Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is that a circle and what does a beaver really look like?

It is one of those days - you know - you have so much to do - you really don't know where to start.  Thank goodness for the critical three list so that does provide some focus. Meeting with friends (to whom you owe stuff) is another huge motivator and I also have my new bucket system!  I think we have to keep coming up with a new system just to entertain ourselves.

Let me share what has been happening around here.............

Remember when I blogged about the chunk of the month which led me to blog about the previous blocks of the month at the guild. In turn that led to digging out my project. And that is the pizza box above and how I found my version of the Canadian row by row after many years. 

Got the diagram out that I had made and put the quilt on the design wall.  Obviously a few missing blocks

That blob above is suppose to be a BEAVER and see in the right hand corner - he is chopping down the tree.   Well it is supposed to be a beaver, but that doesn't look like a beaver. I got to fix that!!!!!    And it took me a LONG time to figure out that he was sideways. 

Well - I used my formula for re-sizing the block - (remove seam allowance - divide the rest of the numbers in two - then add back the seam allowance). Here are my two fish all cut and let's hope it goes together. 

Perfect - two little fishies!!!!

Had to add a bit of a border on them in order to get them to 3 1/2" by 6 1/2"

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Two more blocks DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to deal with the compass

When I made this quilt - (compass pattern by Judy Mathieson), I experimented with sizes and made at least three of them. 
 No more of that background (or it is tucked in a box somewhere). So like Goldilocks - I tried out some different fabric
Oh - this fabric is TOO BRIGHT

Oh - this fabric is TOO LIGHT

OH - this fabric is just RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!   (And note that the just right fabric was the smallest piece that I had)

I wanted to do an inset circle so I dug out my Cut a Round ruler.

Small Cut a Round ruler

I thought I would share this picture with you.  I don't know how many pictures I have with my glasses in them.  I usually keep them on my head and when I lean down to take a picture - BAM - the glasses fall into the picture!!!!   Usually they are a blur!!!!!!!!!!!

Well - my brain was NOT working when I did this cut.  First off - I placed it on the WRONG lines of the ruler so this is NOT a circle and thus the opening was too big.   GRRRRRRRR - I did not have enough to make a new square

So I had to piece the leftovers and DUH - for this step - I needed a freezer paper template NOT the ruler.  Oh well - it worked and no one will really see those two seams??????   Of course not!!!!!    Anyway - the block got done!!!!!!!!!!!

Onto the elevator block.   Had to draw out the elevator and then I thought I would add the elevator number from the small hamlet hear where I grew up - Baljennie in case anyone wants to know.  All Pool elevators were numbered. A quick call home to get the number which my Dad knew off the top of his head.  I wonder why certain things stick in our heads and others do not?????    Another block done - ON MY GOD - they are all done. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - that beaver was bugging me - then WHAM - I realized the beaver was sideways. So what I thought were things hanging off his back were in fact his feet!!!!!   He looks much better now. 

And here is the finished top!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (Well it needs borders)

Check out the latest Northcott Stonehenge O Canada III.  

 I am going to use the beige, but I don't like the flags.  Going to Ruti's today as they just got the collection in yesterday to find something that will work - either the poppies or the border print.   And YES - this is almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was our monthly get together for the FINISHING GROUP.  We used to do exchanges, but I just can't keep up.  I still have so many other exchanges that are not done - makes no sense to add to the mess. But I had a block that I owed to Linda and it was WAY over due. Years over due (maybe two). I moved that block around the studio many times and well yesterday - I was in the mood to get it done.

When I assembled it - I lost two of the white lines in the highway

Made the new lines

And HOURS of satin stitch later - it is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (needs to be trimmed)

Look at all that satin stitch detail - crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The pattern came from the book by Zebra Patterns (the same lady who designed the Fabric License plates for the Row by Row Experience shop hop that is happening this summer. Check out the reason why those plates came into existence.    She also has some amazing designs (flags) that are printed on fabric of states, cities, provinces and other goodies.  Pretty cool site!!!!!

The sign I got from a printed piece of fabric (not from Zebra Patterns)

Of course - Linda, Mary and Pat are RUTHLESS.   So now that this project is done - they reminded me that I still owe Mary a block. Then we got to talking about the project that we did (that I owe the block to Mary).   OH my - I could NOT remember what I had done. But Mary and Linda knew and as soon as they said it - I knew exactly where the project was, but I still could NOT remember exactly what I had done.

GREAT - want to guess what the theme is??????    CANADA - again!!!!!!!!!!!    I dug it out and will put it on the wall later and show you.   It appears that everything is done - it is just missing a couple of small blocks that I need to make for myself.   Alas - this project was NOT on the 2014 shelf either.   However - the good news - it is one more project that came out of the closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It doesn't really matter what gets done - as long as stuff is getting done!!!!!

I was working on my hour glass blocks as well and AT LAST - they are all sewn together and re-cut apart.  all that remains is for these ones to be trimmed.

Huge stack waiting to be trimmed. 

I ended up with a small one which I have since put into the half square triangle blocks (too small to make hour glass block) and there is ONE big half square triangle left over.  No worries - I am sure I will find a mate for it soon.  I am always putting borders on quilts. 

And here is the pile of TRIMMED hour glass blocks.   They are in all sizes - from 2 1/2" to 5 1/2".   Hmmm - going to be fun to figure out how to use them.

I think Milo wants and NEEDS to come and live with us.   He is just so cute!!!!!!    He and Sammy just get along so well.

Look at him panting - they were exhausted!!!!!

See how smart Sammy is - she just stands there wagging her tail and Milo goes around and around like an idiot.  It is very hard to get a picture of him - he is always moving. 

Sammy pounced on Milo - their tags are just a wagging

Hello BIG Sammy - I think that is why Sammy loves Milo - because she is the BIG dog. 

Sparky couldn't care less. She was hiding in the basement with her Thunder Shirt on. Does not like rain - definitely does not like thunder and we had both yesterday. 

I was working on another overdue project last night and I finished it this morning.  I will wait and share those pictures with you tomorrow.    Feels good to get these commitments to people DONE. And the best part is that I am NOT taking on those kind of projects any more so I will eventually get caught up.  I think I just have Mary's block left to go and oops and a postcard for Carol and then I think I have fulfilled all those requirements.

On that note - we have embroidery club this morning and I know they will be arriving soon.

Have an awesome day.


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