Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who turned out the lights?????

Yesterday was the BIG surprise although I didn't blog here to tell you about it. I have been writing Tech Tips for A Needle Pulling Thread for several years. The magazine is starting up a new on-line venture of which part is a blog. I was asked to participate and well - how could I say no?

This week I am reviewing the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100 Q sewing machine. It is the entry level computerized sewing machine. As a quilt teacher for many years - I have seen a HUGE variety of sewing machines in the class room and I never really gave the entry level machines much thought. Although they are very popular for taking to classes.

What's in the box???

Machine weighs only FIFTEEN pounds!!!!!

Well - check out the blog and stay tuned the entire week as I take this machine for a spin. (I have to say that I LOVE the machine!!!!!!!!!!!)    I will be blogging every fourth week.


I am very excited about this new venture - hope you are too.  Feel free to leave comments on the QUILTsocial web site so changes can be made to make it better for YOU!!!!!!

At the same time as I play with the new machine - trying to get everything else done as well.

Another customer quilt done

 I CANNOT help myself - I keep putting stuff in the retreat bag.   However - it is all small stuff - see that bag is barely half ful!!!!!    And I am only taking ONE bag of projects and tools, and ONE sewing machine. Which one will it be?????

Projects for the sewing retreat

I have TWO more projects to cut out - well finish cutting out. Neither will take a lot of room. Oh - there is one more project to go in the bag as well and it won't take too much room either, but all are time consuming. There is probably enough work for a month, not five days!   I could surprise myself though!  I'll be taking knitting in the event that I get everything done.   STOP laughing!!!!   I have dillusional doability and you are NOT allowed to laugh at me!!!

This is the partial kit that I bought at the Textile Museum Yard Sale.  I managed to snag 7 blocks (each package has enough fabric for TWO blocks - one is 16 1/2" and the other is 12 1/2"). And there is LOTS of fabric left over. I should easily get TWO lap quilts out of it and the cost???? $14.    I may have to purchase some borders. No big deal!
Got more work done on this complex (I know - it does NOT look complex, but it is! - this is just the first step) pattern.  The designer (who I will reveal in a bit) has been most helpful!!!   And HIS quilt designs are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other night I was sitting in my studio and BANG - something was different. But what?????  Took me a moment to realize that yet another fluorescent tube burned out. NOPE - make that TWO tubes burned out at the same time in the same fixture. I hope it isn't the fixture that is gone.

Light are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I cannot get those plastic covers off without breaking them if my life depended on it. So I break them taking them off and never put them back on. 
See - no covers!!!!!!!!!!!!

That makes three tubes in total for the month of May that I had to change. 

Since the lights were put in at the same time and have about the same life span - they all seem to be going NOW.   I only had one extra tube left so must run to the hardware store today to get new ones. That big shadow in the middle of the room is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a crazy day.   I am playing with the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100 Q (I wonder how that name came about?) today. Testing out all the stitches. That blog will be published later today, customer quilt to do, more sewing for me and well - the list never ends. I should be in the garden as well.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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