Monday, December 2, 2013

Rosewood Cottage Reveal from OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES - I am WAY BEHIND. BUT I have a system which I will tell you about in another post. All I can say is be AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. I have created a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - we had our FIRST reveal for Rosewood Cottage in October. (YES - way back in October) This is the class that I am teaching at Sew n Serge. Yes - I am teaching it at a couple of locations this year and for some reason, I just couldn't get these pictures posted.

So here they are................   (the homework was four friendship star blocks, a big cat and the flower bouquet

Sheila - four friendship stars. 

Sheila - flower bouquet and her dog Charlie

Sheila - she also made this cat and I LOVE the stitch she used for the raw edge. Reminds me of fur!!!!

Louise -  cat and flower bouquet

Susan N - an intense purple theme - it is GORGEOUS in real life!!!

Susan -  friendship stars

Lynn -  flower bouquet and cat

Lynn -  friendship stars

Judy -  flower bouquet and cat

Oh shoot - now I am lost with the names. Help????????????
I think this is still Judy's

And Lucy went crazy - those flowers are fussy cut and they look amazing!!!!

Then she messed around with some embroidered applique instead of the cat

Lucy -  friendship stars

Marnie -  cat and flower bouquet

Marnie -  friendship stars

Susan M' - cat and flower bouquet

Susan M -  cat and flower bouquet

Elaine S -  cat and flower bouquet

Elaine S' -  friendship stars

They are all so different. Either in the way the applique was finished off or the colour choices. I always love to see how the SAME pattern can look like a completely different quilt!!!   Awesome job everyone!!!

One of the ladies and I can't remember who (it is one of TWO people and if I choose one, it for sure will be the other!!!!). Anyway - they had this really cute show n tell which I am going to share with you!!!!!!!

The front of a baby quilt that they designed and made

The back

That is so cute and there was a story behind the quilt as well and be darn if I can't remember that either. You see - that is why ONE MUST WRITE THINGS DOWN. Especially as you get older!!!!!

Here are two other pictures that were taken in the same time frame as the others above. I thought you might be interested............

Not sure if this is still valid, but for at least a month, the Shell station close to me (and probably others) was offering a savings of 3 cents a litre when you put in your Air Miles card. That was nice!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you are going to put a sleeve on a quilt - make sure the sleeve is LONG ENOUGH. This is what happens when the sleeve is too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This was taken at our quilt show back in October. Needless to say, we had to do some engineering to make this stay up properly. 

On that note - I am out of here. Got loads to do and I must run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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