Thursday, June 26, 2014

The card is in the mail!!!!!!!!!!

I signed up to be part of a postcard exchange.  While I made good efforts during the past year to get the post cards done ON TIME, as the deadline crept closer - I was still only half done the post cards.   However I am happy to report that I sat down the other night and got all twelve postcards done!!!!   I just need to get them addressed and put in the mail (or make arrangements to hand deliver)

One set of six postcards
Here is a close up so you can actually see that it is a quilt on a clothes line.  And those silly girls in embroidery were checking to see if my binding was on right!!!!    Very simple, but adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the second set of six. 
Used burlap for the backing and free motioned silk leaves.  Again, very simple, but pretty neat. 

The leaf post card will very easily go in the mail, the clothesline ones have TWO clothes pins on them which are going to difficult to mail.  Will try to hand deliver those ones.

Speaking of embroidery - we had our last club date until the fall.  I shall miss those couple of hours to get some embroidery done.  I guess I had better keep up the Wednesday morning on my own?????   I have 11 blocks left on my project (scads of others waiting in the wings) and it would be really nice to get this done so I could move on.   I will see what I can do - maybe get an audio book or two and sit outside on a nice day?   Got to stop running around like an idiot.

But not all of us are doing embroidery. Tish has gone CRAZY for hexagons and that is all Diane's fault. She got her started and so if you are out and about this summer and trying to find those little packages of hexagons - between Tish and Diane - they have pretty much wiped most stores out!!!!!

Tish's hexagons - I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did get some of my hour glass blocks trimmed yesterday - it will be a summer long project - there are a ton of them!!!!!

Had to pop to Ruti's to get the border fabric for my Canada quilt.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!    What is this?????????   OK - Northcott - STOP - just STOP printing such gorgeous fabric.   This is a border print for the Shimmer Line (by Northcott).   There is a stripe in every colour and they are STUNNING.  Just beautiful. Of course - I could NOT leave without a bit of it.   I wanted some in every colour, but I restrained myself.

New Shimmer border print by Northcott

Canada Quilts - how the heck did I make so many of them?????   Well after Linda and Mary talked about this other Canada quilt that I apparently started (it was a group project so they helped make the blocks) - well this is what was in the box.   And a CRAP load of patterns all related to Canada theme. 

Eight big blocks and a LOT of little blocks. 

YES - that was me who made the grain elevator block!!!!!    Back in 1999/2000, the Canadian Quilter's Association was running a series of Canada themed blocks in their magazines.   The elevator block, the northern light block and the mountains block were made from that series.  I still have most of the other patterns and will try to come up with a scheme that includes a few more Canadian themed things. Good grief - I think I have ONE MORE Canada themed quilt upstairs.  How did that happen???????   I think the reason I chose Canada as my theme was that summer, M and I had done a couple of trips searching out big road side attractions and it was on my mind!!!!!!!!!  

Oh yes -  have a good look at the background that Mary used for the sun/mountain block.

Does that background look familiar?????

AHA - it is the same background that I was MISSING for this compass block in my other Canada quilt. 

I have had several people tell me that they have that fabric in their stash.  The old me would have said - OH - I will swap you some so I could redo this block. The new me is quite happy that the block is together and in the quilt!!!!!!!!!    But thanks for the offer.

Yes - I am still quilting, but not nearly fast enough.

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE

Wanted to show you the detail - an overall design on an applique.  With the right thread - you see the texture, but NOT the stitching which is what you want. 

On that note - it is Thursday and I've got a sewing day planned.  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Wow, you have a lot going on. I love the Canadian blocks and your postcard quilts. I have never done a postcard quilt. What do you use for the back of the postcard to keep it stable or do you actually glue it on to a postcard?

    Wonderful work. I enjoyed it all.