Saturday, June 14, 2014

Retreat Aftermath

I love going on a sewing retreat.   I love all the laughs and the fun. I love getting work done. I love not having to worry about things at home.   And the best part of a retreat - coming home and putting things away. I know - pretty sad!!!!!

I emptied the car and brought everything down to the sewing room and dumped it on the table. Yikes - that is a lot of stuff. 

I did not get a picture of the car, but let's just say that the car was JAMMED with stuff.  I had a hard time to get the doors shut!!!!!!   I don't think I did as great a packing job on the way back as on the way up!!!

Here are a couple of things that I got done at the retreat.........................    Remember - the ONLY sewing machine that I took with me was the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100Q.   I know - what a huge risk considering we were away for five days.  But I had much confidence in the machine and well - here is what I got done......................

These blocks were from one of the $2 kits that I purchased at the garage sale at the Textile Museum

Another set of blocks from another $2 kit from the Textile Museum sale - only 5 more kits to sew up. 

AT LAST - finished all the components for the Bonnie Hunter mystery. Celtic Solstice - now to sew it together
Got all these curved pieced blocks DONE! - There are 48 of them and they make up a quilt called Winner's Bouquet by Atkinson Designs. 

Then I had a moment. I never make bags, but I decided that it was time to make some bags!!!!!!!!    I had gotten some scraps from one of the ladies at Monday Motivators and at first, I was going to throw the scraps in my bins. Then I thought they would be perfect to make a couple of bags. I had thrown all the supplies into my retreat bag and it was time to dig it out.  I had to piece together the fronts and the backs and then figure out how to insert the zipper.

Bag Number ONE

Bag Number TWO

Bag Number THREE

Don't worry - I will be doing a tutorial on the bags on QUILTsocial in a couple of weeks.  I will alert you when that happens.   They are very cute - easy to make (now that I have the technique down) - will make a couple more to perfect the technique and dimensions and then you can benefit from the technique.  They are beautifully lined and finished inside. Just the way I like them.

Then I made a couple of journal covers.  I only have the picture of MINE. I made one for the retreat house - a guest book and I did NOT get a picture. GRRRR - will ask the owner to send it to me. DUH - have a camera and a camera phone and NO PICTURE. I must have been slipping.

MY journal cover.  After piecing together scraps from my orange scrap bin, I used the fancy stitches on the machine to decorate it. YEP - there will be a tutorial on QUILTsocial for this one too.  Watch for it. 

And then I made this cute little bag with a plastic window in it!!!!!!   That is all my zipper stuff in there.   

I think that was about all I did.  I must say that I wasn't as productive as I usually am, but then all the stitching on the journal covers and learning how to make that bag took a LOT of time.  No worries - I didn't really care - I was just glad to be away.

However I seem to be losing my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!   Before I left, I was packing and I could NOT find my camera charger.  Usually I am VERY DILIGENT about where that goes - just so that I can find it. Well - it was NOT in the camera case. Fortunately, M has the same camera and I borrowed her battery (that I didn't need).

When I got home and was unpacking - guess what I found????

Yep - the camera charger - I had already packed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Another post card to add to my collection. I have to get mine done. Took them to the retreat, but did not get to that task. 

Found this fabric at Fabricland in Orillia. Who would have thought? Can you see what it is?????   YES - that is the TEN COMMANDMENTS

Still have this much to unpack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But I am almost done. 

And guess who was happy to see me home. Yep - THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I had better finish my unpacking. I have three classes to teach this weekend and a quilt to do so no rest for the wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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