Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back to school......................

We are told that we must keep our brains engaged. Stimulating our brains daily helps to ward off mental illness like Alzheimer s and Dementia.   If the last couple of days continue - my brain is in NO danger of succumbing to any mental illness - well does insanity count as a mental illness???

I have been working like mad on doing TWO blogs a day and when one of them is more than just your personal ramblings - well you have to work a bit harder at it. I've been testing the sewing machine, then trying to get better pictures,  and then the actual act of writing the blog and loading it was a "challenge" because it was new to me software.  However I think that by tomorrow - all the bugs will be worked out.

Here is the link to the latest blog post about the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100 Q.


I am shocked - I have the Designer I (also a Husqvarna sewing machine). I purchased it in 1998. At that time - it was the top of the line sewing machine. And I thought I had a super machine. Well there are many new models that have come out since then and I never once considered an entry level machine. Why would I want that?  That is for beginners. Well after spending the last couple of days with this machine - I WANT ONE!!!!!!    Even my dealer thought I had lost it when I talked to them about getting one.  (I know - I already checked for availability!!!)   They NEVER thought I would want one. However - cottage, RV, backyard, classes, retreats?????    You name it - my good machine never has to leave the house again!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - check out the link above and see what this little machine is all about. It really is a neat little machine.

In all the craziness of yesterday, I did manage to get a customer quilt done!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer quilt

Detail of quilting

Then Carm was over last night and we were working on our Buggy Barn quilts.

I was struggling with the tips of some small narrow parts. These are the stripes on the cat and I did NOT like the tips. They were bulky - they were ugly and they were pointy.

UGLY TIPS!!!!!!!

So I pressed the point flat again. I then ran a basting stitch around the point and about 1/4" down on both sides of the point.  Didn't bother to take the freezer paper out. Gently pulled up the basting stitch and I had a PERFECT curve!!!!!!!!

Perfect curve!!!!!!!

It was a whole lot flatter on the wrong side - way smoother on the front and I just "invented" a new technique.  Not really, but it sure worked slick. I redid all the stripes on the cat and I am now ready to glue it down in preparation of stitching.   Thanks so much to Carm for getting me off my butt to make that happen. This technique will work like a charm on sharply rounded leaf ends, flower petals and many more places.

Carm has been making progress on her Garden Party - here is her Canadian flag.  Thanks to M's friend for drawing us the flat.  
Folky Canadian flag

Yes - I know I am really late with the blog - had embroidery club, trimmed a quilt, loaded another quilt and now I must get it quilted.  This week is just a crazy week and the next few days are going to be the same!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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