Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching up....................

Here is the SECOND group of photos for the Rosewood Cottage reveal at Sew n Serge.

The homework for this month was a heart block, a cat block, a birdhouse, a house block and some patches.

Louise - the heart, the cat, the birdhouse

Louise - her patches

Sheila - the hearts, the house, the birdhouse, the cat  (LOTS of changes here - going to be very cute!!!!)

Lynn - the patches, the cat, the heart, the house and the birdhouse

Lucy - The house, the heart, the patches, the birdhouse, the cat

Susan (our purple lady!) - the patches, the birdhouse, the heart, (an extra house), the cat and the house

Elaine S - the patches, the birdhouse, the cat, the house and the heart. It is hard to tell in the photo, but she did reverse applique for the windows of the house and it looks pretty neat. I think some of the others did as well. 

Marnie - the house, the heart, the flower bouquet (from last month), the cat and the birdhouse

Wow - I have to say these are all looking awesome. Some are stitching by hand and some by machine. The results are going to be stunning.

There are so many fabrics choices in this kind of quilt, but lots of room for fussy cutting  - choosing plaids for the houses, floral fabric for the bushes. I guess that isn't really fussy cutting - more like fussy choosing of fabric. They have done a great job so far!!!!

And now we have another class tomorrow evening. Can't wait to see what they have done this past month. I promise to post the pictures SOONER!!!!

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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