Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Healing Cycle

 We could NOT have asked for a better day for cycling.  When we started out at 8 AM - the temperature was cool, but the sun was out and you just knew it was going to be a glorious day.

Here are the stats for the day..............

My Healing Cycle stats

I made pretty good time on the ride - not too many hills, but have a look -we did do some climbing and my FitBit registered all the altitudes changes. Yet - it doesn't really register time on the outdoor bike, yet it registers time on the spin bike.  I should ask about that. I am just curious.

It is always an emotional start and even more so since Jo-Ann had passed away the night before. I thought a lot about her and other friends who have been stricken with illness and those who are no longer with us. It made me feel better to know that I am helping in some small way to better the lives of patients with terminal illnesses.

I had heard about the BIKE tree, but had not had a chance to see it. I am not sure how long it has been there, but here is a picture of it. Pretty cool.

The bike tree
Yikes - you can't see the bikes - OK - how about this one.........

That's a a bit better.  Anyway - it is pretty cool and lots of bikes hanging there. The tree is part of a fundraiser called Pedaling against Poverty

Speaking of FitBits - you HAVE to read this article. It is pretty funny and thanks to Pauline for forwarding me the link.

Fitbit OBSESSED????

And you think I am obsessive!!!!!   I do like the idea of picking up garbage though and have thought of it. I need that poker stick thing. Anyway - make sure you read all three pages!!!!!

Oh my - I even did a geocache the other day.  Had to meet Carol as she had picked up something for me in the US.

The geocache that we found together.  We were on the side of a VERY busy street looking through the bushes.  I always wonder what the unsuspecting passerby thinks when they see two grown women scrounging through the bushes.  I am sure WACKO comes to mind!!!!!

Anyway a while back - I posted a picture of that neat little case that Diane was using for her small projects. Not to be out done by Diane (I know - so childish!!!!), but Carol found me this box in the US ..............

A neat storage box

Which holds (and came with) SIX of those little boxes.!!!!!

This is perfect for small hand work projects and less likely that I could misplace a big box like that instead of those little ones on their own!!!!!    I did find that pattern that I was looking for!!!   And I knew that I knew where it was - my brain is just so stuffed with things that I could not recall in my brain that information. That is my theory and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of storage - I believe I mentioned the other day about the Rubbermaid tubs that I bought...........

Rubbermaid tubs available at Milton Restore for $2. (Thanks to Mary for that lead)

Well I was hoping to tame this mess with those tubs.............

Well - it did help somewhat
I love being able to put all the loose stuff in them.  Especially when I am working on a project - this eliminates having to keep opening the lid on the storage boxes.  YES - I love these open tubs!!!!!    And "thanks" to the tubs - I have completed not one, but TWO projects. I will show you them tomorrow - they are a surprise and can't ruin the surprise!!!!!

As I am moving through all this stuff - I keep coming across small bits of coordinated scraps. What to do with them??????   Well Mary would just whip up a bag. And if Mary can whip up a bag - so can I.

I was working on a project yesterday and ended up with TWO almost identical in size pieces that would be perfect for a bag. I came home and opened up my zipper box.............

And sorted them by size

Pulled out all the small zippers. Hmmm - we seem to have a colour theme happening here. And I need BROWNS and GREENS. Guess a shopping trip is in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a call from the vet last night about Sparky.  Yes - she seems to be healing well, but I still won't show you a picture. It isn't pretty.   But now we will have to call her SCAR FACE.

I doubt she will end up with a scar, but the scab fell off her nose and part of it is pink!!!!!

And not to leave Milo and Sammy out of the excitement, I found this picture when I was editing this morning.  Milo is thinking "if I just hide - she won't notice me and then I can pounce on her!!!"

On that note - I am THRILLED with what I have got done the last 24 hours and can't wait to share with you tomorrow.

I have a ton of things to get done today - better get started.

Have an awesome day.............


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