Monday, September 7, 2015

Killing two birds with one stone.......................

People send me links to all things biking!  Thank goodness they don't send quilting links - I would never get through them all.  A while back, Elaine S had alerted me to a new art installation in Brampton that was bike related.  It was a busy summer and I did not have time to check it out.

Here is a link to the article.

The other night I was on my way up Highway 10 right through downtown Brampton - I had a few extra minutes and I thought about the exhibit. I didn't know where it was exactly, but my gut instinct told me that I was driving right past it.  I drove around the block, parked the car and VOILA - there was the exhibit!!!!   That was petty freaky that my subconscious kicked in moments before I arrived at the spot.

The murals are on the side of a building - guess what is in the building???

A bike shop!!!!!!

Cyclepath Bike Shop
The murals are in a beautiful pedestrian mall that is filled with benches and tables and umbrellas. The tables have chess/checkerboard boards on the surface so you could easily sit down and play a game with a friend or passerby.  I think you have to supply your own pieces.  But what a neat idea.

Murals with tables in front of them
Big open space - loads of room to sit and enjoy the art work on both sides of the space

Bike mural

Bike mural

Bike Mural

Bike Mural

The bikes have some sort of reflective material on them so they are supposed to shine at night as special lighting is installed or will be installed to highlight the images.  I guess I will have to go back to see that!!!!!
If I was thinking - I would have stopped on my way home since I drove right past that same spot!!!!

Reflective material on the bikes
 They were created by Norbert Augustine - a longtime Brampton artist.   If you get a chance - you should check them out.  If nothing else - read the article!!!!   It is nice to see some of the artwork around our cities.

Well - it is a LONG weekend.   This is a special one as it is my FIRST real long weekend in a LONG LONG time.   When you don't have a 9-5 job - long weekends just come and go. But now that I am working - well I really appreciate the day off - even though I will be quilting all day!!!!

Despite the fact that I spent MOST of yesterday visiting with friends and make new contacts and generally had a really slack day - I still managed to get two quilts done. I can only show you one - I might incriminate myself if I show you the other one.  Nothing bad - I'll show you later.

Customer quilt - DONE

The back of the customer quilt - very creative!!!!

As I was trimming up the two quilts, I noticed that my cutting mat is getting a bit shoddy looking.  Yep - those white spots are wear spots.  And YES - I usually use my cutting mats with the lines hidden because I hate when people feel the urge to line up their fabric along those lines.  So I think during  a sit n sew I flipped it over and never turned it back right side up.

Cutting mat in bad shape

Big wear spots

I did flip it over and while that side with the lines is also worn, it is better than this side.  I could always rotate the wrong side and use that.  Hey - those cutting mats are expensive.  I have had this mat forever.  There is still life in that darn thing!!!!

Thanks to Liz - I am now a
 Thanks Liz!!!!!    Yes - I must get myself organized with those license plates - I still owe people plates, other people owe me plates and I can't really trade with everyone until I get in what is owed to me.  ACK.   So if you have plates for me - please let me know what they are. Laurraine - I know the three you have for me. Shelly - what do you have for me?????    Oh and Joyce - what do you have for me????

Then I have a package for Connie that is ready for the post - sorry it took me so long and I have lost your e-mail. I have Barbara, Liz and one more person (besides Carol) that I must get their plates organized.  So bear with me.

Well - I was busy and guess what - I am ALMOST done that last rainbow top.   The rows are all together - the bottom four rows are in one piece  - just have to put the top three rows together and then sew the two halves together and it will be done!!!!   I have decided that this is going to be a wall hanging - it is going to have my strippy batik for the backing - oh - I may have something else for the backing.

Rabow quilt number FOUR

Repaired that hole with a small piece of fabric and steam a seam 

My green blocks are on the wall - first pass - they need to be rearranged. 
 So besides dealing with these quilts and it seems as fast as I can get one off the wall - a new one replaces it.  As soon as that rainbow one is done - I have another half completed top to put up there.  Oh yes - loony quilter - indeed.  However I really think I am getting way more done NOW than when I didn't work.

I have a lot of quilting to do today and would love to get the cutting mat cleared off.  Wish me luck!!!!

The cutting mat to be cleared!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here to load another quilt on the long arm.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Pat owes you 2 plates, Sturgeon Falls and Corbiel, which you will get next week. Then we are even. But you are getting mine from Carol.

    1. Thanks - I will be seeing Carol this week and all will be good!!!!!

  2. Now I do like the green its one of my fav colours, its funny how sometimes when we think we have less time to do things we suddenly discover the skill of time management and utilise it in such a better way :)

    1. Oh yes - you are so right. I will see about locating a copy of that pattern in a way that doesn't affect copyright.