order to sleep at night. 

Started a new book - Secret Daughter. A novel about a mother in India who has to give up her daughter (not nearly as valuable as a son) and about the parents (the father is from India) in America who adopt the girl.  Some parts of the book (while it is fiction - you know that a lot of it happens) are heart wrenching. I just can't imagine how these people survived and how hard they worked (and continue to work) for so little. So very sad!!!!!

Well I also started my LAST audio book using CDs - or so I hope!!!!    This one was on the Book Club list. I did not get to the meeting when they discussed the book, but it had also been on MY reading list so time to buckle down and get it read!!!!

The power of habit

The first part is a bit techno jargon. Going through case studies (maybe the entire book is that way???),  but it is an eye opener to see how much our brain looks for habits so it doesn't have to work as hard. If things become routine, the brain doesn't have to think. This is likely why some times we get somewhere and do not remember the trip. Our auto pilot (the habit of going to work) kicks in and allows our brain to think about other things. It really is quite interesting.   If you think about it - why are most people reluctant to change????   Well they will need to make decisions about something - that requires brain power and well...........   you see what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!     The same thing happens to your body - do the same work out every day and your body doesn't even react any more. You have to CHANGE things up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Case in point - I have been searching my studio (not actively) for my yellow ball that I use to get the tension out of my back. I know the muscles are tightening up and I haven't been able to locate the ball that I use to roll out the knots.

Then yesterday - BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was the yellow ball.

Do you see it??????    Yes - it was sitting on my cutting table the entire time. But my brain was so used to seeing it that it didn't even register that it was there. I guess this is why things jump out at you when you can't find them initially and at soon as you buy a new one - the old one pops out. I bet it is because the new one creates a NEW image and then your brain looks for patterns. Oh dear - that is all complicated stuff!!!!!    Anyway - the entire premise of this is interesting. I can't wait to get to the section on HOW to change your habits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of NOT wanting to change - I need a new pair of slippers. Yes - I am NOT good with foot wear which is why I am suffering from plantar fasciitis. Purely my own fault. Well here are my slippers - what do you think????   I need a new pair????

Old slippers

Yep - there are even holes in the sides!!!!!!     BUT no holes in the soles of those things, but the rabbit fur is long gone around the tops and the fleece in the bottom - long gone. They have held up well. I have had them so long I don't even remember how long. 

So I did replace them the other day with these..............

I KNOW - PINK Slippers!!!!!!     We were at the mall (getting my new phone) and I saw them on sale. The only colour they had and since I HATE shopping - I just bought them. They are sure BRIGHT, but very comfy with memory foam in the bottom and nice fleece lined. 

And if you think I have a disease - M has it just as bad. What to do with the old slippers. I know - you are saying THROW THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Before I did, I thought - hmmmmmmm - is there any part of them that can be saved and made into something. I know - I couldn't help myself. Then I tossed them in the garbage in my studio. M came down later and exclaimed - YOU CAN'T THROW THOSE AWAY - you could make a quilt or something out of them. I know - memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I dug them out of the trash and I will perhaps cut the beaded part away and use it for a memory quilt of me!!!!!!!!!

Slippers BACK out of the trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got to working on yet ANOTHER project. See - if I don't plan - I just flit from project to project!!!!!!!    Let's not forget that I completely finished TWO PROJECTS in the morning.   Now I was going to work on some applique. And YES you can call me crazy - but I can't stand to see the edges of fusible applique left unfinished. I know - it is insane especially on seasonal wall hangings, but have a look - which one do you like better??????????????

Edge finished with satin stitch??????

Edge not finished?????

Come on - you have to agree - the finished edge pops off the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!     And since it is my time and my machine LOVES to do satin stitch - I will continue to finish the edges of my fusible applique.
Got all the letters stitched - there is the second half of this wall hanging yet to stitch. 

And here is the label that I made when I started it in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 As the end of the year approaches I had visions of my studio being fairly organized and everything in its place. And for the most part - I am in good shape. But there was the question of the stuff on the tables - I was hoping to have dealt with all the stuff on the tables. Alas - that is not the case and I will give it a good try, but not sure that it is going to happen.

This set of tables should be fairly easy to clean off - but still going to take time
The sewing table - full of stuff - but it is all current!!!!!!!!!!

And this laundry basket that has been floating - there are SEVENTEEN projects in here!!!!!!!!!     Including the PJ pants that I found. Yes - I went to the flannel stash and picked up a fabric and YES - there was the missing pattern and elastic to make PJ pants for me. Now if I was smart - I would make them now and put them away for next Christmas. And I will and then I am going to schedule myself a note about the PJ pants and where they are as well as these other secret projects that I am working on. 

The ironing board could use some tidying, although I made this mess last night when I couldn't sleep and I got HALF of the pieces cut for the second two secret projects - the other one is going to be worked on today and then all this can go back to the stash room. 

Cutting table - also needs some work, but again - this is all current stuff. Won't take long to get it tidy. 

Hmmmm - how much of that can I deal with between now and New Year's Day??????

On that note - I think today is going to be a slow day. Lack of sleep does that to me.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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