Thursday, June 5, 2014


Digitally published that is!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fourth installment of the blog about the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100 Q has been posted.


Yep - it is pretty much official - I NEED one of these machines. I mean - I go on sewing retreats and if I had the time (got to make time), I could easily whip this little machine onto a table in the back yard. And I bet if I really tried - I could wedge that machine on the truck as I cycle my way to St. John's this summer. Hmmm - now wouldn't that be fun. I could shop along the way and sew up a quilt!!!!   A great way to mix the fun things in life - well mine anyway!!!!

Wait - there is MORE.   Check out the right hand side of the screen on the QUILTsocial page.  See that book???   That is ME!!!!!!!!!    So for all of you who want a nice copy of those tech tips - here you go!!!!!  

Pretty exciting stuff - one more day to blog on QUILTsocial, then I get a rest, but not for long as I move to the next topic.  You will have to wait for that, but it is going to be a project and you can follow along as I sew it up!

Yesterday was embroidery club and I am making progress.  I completed two small blocks yesterday and started on the next one.  There are twelve blocks to go, but they are small and the embroidery is not too dense so they shouldn't take too long.  I have two more blocks to trace and then throwing it all in the bag for the retreat.  Are you thinking what I am thinking????   Yep - I need to be away for a MONTH, not five days!!!!

Mary (my personal shopper - LOVE YOU MARY!!!!!)  brought over these great tubs that she found at the RESTORE in Milton. $2 each. No lids on them which at first I thought would be an issue, but NO - they are perfect.

Rubbermaid tubs

I had to laugh because I got a text message from Mary asking if I wanted any - there were only $2 each.  But the picture didn't come through so I had no idea what she was talking about. I should have just said yes since she seems to be on the save wave length as me!!!!!!  The picture did come through eventually and I got FIVE.
I sorted out the stuff that is hanging loose on my table and they are perfect for that!!!!!!!!!!!    This is the stuff that I don't want to put back on the shelf and it no longer has a storage box - so now it has a storage bin. But I can put them on top of each other and very quickly clear that table.   Hmmmmmm - I think I might need more. How many more??????   Five or ten??????   (Mary - are you going back or should I go? - I'm afraid to!!!!)

I have more pictures from embroidery club, but no time this morning. I am under some strict deadlines over the next couple of days and I cannot slip.

I managed to get the last quilt for the Mississauga Quilt Guild done.  This is for their Community Projects.  I quilted at least a dozen if not more for them this year. All for a very worthy cause and the quilts have been beautiful. I would be happy to own any of them.  Kudos to Pat, Carol and their team for all the hard work they did in making such beautiful quilts that were a breeze to quilt up.

Community Project quilt

Detail of quilting

 I put the binding on that quilt with the H|Class 100 Q.  I must confess it worked BETTER than the machine that I normally do the binding with.  I do believe the feed dogs are shot on my older machine.  Oh boy - going to be hard pressed to go back to use that one.   I have become an entry level sewing machine SNOB!!!!!!!!!     Who would have thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - go and sign up for the QUILTsocial newsletter. Then you will get a digital copy of my Tech Tips (I haven't even seen it yet).

Went on my bike to the library, also voted since I won't be here next week and got my tea at Tim's.  I LOVE to ride my bike around town.   A total geek!!!!!   and I'm loving it!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Elaine, I read your post every day. Love It!!! I love your excitement and enthusiasm. It makes me tired reading about all you do in one day. Exhausting!