Saturday, September 19, 2015

Organization - is it worth it?

I am a Virgo and we have a tendancy to love organizing things. I must admit that there are times and places where I am not the most organized person and if you could see my studio right now - well you would say that it is a tad unorganized.
Ah - chaos!!!!!
Yes - it actually looks like chaos there and I have 8 people coming to sew next weekend.  I think a bit of tidying up will be in order!!!!

I have this sign which I love, but there are times when one must be organized a bit more.

Case in point - at work we are prepping for Quilt Market.  We have three large booths - each one is 20' by 20'.  They will be filled with quilts and fabric samples - thankfully NOT notions as I have had to set up at Creative Festival.  Still - set up takes more than one day and that is with a LOT of hands on deck.

Prior to getting to Market, there is a TON of work that needs to be coordinated. Partly by me and partly by others. I am absolutely paranoid that something is going to slip through the cracks.  I am in charge of the paperwork - yep - me - paperwork.  Do you see where I am coming from with that one?  It is one thing to wiggle yourself out of a corner if it affects only yourself, but in a very public space like this - well it isn't quite so easy!   I spent a good part of yesterday making a list - it is not a big list, but it has all the key dates on it with things that have to be done - mostly by me - but that is OK - it is my list after all.

And what kinds of things have to be done.  Well - I am washing fabric this morning - lots and lots of fabric for garments that must be sewn BEFORE we leave.  Thank god for a Mother-in-Law who has excellent tailor skills.  A quick trip to Fabricland to get the necessary extras and I am off to see her.  She is so good - she doesn't need patterns, although I will have patterns for a couple of items.  Yes - you will see them, but NOT before Market.  I don't want to spoil the surprise.

There are a "few" quilts and runners that need to be made before we leave.  I won't go into details on that one, but let's just say that the fabric is still in Asia.  Hey - this stuff is HOT off the press. Thankfully I have quilters standing at the ready to get their hands on the fabric the moment it hits the loading dock. Long armers are standing by to take the completed projects and GOD FORBID, but those bindings will be stitched down by machine.  I'll just pretend I didn't see that. I'm NOT doing that part - I can't bear to do it!

I've prepared a schedule of events and times and locations for the time that we are at Market.  I have a couple of small paperwork items to do and I think I am done.   Even though that took a lot of time yesterday to create that list - I feel much more in control and less likely that something is going to go amiss. Talk about tight deadlines!

I am constantly e-mailing myself at work (when I am at home) or myself at home (when I am at work) with things that need to be added to the appropriate list - the home list or the work list!

And let's not forget that we are already gearing up for the next show in February and another one in May so I will be hopping as I keep things up to speed on those shows. But you know me - I just LOVE that kind of thing and I'm in my glory.  I'm sure one day - someone will slap my wrist and tell me that I don't need to get so enthusiastic - but NO - that is never going to happen.

However I have to say that I have become much more efficient with my time - for the most part! And let's just say that after my class this morning - I will be sewing/quilting my little heart out because I also have a quilt or two that needs to be done by Market.

I had lunch with Sophie yesterday. This is the third time I have gone out for lunch near the office and each time it has been about license plates. That is another area where I desperately need a list. I still owe plates to about 5 people and about 7 people still owe me plates and I owe people money.  I can't finish off the swaps until I get everything in hand.  It is a bit frustrating because I really really want this to be over.  It is taking a lot of time to keep track of, but I think once I have my list - then it won't be so bad.  The problem is trying to get everything swapped and NOT have any duplicates left over.

So Sophie walks into Panera Bread with this.....................  (like she's a drug dealer or something!)  I'm kidding but I had to laugh when I saw it.

Sophie's suitcase
I love the suitcase and she got it for a couple of dollars at a thrift shop.  How lucky was she!!!!

And inside the suitcase????   Yep - that is all her rows and kits and license plates for Row by Row.   She has some gorgeous ones - she did a lot of trading on-line.

Kits, plates and patterns

While she was collecting for herself, she collected a few for me as well.  

New additions to my license plate collection
 I will show you the license plate stacks - yes - there are TWO huge stacks of the things.  Not sure how that happened, but it did!!!!   And like I said - there are still quite a few more yet to come.  OK - I am exaggerating - let's say no more than 20 - yes - there are at least 20 more to come.  See - if I had that list - I could tell you right away!!!!

Speaking of organizing -  I am still cutting for Misty Pines.  Trust me - you are tired of hearing me say that - I am even more tired of cutting!  Although I do like cutting. I just turn on the radio and I am good to go.

The good news is that I am delivering TWO kits today.  Yes - I have been through all 12 fabrics once and there are kits. Which is a good thing because I have a class next weekend.

Two kits for Misty Pines

 Now I must got back though the other 10 fabrics and make up the rest of the bits that I am missing. I am not sure that I will even get my sample started.  Depends on much sleep I get this week.  Oh no - I can't miss my sleep.  I have to go to bed at the same time every night or I am a wreck, but I can wake up early and I am OK.

Speaking of prepping - I am teaching two classes today.  My on-going classes that are one hour each. So I am prepping this morning - getting everything organized. Then I look at the book with my class schedule in it and realize that I have already prepped today's class and in fact I was prepping for next month.  Ah - now how often does that happen?????

But I've been photocopying, e-mailing and making lists since very early this morning.  I am in CONTROL!!!!

I snapped this picture on my way home the other night.  This is the view from three blocks north of our office.  Yep - that is Canada's Wonderland just behind Vaughn Mills shopping center.  You can tell I don't get out much when that excites me!!!!

Roller coasters from Canada's Wonderland behind the Vaughn Mills mall

On that note - I still have stuff to get organized for the day - no I want to get those stupid license plates organized.

Have a great day!!!!!


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