Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane

I inherited some books and quilt catalogues in my office.  I did sort through some of them the other day and look what I found.  Some of the catalogues from The Quilt - a project that ran for 10+ years a while back.  I started off by donating a single quilt - Electric Fish - a Stack n Whack that was brilliant yellow and green.  That was in 2001.  The next year I donated something else, but it was a group quilt by my online quilting - the Canadian Quilter Swappers. The next year I donated a quilt on behalf of the Mississauga Quilter's Guild.  Guess what it was made of????   Teeny tiny rail fences - guess where the fabric came from????  Yes - it was the offcuts from Northcott samples!!!!!   Those strips were 1" by 13".  Oh yes - my history with Northcott goes way back!!!!!

The Quilt Catalogues
Northcott was a sponsor for this project and well I became heavily involved in the whole project. I should try to find all the quilts I made for that project and do a write-up!!!!   I don't know if I have all the catalogues and I made up a couple of special ones at the end and I can't find the catalogue for those.

Oh yes - we had people make blocks - it became a HUGE affair and I was sewing quilt tops, quilting them and getting other groups to work on them.  We had HUNDREDS of blue and white quilt blocks.  Does anyone remember that??????

I took one picture of a quilt that one of my groups worked on. This was from the Monday Motivators.

Monday Motivators donated quilt

I remember someone saying that if you have too much stuff, you spend a LOT of time just maintaining and organizing said stuff.  They were right!!!!!   I am going to make some big efforts into reducing that pile of stuff.   I am now working on my second box of duplicate magazines and I have most of them sorted now by date and title. The goal will be to work my way through them AND if anyone asks me if I want magazines - the answer is NO - a HUGE emphatic NO.  And if I go to quilt guild sale and there are magazines - am I going to buy them?   NO!!!!

Starting the second box of magazines to be given away or tossed
I have been working on stuff at home - just in case you thought I was sitting around watching Modern Family each evening this week!!!!!

Three more pet mats - DONE

I decided that I needed four more batches of blocks for that other quilt. These four batches are all red. I have TWO of the four done, but while I was sewing and trimming last night - look what I found!!!!!

Yep - that is a HOLE in the yellow batik!!!!!   Great quality!
That one came from my stash!!!!!

I realized that I forgot to take a picture of what the blocks look like on the wall.  I am very happy with the reds I choose and actually think this one looks the best of the three!  Oh yes - of course - it is mine!!!!

I also got bindings on TWO community projects quilts.  They are now ready to take to the guild meeting next week - YES - one week in advance - they are ready.  Oh my - maybe going to work was a good thing for me!!!!

Quilt binding on!

Quilt binding on!

On that note - I had better get to work!

Have a great day!!!!!


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