Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vintage Moments - homework part 2

(There are non Vintage Moments notes toward the end of this post)

I haven't finished the fan photos yet, but maybe later today.

Here is how to finish off the corners and the border. Remember the section we are working on is Feathered Star Corners and First border.

Make sure when you cut Template L that you get an L and and LR (r means reverse).

This is what your piece will look like after piecing in Section A.  They talk about 1/2" seam - I have no idea what that is - I just used 1/4" throughout and it worked just fine. 
If you did not trim the point off when you cut the template - do so now

Trimmed point

See how that trimmed point just snugs right into the right spot!!!!!

Now the corner is sewn on and the trimmed corners make it so much easier to place. 

Press towards the corner

Then in Section C - make FOUR border pieces - should be 24 inches long - but measure your own quilt and try to make all FOUR the same length. 

Add them to the quilt

Then add a fan block to each corner.  Start by adding the block to the loose end of the partial seam

Then close up the partial seam. This is just a brilliant way to make a border corner.  I love it. 

See how the seams match at the corners. 

And there is my finished (well so far) quilt top

I am pretty excited about this quilt. Got the rest of the fabrics picked out for the various sections.  So far I am UP TO DATE!!!!    Could there be hope that I get this done in the same year I teach the class????   Well it means that I have a lot of work to do because there are some very time consuming components coming up. I hope to take some of them to the upcoming retreat.

Speaking of which - this may be a first for me.  I have been going through my projects trying to find things that don't require a lot of work to prep for the retreat. I know - that isn't really hard, but trying to decide what to take so I am not doing the same thing for days.  
So far - there are EIGHT projects in this bag. I think I am up to eight. Got about four more to add and it should all fit in ONE BAG. Now that is a first for me - not the quantity, but the size!!!!!   Yep - guess I could call that downsizing????   Don't worry - there will be NO danger of running out of something to sew - there is some pretty crazy stuff in that bag that will take a LONG time to complete. Not complicated - just time consuming - perfect for a retreat. And I will throw in my knitting for good measure - just in case!!!!

I taught two classes yesterday. One of them was on curved piecing and look how prepared Mary was when she came to class. They were so nicely laid out - seemed a shame to sew them!!!!!!   I was going to take pictures of their finished blocks - but ooops - forgot. 

I know - I know - I said I would not start anything new. Ok - I do not remember saying that. Well I found something that just got me so excited that I had to start it.

It involves all this fabric

And here is the start of the project

I will say it is NOT a beginner project.  I think it is going to be awesome when it gets done.  Just a couple of questions about the pattern which I hope the designer will clear up for me quickly so I can keep moving. I do NOT think this is a retreat project.  It is way too complicated!

With all our recent discussions about eating healthy - it is becoming very difficult to find something decent to eat for breakfast and I MUST eat breakfast.   Hmmmmm - cereals - full of sugar so they are out. Bread - doesn't really do anything for you - so that is out.  Pancakes and waffles - same category as bread.  That leaves eggs - but I don't want to eat eggs every day.   M suggested FRUIT. Fruit for breakfast? Only fruit??  Well - there is lots of fibre in fruit, natural sugar for energy. Why not...................

I teamed up a peach with greek yogurt

And an apple with almond butter

And a glass of milk.   Yep - that sounds not bad.  I'll try this for a couple of days and see what happens. It is very diffuclt to try and eat healthy. You have to be on your toes all the time about what choices you make.   Don't worry - I still have goodies and god forbid that I gave up chocolate!!!!!!    I did buy some Large Flake Oats yesterday to make an overnight oatmeal - just for some variety!

On that note - I have so much to do today - I have NO IDEA where to start. The garden, the quilting machine, my surprise for tomorrow?????     My own work???????     Oh boy - and I have a class to teach today. And I really should be out on my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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