Friday, June 27, 2014

Procrastination is not always a bad thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Thursday Therapy.  It is one of my favourite days (OK - so almost every day is my favourite day).  A group of us get together and sew for a good part of the day. If you are well prepared and in the right mindset - you can accomplish a lot. You also get to see some amazing show n tell.

Have a look at what some of the others brought in to show off........

Sacha finished her BRIGHT cat quilt - I just love this and was trying to find a way to sneak it in my bag!!!!   She started work on yet another BRIGHT CAT quilt which is going to be gorgeous as well. 

Linda was quilting up a gorgeous quilt.  Guess who this is for????   Not ME!!   Nope - a new BABY.  Isn't that an awesome colour for a baby quilt!!!!!   And the shading of her lights and darks is awesome. 

Vivenda was working on her Bloomin' 9-Patch.  I just love that name - is it Bloomin' as in a name or is that a bad word?????   Anyway she is almost done and this was an enormous amount of work.  That class was only a month or so ago so she has been hustling to get this much done. 

Elaine was fretting over this housecoat which she is making for a friend.  EVERYTHING matched - all the plaids at practically all the seams.  Not sure how she did that - but well it looked awesome.   I think she finally finished it at the end of the day. 

Susan corrected her block. I haven't posted the homework from Northern Lights class yet, but - well just say that there were a few issues.  Susan got this block back together and started to work on the next ones. 

I decided to work on borders, backings and bindings.   There are so many choices that I could work on at Thursday, but knowing we were going to have room to spread out - I decided to take advantage of that.   I put a small flat piping border on first, then a light border and then it was decision time as to what to put as the final border.  We finally settled on the maple leaves which I am very happy about. 

While I love to plan things out - I also seem to have a knack for just winging things and this border was no exception.  Initially I was going to miter those corners. However after measuring (obviously not well enough), the borders that I FUSSY cut were NOT long enough (by a smidge) to miter.  OK - let's move on to Plan B.  There was a four inch or so piece of border print left over.  I fussy cut a maple leaf and inserted it on the diagonal.  Yup - I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to leave the corner on the diagonal (a bias edge). The points will get trimmed off when the quilt is quilted. 

And this is what I had left over from my cutting.  Not bad for not planning!!!!

And another quilt goes in the "to be quilted" pile.  They wanted me to get it done for Canada Day - Nope - no time for that. 

Here is the rest of the line of Stonehenge O Canada III by Northcott.  It is now out in local stores.  I bought this lot at Ruti's Needlebed in Streetsville. 

Yeah - one project was done. But I had attempted to tackle another project BEFORE the Canada quilt. I had the quilt laid out on the table and was going to put a border on when Susan came in the room - looked at what I was doing and said "I have a table runner like that".  Yep -  it was the SAME table runner kit, but there was so much left over from my kit that  I made a small quilt - remember?????
My small quilt (supposed to be a table runner)
Well she offered me her leftovers and how could I resist.  She offered to walk them over right after she left (she lives close to me) and when I got home I forgot to check the mail box.   Eventually I did remember and ran up - NOTHING. Oh dear - she must have forgotten about me.  I thought that was strange because Susan is pretty punctual and I know she wanted to get more Fitbit steps in. I checked several times and nope - she forgot!!!!  (I know - pretty sad - as if I was waiting for that fabric because I had nothing else to sew!!!!)

I did get the binding done and cut the strips for the border. It went back in the bucket. 
Then I was out walking the girls  late in the evening and I see someone walking along the sidewalk towards me.  AHA - there she is!!!!

Of course - I rushed right down stairs with the little bag of fabric to see what was inside. There were strips 

Eight little blocks were already pieced

And many pieces were already cut - I made seven more little blocks this morning. 

Got the centers for five big blocks done and the rest is almost all cut up and waiting to be sewn.  I know -  I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!    For sure I will have enough fabric to add a row and a column and maybe a few bits leftover. The big question will be - can I just whack them on the side and bottom (some of the fabrics are different). The old me would fret about it - the new me - I may just whack them on and call it a day.  We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was still time at Thursday so I pulled out another project. And just in case you think I have gotten over my fussy stage - thing again.

Time to work on this border print bargello.   I had ONE side left to do, but I was running short of fabric so was going to have to piece that border print - which meant matching which is a PAIN.  I was NOT looking forward to it.
Border print bargello - DONE

There are FOUR joins in this sections - can you see them all??????   It took a LONG time to get them how I wanted.  OK - so the OCD is me is not completely gone.  PHEW!!!!!

This is what I had left over.  The triangle shapes were put with the hour glass project - the rest went in a scrap box for border prints. I knew - you didn't know about that one did you??

And I added this - it was the in between stripe on this border print. 

I got the binding cut and sewn together, but not pressed. And still have to make the back - that will be so easy compared to that border. That was not fun!!!!!    Back into its' bucket. 

Then home and onto the quilting machine.

Customer quilt - DONE

It was such an AWESOME day yesterday.  I got stuff done that I had wanted to get done - I was very happy with the results and my progress. Great fun with friends and well it was just an AWESOME day.

Today - more fun with friends, phone calls, e-mails, quilting and well - the list just doesn't stop.

Have a super day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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