Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Excitement in the neighbourhood

When I got home last Friday, I noticed that one of the houses on our street was up for sale. Whenever a house goes up for sale - there is the usual buzz - how much are they selling it for, and how long will it take to sell?

There are two sides to our street - the side that backs onto the forest and the side that doesn't. This was on the side that doesn't back onto the forest. We are also on a cul-de-sac - so pretty desirable (or so I hope whenever we decide to sell).

A LOT of people have been visiting the house - a steady stream.   Looks like yesterday was offer day.  I am not sure how many offers came in on the house but around 9:30 last night, there were at least SEVEN cars parked on the street with people in them waiting.  Some of those may have been agents but the neighbourhood was  abuzz.   We were all out walking our dogs - comparing notes!

One by one, the street got emptier until there was no one left. That was around 10:30- 11.  There is no SOLD sign on the house this morning, but I bet someone is very happy this morning.  I did have a look at the listing and yes the house price was low - there are two other houses for sale on a busy street right around the corner and they are considerably higher in price. Of course - they have not sold yet!!!!!

Anyway - I had a look at the listing and the pictures are so darn deceiving.  They must take them with a fish-eye (or similar type lens).  The halls look HUGE, the room are cavernous.   Oh well - whatever sells I suppose.

I get into bed - and around 11 - there are sirens and more sirens. I never really gave it much thought, but I hear on the news this morning that a construction worker was hurt at the mall (under construction) last night. And it is within walking distance of the house.

Then in the night I swear I heard coyotes yowling at the moon or whatever they were yowling at.  I did not give that any further thought and it was far from my mind this morning as I went for a walk.   I am following my route  - thinking about the day when all of a sudden, something came running out of the bush.  Yikes - a coyote and this did NOT look like the same little scruffy one I had seen previously.  Nope - this one looked pretty darned healthy. Mind you - he was going fast.  And guess who decided to give chase - that damn Sparky.   Then - oh my god - there is a second coyote.  Also looking pretty healthy.   I am pretty sure I know what area of the forest that they have their den, but I am NOT checking it out.

So now my stupid dog is chasing two coyotes, except that coyotes do not want to play.  Then I heard Sparky barking. Oh oh - better run and check this out.   I ran back down the path (big brave Sammy chose to wait) and there was Sparky coming through the woods - I did see the two coyotes behind her, but they were not giving chase. Her hair was up on her back - she was not a happy camper.  And it was only when we were in the house that I noticed this......................

Yep - she got TWO injuries on her nose.   She is a darn lucky dog that those coyotes were not that interested in her!!!!!

Yet with those two coyotes around - I wonder why our rabbit population is still huge??????   I see the rabbits all the time. Damn coyotes are not doing their job or maybe they are and the rabbit situation would be even worse without them.

OK - so onto the quilting stuff.     Time to use up a new group of scraps.

Whenever I make borders for my quilts - I join the border strips on the diagonal. That results in these cut off pieces.  What to do with them????   I have been saving them for a while so I had a whole bucket full. 

So I matched them up as best I could with colour and size - and sewed them together to make half square triangles.    These ones need to be pressed

See - a bunch of half square triangles - sewn together and ready for step two
I then matched up pairs of the half square triangles and sewed them together with a double seam (these ones need to be cut apart and pressed)
And I end up with hour glass blocks.   These ones need to be trimmed

And I am trimming to the maximum size that I can get from the piece.  I have a variety of sizes and once I am done - I will figure out something to do with them. 

Towards the end, I was running out of viable colour and size combinations. So I pulled fabric from my stash that I will use to make the units.  

I did quite a bit of this at the retreat which I didn't tell you about, but I think I spent all of the last day and part of the previous day working on this.   This is one of my favourite things - taking something that no one wants and making something out of it.

Of course - I used my Tucker Trimmer ruler to trim the quarter square triangles (hour glass block)

On the weekend - I taught the second half of the Blooming Nine Patch quilt.  I would show you a picture of mine, but it is at the store.

Anyway - the pattern is in this book - Tradition with a Twist

Here are the two samples in the book 

And this is HALF of Jan's quilt.   It is gorgeous and she did a FABULOUS job of blending those fabrics. 

Yesterday I picked up a new James Patterson book that was on hold for me at the library.  I was having one of those blah days so I decided to just sit down, grab a glass of wine and read.  Haven't been able to do that in a long time.  I shouldn't have because I had stuff to do, but I was so wiped from running like an idiot the last couple of weeks - I just said - why not!!!!

Well - I guess it is the end of an era for me.  I used to devour James Patterson books and while this one was a quick read, I did not really enjoy it.  It was too - well I don't know how to explain - but there wasn't enough in it for me and well - it was just weird. Most of the stuff that happened in the book was not mentioned on the jacket blurb.  It was just weird.

Oh well - on that note - I have a ton of stuff to do today and better get working.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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