Monday, September 21, 2015


Nope - not talking about the Disney movie which I have not seen.

I'm talking about me yesterday morning.  Our weather sure is bizarre these days.  One day we are sweltering in the heat and the next we are putting our woolies on.

Yesterday was the Tour du Mississauga and since I am on the organizing committee, I get to do stuff instead of ride the routes.  That is a bit of a bummer, but that's life. My job yesterday was registration. Now over the summer we worked at getting a new registration system up and running. Rather - I should say that Dorothy did 99.9% of the work - I just did the initial contact with the company.  Between travelling and going back to work - I did let her down, but I had no choice.

Anyway - let's just say that compared to registration last year - this year was a breeze - almost.

Last year it poured rain and we had these massive binders with all the information about the riders in it.  This year we had spread sheets.  Yeah and for the most part it was pretty easy to find people.

So imagine this - it is 5:15 AM and I am down at Celebration Square in Mississauga and there is NO ONE - well just two people from the City who are moving tables around. But there is no one else. I thought maybe I got the location wrong or the date wrong.  Thing is - people were going to start arriving soon so they could leave at 7:00 AM.

Overlooking the water feature just outside City Hall

Overlooking the water feature just outside City Hall

I wonder how come so many lights were on in those apartment buildings. It was 5:30 AM.    They must leave them on as night lights because I can't imagine that that many people were up that early on a Sunday morning.

Cool light sculpture outside City hall

Poster advertising the event

Looking back towards City Hall
Anyway - we got things set up and I think as punishment to how little time I spent before the event, I got my fill during registration. People started coming to register and they did not stop until 10:30 when the last ride left the square.  I put my head down and didn't look up for hours!

"Mileage?"   "Last name?"     I must have said that a thousand times or more!   For the most part - we were pretty efficient in the registration process as people just needed to pick up a map and their card that appeared on their bike.

BUT let me say that it was COLD.   My hands could barely move at one point and I was shaking so bad at a couple of others that I was a tad uncomfortable. Where were those fingerless gloves that I thought about before I left, but NO - it won't be that cold.  While it was about 10 degrees - it was windy and damp. The sun did come out but with all those apartment buildings - the sun was blocked for quite a while, but at least the air temperature was creeping up!

OK - so I have initiated a debrief meeting on the event and will be making a list of things that need to be looked after better for next year!

The bottom line - people came, got registered in a very efficient manner or so I was told several times.  No crap from anyone - well just one person - but not in my line.  But things should have been done differently and I guess I have no one to blame but myself.   We also got our stuff late yesterday and there was literally NO TIME to get organized which did not help.

Riders having lunch after the event
 When I did surface, I noticed these cars had arrived.  Not sure why they were there, but they were eye catching.

Once I was done registration, I walked around and snapped these pictures.  While we had close to 4,000 cyclists participate in the event, we also had TWO dogs that rode bikes with their owners.

The first one was riding in a pet carrier which was placed in a milk carton securely fastened to the rack on the back.  The dog was quite happy to be there.  But a real prince - I petted the dog and he sniffed my hand and that was it.  The owner told me that since I did not have a treat - he didn't care to explore our relationship further!   Apparently the dog is very picky about his treats as well and has been known to spit them out if they are not the right ones.

Dog riding in his carrier
 Then I saw this dog carrier which I thought was quite unique.  It attaches to the front of the handle bars and the dog gets strapped in.  Pretty cute  although it doesn't look super comfortable for the dog, but he seemed to be OK with it and it is a way to take your pet with you.  Especially around town.

Dog carrier
 We had cyclists of all calibres.  There were the speedy guys who did the 120 KM in no time flat - I want to say that they did it in four hours, but not sure if that was possible since all the route was city driving and there were stop lights and traffic to deal with. There were people of all ages and of course there were lots of kids. This is one way to take your kids and when they get tired - just attach the bike to the bike carrier.

Bike attached to the bike carrier!

Anyway - it was a fun day and eventually I did warm up and even took my fleece jacket off. Thank god I had running shoes on or I would be dead today from the cold. OK - so I exaggerate.

I got a lot of stuff done when I got home, but I will leave that for another day.

On that note - I am off to work - well after I get to the gym.

Have a great day!!!!!


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