Friday, December 27, 2013

Technology - friend or foe??

Ah - technology - my MOST favourite thing in the entire world!!!!

The other day my Dad asked if I had Skype on my computer. Nope - I do not. My brother convinced him to download it so they could talk on Christmas Day. So while I was on the phone with him - I downloaded Skype. Now because I was on the phone, I might not have been paying as much attention as I should have.

We hung up and I went to use the computer. OH CRUD - I now have a BING toolbar. I had this Bing toolbar before as well as a YAHOO toolbar and they are just a pain in the BUTT. And I was having all kinds of pop ups coming up - protect your computer, do this, do that. Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!

I got adventuresome and DELETED all that stuff. The only thing I cannot delete is the toolbar. I have gone in to the settings - can't find it there. Gone into programs - can't find it to delete which is unusual. So it must have another name. Well I sorted the programs by date installed and got rid of everything installed that day - but still have the annoying toolbar.

Then I tried to call my friends in India - well NO ANSWER. I guess they must be mad at me. I was chatting to them the other day and they tried to tell me I SHOULD upgrade to Windows 8 and instead of listening to me when I said NO (it was December 23 and they called me). Well I hung up on them. They have tried to call back several times and I won't answer. I am SO ANNOYED - when I say NO - what part of N O do they not understand. I doubt we have a language barrier happening either!!!!!    NO is pretty universal.

And the other annoying thing - all those little add-ons that downloaded with Skype - well my computer just wouldn't shut down. It was running HOT - the fan just wouldn't shut off. Very annoying. And as I am deleting the programs - I get little messages - so sorry to see you go - are you sure??????  

But it is mostly under control. Just that one thing to fix up. And NO - I haven't even tried Skype yet.

While I am deleted files - I am also marking the squares for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. And now you know why I get messed up - I am NOT paying attention to what goes on!!!!!    No - everything was fine last night. 

I do have to say that my little FitBit is working just GREAT. A seamless piece of technology. I love it - M got one for Christmas - so I have a new friend. But you can see stats compared to everyone who logs on - well I don't know who - but anyway it is quite interesting.

Daily steps - ME (green) compared to the rest of the FitBit population

You want to be on the RIGHT side of the Bell Curve in this situation. I am in the 81 percentile - meaning I take more steps than 80 percent of the FitBit population.   I walked an average of 4.3 Miles per day last week which is FORTY PERCENT more than the average.

And on the other things - like weight - well I am on the OTHER side of the Bell Curve - which is also a good thing. My asleep time is considerably less than the population and I have even added ONE extra hour a night.    Anyway - it is interesting to note the stats. But you get ONE week free and then you have to cough up $50 for a year. Which I don't know that I will do.

Even though I did get a lot of sewing done yesterday - well I can't show it to you. We have decided to hold off on the secret project until February. It's a long story and honestly - I am getting tired of it!!!!   I went to sew yesterday and the colours are ALL WRONG.   How this is happening to me lately - I have no idea. Perhaps I need to take it upstairs in day light and see. But here in the basement - the colours are all wrong.

So I messed with  my new iPod. I managed to download a TON of podcasts. Free podcasts - let's hope they are decent ones. And I believe this little gizmo has Bluetooth so I can hook it up to the car. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!    Anyway - I will get into the song playlists next. I am trying to download a book from the library which reminds me that I downloaded the book - I have to figure out how to get it on the iPod. I may never get an audio book on CD again!!!!!!!!!!1

And the ultimate in technology woes is my PHONE. My family finally told me to SHUT UP and just get a new phone already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    So I did.

Old phone on the left - a piece of crap and the new sleek - SAMSUNG S4 

OH MY GOD - this was like going from a Model T Ford to a Lamborghini.     There is NO COMPARING the two phones. One is a dud and the other is AMAZING.     Although I obviously made a mistake when I set the alarm this morning because it did NOT go off, but I had my FitBit and my old phone to remind me. But then the phone TOLD me what my next TO DO item was. Schedule three critical things to do today!!!!!    Pretty funny - but it was so WORTH getting the new one. It is fast - I don't have to wait MINUTES for Facebook to open. The screen is big enough to play Scrabble. Well I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Just have a few more apps to download and then all these widgets to figure out.

So much exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone mentioned to me yesterday that I PLAN a lot. DO I?????    Well probably more than most, but honestly if I do NOT do it - things get forgotten. And will NOT get done. Like the little quilt project that I unearthed yesterday. It even had a label with it. The date on the label - 2009 - the quilt is no where near finished!!!!!!!!!!!!      But now it is on the 2014 shelf and will get done this year.    I guess all those planning and scheduling classes that I took when I worked have paid off. But I do have to admit that all the scheduling in the world DOES NOT cure procrastination. It helps. Oh yes - it helps and I am a BIG CULPRIT for procrastinating. Sometimes it is like I WANT TO FAIL by procrastinating. I don't know why.

Well on that note - I still have TWO things to do on the my critical list of three (and I don't always get the three done that day, but they stare at me every time I sit at the computer) and I want to get them done today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. We are on the same wavelength. Helen asked for PJ's again this year. I ordered the fabric and then hunted for the pattern. Could I find it, NO. In the end I had to get her to mail an old pair to me and then I had to debone them and make a new pattern. At age 27 she is wearing brightly coloured owls!

  2. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did find my pattern - yes - it was with a washed chunk of flannel BACK on the shelf. I left it out to work on for next year's PJs!!!!!