Sunday, June 29, 2014

Northern Lights

Time to get caught up!   We had our Northern Lights class last weekend. Always interesting to see what the class has come up with.  The blocks are pieced so there isn't a lot of room for changing the block, but that doesn't mean they haven't tried!   Actually changing the values can quite easily change the look of the block and of course if you have turned an element or two - that can change the block as well!!!!!

Have a look................   (I am trying to get all their colourways in my head but with 22 in the class - it isn't always easy. )

Let's see if I can get these straight - the two row - both belong to Linda P - she is making both sizes. Quite different choice of fabric
Next row: Mary, Judith,
Next row: Beth
Bottom row: Helen Anne, Flo

Top Row:  Mary
Next row: Genny, Marilyn
Bottom row: Mary and Jane or is that Jane and Mary (I always see them together and for the life of me - I cannot remember who is Jane and who is Mary!!!!)

Let me try this one - top one is Susan (notice her creativity in the block - but remember it is fixed now!)
next row: Karen L, Raili
\next row: Marlene, Karen W
Bottom row: Nancy  (two blocks)

OK - how did I do?????   If I goofed - let me know and I will change it - then I can memorize them over the summer!!!!!

Here is Susan's block - fixed.   Have a close look at the above pictures because Susan's wasn't the only one that was "creative" in the piecing process.  We had a good laugh about their creativity!!!!

Marilyn brought in some show n tell  - this beautiful quilt that she had appliqued.  It was stunning and if memory serves me correctly - this is the second one that she made.  Just gorgeous work - thanks for sharing. 

There you have it - the class now has a LOT of homework (OK - not that bad) for the summer and we will get back together in September.

We have TWO great projects lined up for 2015 - one is applique and one is strictly pieced. Both are going to be awesome.  You have to wait to find out what they are.   OK - I will share with you!!!!!  

One is Tiny Town by Bunny Hill

Tiny Town by Bunny Hill

and the other is Amish with a Twist II by Nancy Rink.
Amish with a Twist II by Nancy Rink
No signups yet - but just something to contemplate!!!!

Have an awesome and SAFE summer everyone

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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