Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The drive will kill you!

I had to take a slightly different way to start my trip to work today so I could drop something off.

Wow - what an eye opener that was.  It started when I was in the Tim's line. When I arrived there is this big truck (you know the double cab kind) taking up both lanes at Tim's. First off - I seriously wonder why people need to drive those big trucks in the city. And how can they afford the gas. Oh wait - this truck has a company name plastered all over it. A tax write-off for the company.

Anyway - it took forever for the driver to place their order.  OK - I am patient. Then they turn the same direction that I am going out of Tim's. No big deal, but the truck is in the LEFT lane of Winston Churchill which is a major road. Just as I was approaching Thomas to turn right, this truck turns right. Yep - from the LEFT lane.  Seriously????   Wait - it gets worse!

I had to drive through a school zone. And so the speed limit is 40 - right?  I am doing 40 in the left lane and some idiot in an Audi  comes up on my bumper and then proceeds to fly past me in the right lane - right in front of the school.  Seriously?????

Then I get close to downtown Streetsville. I can see the railroad crossing sign come down and so even though the light is green, I stop at the stop line because if I went further, I would be blocking the intersection to the GO station. Guess who is on my bumper.  Oh yes - I doubt there was any room between my car and HER truck.  And she is honking her horn at me to move forward. While  technically I could because the light was green,  there was no where for me to go but sit in the middle of the intersection.

The train passes and I proceed through the intersection as the traffic moved forward. This woman (she had kids in the truck) ROARED past me and then proceeded to cut me off.  I meant she was FISHTAILING she was so pissed off at me.  Seriously???   I was driving by the rules.  Of course, she was yelling her head off and gave me the finger several times.  Hey lady - who has the problem here???

Well there is a lot of traffic at the corner of Queen Street and Thomas and of course - it takes time to go through the light.  This woman just ROARED into the parking lot (behind Ruti's) and fishtailed the entire length of that back alley.  I mean - it was frightening.  I saw what she did because I turned into the same parking lot to drop something off.

It was obvious that this woman was late getting her kids to school. She got them breakfast at Tim's where she took her time) and then was in a rage the entire way to school. God knows what happened when she got to the actual school. But seriously - she should NOT be behind the wheel of a vehicle. A total menace to the road.   As was the Audi that SPED through the school zone.

I don't get it - why are people in such a rush all the time.  Leave a few extra minutes or just resign yourself to the fact that you will be late.  What will happen if you are five minutes late???  Better than killing someone.

Sorry for that - but I am in total disbelief!  And it is so sad that our world has come to that. This woman was an "excellent" role model for her kids.

I got more cutting done for that darn Misty Pines.  I think when I originally started out - I was going to cut 10 kits.  But now I am doing 26!!!!   Let's just say the end is in sight!  Thank goodness, because I have loads of other things that I need to be doing.

More stuff cut for Misty Pines
After I cut those 11  groupings for the kits, I had very little scrap left over.

Scraps from cutting 11 of these kit components

Basket is getting fuller

Still to cut
Don't worry - there will be lots left over - no need to cut all that but some has to be cut from each bolt - some will be used for binding, facing and backing.

I also got part of my homework done on a new quilt that I am teaching on the first Saturday of the month at Ruti's.  It is from Amy Bradley.   There is still time for you to join up - we have just done one block. I think there is only ONE spot left.  It is so cute and so fun.  The pieces are big and are super easy to applique.

Garden Quilt by Amy Bradley
Here is my butterfly block.  It is very hard to see, but I have started the blanket stitch around the edges. However do you see my problem????   I have stitched around the dark edges of the lower part of the butterfly wings.  Now I have to stitch around the top. But it is very hard for me to see the edge of the top wing where it overlaps the bottom one.

Butterfly block

Blanket stitch on the lower dark wing
I took my trusty Chalk-o-Liner and put a small line on the bottom edge of the wing. Now it was easy to see where to do the stitching.

Chalk line showing the bottom of the wing. 

Block is now finished
Well - I still need to do the antennae but you get the picture!!!

Back of the block
Keep the back as neat as the front!!!!!!

Well - off to get some work done.

Have a great day!!!!


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