Thursday, December 12, 2013

Typical MALE!!!!!

OK - so that is a generalization!   A big one, but I couldn't help but laugh when I looked out the window yesterday. I hadn't put out the bird seed until yesterday and then I didn't fill the feeders - I just bought these bell things. And look who was there.................
The MALE cardinal - and since cardinals always travel in pairs - where would the female be?????

On the ground - picking up the pieces!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to all the male readers, but I couldn't resist!!!!!    I did notice that the male cardinal's coat is NOT as red as I have seen in the past - I wonder why????

We had embroidery club in the morning. Six of us sat around and stitched our hearts out. It is GREAT fun and so nice to sit and chat. As one person commented - there is NO GOSSIP - we all chat about STUFF. And you know what - that is VERY REFRESHING. No complaining, no gossip - thanks ladies - I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!     Can't wait until next week.

And I am making good progress on my project. Down to about 1 1 /2 blocks left to stitch. Oh yes - Christmas is coming - I might be giving a bunch of squares for Christmas, but that is OK!!!!!

Despite embroidery club and zipping out to do some errands - I got another quilt done. OK - so it was a teeny tiny one compared to the previous one.

Customer quilt

Detail of quilt

Went to the library to pick up a book that I have been waiting for for a long time.

Salt sugar fat - I am AFRAID to read this. No I am actually looking forward to reading it. I think it will be an eye opener. Bottom line is going to be MONEY - they (the big corporations do it for MONEY) - no one cares about what it does to the people they hook!!!!

Someone asked me the name of the book about ULTRAMARATHONS - here it is. Race Across the Sky by Derek Sherman.   An interesting read with some moral issues, touches on cults and the bio-medical industry (again - they don't do it to save lives - they do it to make money!!!).   This would make an excellent book club book. While the character is an ultramarathon runner - it would be interesting to lots of people. 

Something very interesting happened yesterday. I have NOT drank hot chocolate since I came back from my summer bike trip. I usually drink tea (with two SUGAR - oh yes - one of my vices!!!) or water throughout the day. And not nearly enough!!!!   I need to drink loads more, but if the colour of urine is an indicator of dehydration - I am NOT dehydrated!!!!    Anyway - almost immediately after drinking the SMALL WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE, I started to feel bad. I almost immediately wanted to nap. It was AWFUL!!!!    I ended up having a nap (an hour long nap) and then I was in bed before NINE PM and slept until my normal wake up time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   - that tells me something??????   NO MORE HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!    Not sure what happened because I have sugar all the time, but something made me exhausted. And I was perfectly fine before. Same thing happened the day that I ate the turkey. Instant NEED A NAP time.   Got to do some checking out on that!!!!

I was asked some questions yesterday and I figure that answering them in the blog is the best way. Then others will know in the event they ask themselves the same questions.

The first question was - how do I blog everyday - and so early in the morning.

My mornings are VERY ROUTINE. I get up at 5 AM (every day!). I am in bed by 10 PM (used to be 11 - but I was too tired in the day). And I try to respect that every day. If I don't get enough sleep - I am UGLY the next day. No - I am exhausted and can't function properly.

OK - so up at 5. On those days when I go to spin class - I have 45 minutes to do whatever - usually sewing or organizing before I have to get ready for spin class. Then off to spin class (the gym is FOUR KM away) and I am usually back at the house by 8 AM. Then I have from 8 - 9 AM to check e-mails and blog.

On days when I do NOT go to spin class, I sew until 6:30, then I walk the dogs and back in the house at 7. then I have TWO hours to check e-mail and blog.

I TRY (and succeed most days) to be done by 9 AM - then it is time to get to work - work being quilting or sewing). But I get on with my day.

I have been blogging for many years  - I have always loved to write and blogging (or journal keeping) is mostly something I do for me. I love to write about my day, and I find that by verbalizing stuff in the blog - it helps me to actually get it done. If I just THINK about something - it mostly never happens, but WRITING IT DOWN - oh boy - that is a whole different ball game. I have made a COMMITMENT to myself by putting it in writing.

And then just the process of writing itself - I just love it!!!!   Don't ask me to hand write something. My hands cramp up within minutes and it is not fun, but I learned to type MANY MANY MANY years ago and it was one of the best skills I ever learned. So I can type fast!!!!   Sometimes it takes a LONG time to edit the pictures (saving them in Web format).

When I quilt or especially when I walk the dogs, I am formulating how I will write the "story" - the blog. What will the title be? Can I group like items together. Always thinking!!!!!

The other thing that is VERY IMPORTANT - my mornings are 100 percent MINE!!!!!    My family is VERY SELF SUFFICIENT in the morning. They get up - they do their own breakfast - those FIRST FOUR HOURS of every day are 100 PERCENT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!   (to do what I want!!!!!)

Well - I hope that answers that question. I'll do the rest another time.  Since I see a number of e-mails that I have to make decisions about and I better do that before my day starts!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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