Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just another CRAZY day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep - another one of those days. Great intentions, but it turned out to be errand day and while I got very important stuff done - I didn't get much done in the studio.

I did notice that the house on our street is SOLD once more. Someone messed up there, but all good in the end.

First stop of the day was RESTORE in Milton. Picked up ten more of these tubs.   They are $2 each and I figure I can put my current projects in them instead of having all the bits and pieces spread out.  Oh yes - just another system.   I should be just getting at them and getting them done!!!!!!!!!!!!!     BTW - there are STACKS of them in the store and thanks to Mary for discovering them.   They have lots of other bits and pieces of stuff - furniture, building supplies, dishes - LOTS and LOTS of toilets!!!!!!!!!

Off to visit a friend and then zipped back home. Got the girls ready and we were off to the vet.  While we were there for Sammy's regular check-up that was NOT the highlight of the visit.  Poor Sparky was in big trouble.  I checked her wound in the morning and it was NOT looking good.  Quite red and just icky - I'll spare you the picture on that one.  Well she is badly bruised, swollen and likely an infection so she got her leg shaved and is on antibiotics.  Silly dog - she is so very lucky. The vet thinks the coyotes likely pinned her down to get at her and it was a canine tooth that punctured her skin. Well - hopefully she will be on the mend soon.  Indeed she hasn't been herself the last couple of days.

Then off to the passport office.  Darn thing is running out soon and well - I just like to keep a valid passport on hand. Thankfully the line wasn't too bad, but we were still there for at least an hour.  And M got her "adult" passport.   Even though she had her own passport before, she had to fill out the Adult form, not the renewal. But other than a minor glitch with the photos which we could fix there - we were good to go.

A quick stop at Chapter's (I know - I need to stop going there, but I just LOVE books).  I have to say that M and I are alike.  We LOVE holding, touching and feeling the book or magazine as we read it. None of this electronic business for us.  The tactic feel of the book (and turning the pages) is a big part of the reading experience. And I love to see visually where I am in the book. A % number on the screen is NOT enough for me.  It is NOT just the story for us!!!!   Funny - I know people older than myself who just love their e-readers!!!!

OK - now it is time to get something done.    Wait - we've got company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Just waiting to pounce on Sammy

Oh my god - Milo is so cute.  Thank goodness he is not my dog because I would get nothing done.   He just loves to play and I love watching him and Sammy as they rip around the house.

I swear there is going to be an "incident" and Milo will need to go into the witness protection plan (and of course - he can come here!).  

I got another post card from the exchange that I am in.  Oh boy - mine are half done and due by Monday. I had better get my act together and get them done.

This one is so cool - looks like the wolf is howling at the Northern Lights

Trimmed a few of those hour glass blocks

And I have my TWO fish blocks cut out for the Canadian quilt.

After evaluating the size of the original - I decided that if I halved the pieces I should be in good shape.  If the piece is a bit too small (and it will be) - then I can just add more of the background to make the block the appropriate size. Just remember if you want to decrease the size of something - take OFF the seam allowance and then re-size and add seam allowance back in.   So if the original asks for 6 1/2" by 3 1/2" - take off the seam allowance so you are left with 6 by 3.   Then half those measures - so now it is 3 by 1 1/2". Then add seam allowances to get 3 1/2" by 2".    Depending on the block - this may not always work, but in most cases it should.   Anyway - I will see how it goes later today.

Also got the bottom part of the elevator block cut and ready to sew. 

On that note - I am hoping for a quieter day????   Like that is ever going to happen.  I said to M this morning that it would be great if we could get into some kind of routine in our house and she replied that that is NEVER going to happen.  Ah - words of wisdom from the kid!!!   I hate to admit that she is right.

Despite the organizing - I have to do something about my paper. I seem to be constantly losing things.  Not really losing them, but putting them somewhere safe and then not finding them.  I usually get them back in an hour or so, but I am getting frustrated.  Dementia????   Oh no!!!!!    Anyway - I seem to have lost a pattern that I need NOW.  I just had it the other day and I have gone through everything and I still can't find the silly thing.   This is the story of my life these days - projects I can find - paper I cannot.   So I will look once more - then I MUST MUST MUST get this paper work in order before it kills me!!!!!!!!

So I am off to another day of insanity. Let's see what happens!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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