Friday, June 20, 2014

Where does the time go?????????????????//

Yesterday was Thursday Therapy. A sewing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I love sewing days.  I bundled up my projects and I was off.   Okay - so I took TWO laundry baskets full of stuff.  Yep - I was going to get a LOT done. There were not too many of us so we spread out around the entire room and had loads of table space.

First on my list was to get those hour glass blocks done.  Well, sadly - I did NOT finish the stupid hour glass blocks. Really?????   There were so many of them to do - I guess I was just dreaming. That damn delusional doability.  We just think that something will take a few minutes and hours later - we are still working.   Come on - we all suffer from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I made great progress so I am happy with that.

The stack in the back is ready for trimming. The stack on the left has to be cut apart, pressed and then trimmed and the pile on the right has to be sewn together, then cut apart (that sounds stupid - but necessary), pressed and finally trimmed.  So yes - probably another FULL day of work to get these done.   I would really like to get them to the finished stage - then I don't mind if they sit until I figure out what to do with them. 
 I had to laugh because Lynda was also working on hour glass blocks. However she worked on them for about an hour or so, then moved onto something else. NO - I am determined to get them done!!!!!!!!

Had a few spare minutes this monring so I decided to start sewing my Canadian quilt together.

Oh boy - when I actually looked at some of the blocks - I paper pieced them and the paper was still on them.  I am not sure if I would paper piece this today - although I probably did it because the size of the pieces are weird.    (it is a seven by seven grid which doesn't have nice measurements in a 6 inch block)

Several chunks of this are now together.    Still have to re-size the fish block, design the elevator block and sew the background onto the compass block.   Then have to figure out something for the borders.   Great progress even though it was NOT on my list - note even close!!!!

Look at this cool fabric that Mary found - it would be a perfect backing for redwork????

I had company the other night.

And Milo was very interested in learning to sew although  he did have some trouble with the foot pedal!!!!!   Oh my god - this dog is so darn cute!!!!!   We sure have loads of fun when Milo comes to visit.  I think one of these days, Milo is going to be involved in an "incident" which not allow him to return to his home. Alas - he will have to hide out at our house!!!!!

I am not sure who had more fun  - Milo or me.....................

Oh big tough dog!!!!!!!!!!!    He was so easy to drag around the house with that toy!!!!!    Gosh he is so cute!!!!!!

Sparky had a really rough day on Tuesday. First the coyotes and then the storm.   That evening she was perfectly happy to hide out under a table wrapped up in a big quilt.  And she stayed that way for hours!!!!!

Hey lady! This dog doesn't look good - do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milo wanted to play, but Sparky doesn't play with Milo so Milo and I played!!!!!!    Sparky is doing much better - got a big gash on her leg which seems to be healing.   Sammy has to go to the vet today, so Sparky will go along for the ride.

And how is this for stupid.  There were a LOT of offers (or so it seemed according to the amount of people sitting in cars on Tuesday night when the house on our street was being sold).  I noticed on Wednesday afternoon that the SOLD sign (which was placed there on Tuesday morning) was GONE.  Yep - it appears that they accepted a CONDITIONAL offer and the deal fell through.   OK - so whose fault is that?????  Now I do not know the details, but good grief!!!!   So people are once again parading through the house.

On that note - I have loads to do today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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