Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great - my handler is gone today and I just have to tell you what has been going on. Psst - this is Little Sammy talking!!!  

See - it's me - Little Sammy - although I don't know why they call me LITTLE!!!!   I have a BIG personality. 

Despite all the good vibes in this house and all the loving that I get from my peeps, there is one thing missing. I need MORE love.

Well I have a boyfriend now and I am so happy!!!!!
This is the little girl peep  holding my boyfriend - Milo!!!!!   Ah - isn't he just the most handsome dog you have ever seen!!!!
How about now???   Apparently Milo and myself are very entertaining. The little girl peep and the big girl peep were practically in hysterics as we played.  I mean - it wasn't that funny???

Milo loves to chew on sticks and doesn't he look so sweet

But he can be fierce and protective if he needs to be!!!!
 I just love when Milo comes for a play date. Our favourite thing to do is go upstairs and run back and forth along the hall. That hall is very big and long and we can get a good run. I overheard the big girl peep saying that she could hear us running way now in her big girl peep cave. Hrmp!!!   We are NOT that noisy!!!!

Milo gets so excited that he dribbles and the peeps are NOT happy about that. But he is still a baby!!!!  And that's how I like them - young and sweet.  You can train them then!!!!

Our second favourite thing is wrasslin'..   We just love it and can't get enough.

See - we are studying each other to see who will make the first move!!!

Yeah - I've got him pinned down!!!!

He is so little - he moves quick, but I still got him pinned down!!!!

We love to mouth each other. I slobbered all over Milo and he was wet with spit!!!!   Oh boy - we sure love that. The peeps did not!!!!

That little bugger tried to bite my ear!!!!!   Actually our tails are wagging so hard you would think we were in the middle of a tornado.   We just love each other so much. 
Another pin down - Milo is so gullible - I can get him every time. 

Ooops - time for a butt sniff. Yep - same cute boy friend. No change since the last time I sniffed his butt. 

Who will make the first move????????

I see the big girl peep is home now and I better get off the computer before she sees me.

Milo - I LOVE YOU and I want you to come more often. Please........................

Have a great day

Ciao (from Little Sammy)

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