Friday, December 13, 2013

If you ask questions - you will never know!!!!!

Guess what is coming???   Oh yes - I know Christmas is coming, but what comes after Christmas????   Well this year it is the WINTER OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!      How exciting is that!!!!!  

I may have to break down and watch TV. Wait - for the last summer Olympics, one of the networks had an app and you could watch the events on the iPad. I hope they do the same thing this year!!!!!     And I still HATE my iPad. I couldn't sleep last night (yes - one night I can't sleep and the next night I can't get enough!!). I was trying to get onto the internet and that STUPID iPad just kept bouncing me out. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!    The good news - my Android tablet is on its way home!!!!!

Anyway - it is TIME to buy the Olympic glasses.

Oh shoot - I thought these were Olympic glasses from Petro Canada, but I cannot find them on the internet anywhere!!!!   Maybe it was my imagination????   Does anyone remember why they sold these glasses???   I had a whole pile of them but down to just a few now. 

Then there were the glasses for the Winter Olympics in 2010 (yes - there were others from other years, but I don't seem to have any of them left)

Love these mugs from 2010

Well here is the new 2014 Winter Olympic mug - no glasses that I know of. A bit of a weird shape!!!!

BUT - I hate the bottom. There is a BIG dip - that means when it goes in the dishwasher - a big blob of water will reside there. Why do they do that?????  

I've been formulating an idea for a small family history book about quilting in our family. Well - the answers are pretty surprising and information coming out that I had no idea!!!!

One of the summers I was home after I started quilting, I remember my mom pulled out a quilt and showed me. In my mind - it was a Dresden Plate quilt.   And I thought it had been made by my Great Grandmother.

I asked my Dad to get me pictures of the Dresden Plate quilt made by Grandma Preston. Well - he said "Mom says that is NOT a Dresden Plate".  Wait a minute - I swear it was a Dresden Plate.

Well - turns out there is MORE than one quilt. The quilt made by my Great Grandma is NOT a Dresden Plate - it is a Bow Tie.

Bow Tie quilt - it had been put in storage because it was starting to wear. In a plastic bag no less. No no no!!!!   Put it in a pillow case. Hopefully that is how it went back in the cupboard. 

To solve the mystery of the Dresden Plate, when I asked my Mom if SHE made a Dresden Plate - she said YES. OK - so why do I have to ask so specific questions to get an answer!!!!!    It is like dealing with a teenager!!!!!    I think the bow tie quilt was made when my parents got married - almost 60 years ago!!!!!

Not sure when the Dresden Plate was made, but in the fifties would be my guess. I'll get all the information from her!!!!!!

Then I found out that my Mom also made a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. The top is done, but not quilted!!!!!   Who knew???????

When I questioned my Dad about memories he had of his mom and quilting (because I know she did stuff - I have bits and pieces of a Cathedral Window that she was making!!!). Anyway - turns out there is a cute story about a "sewing chicken".   I know - who knew!!!!!!!

So my task now is to get the preliminary information from them - they are putting it together with pictures. Then I will review it - ask MORE questions and then I will be able to put it my history book.

Now I just have to wait for Yvonne (ooops - sorry) to get the same information from her memory banks and I will be all set. I can't wait to get it done - it is going to be so neat!!!!!

I did NOT get a quilt done yesterday. I went to one of my sewing groups  and did more stitching (can't wait to finish this project!!!!!!!!). Then in the afternoon, I got the quilt of the day loaded and some quilting done. But I also had some paperwork that had to be done. That got done and crossed off the list.

Quilt on the machine - yes - it is 111 inches square.   I think there are still about 4 or 5 BIG quilts to do, but not all before Christmas. 

Oh yes - I also took some time yesterday afternoon to work on Celtic Solstice and I am paying the price today. I tried to speed cut the pieces - sometimes cutting through 6 layers and that meant having to put lots of pressure on the ruler. My wrist is very sore today. Lesson learned - NEVER cut through that many layers again. Of course it didn't help that I carried something VERY HEAVY from last night's meeting in that same arm and I must have strained a muscle. CRAP!!!!!!

Anyway - on that note - I am out of here today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I believe the glass with the ship on it was from The Tallships Festival in Halifax. I have the whole set.