Sunday, June 11, 2017

Coming up for air!

I don't think I've ever worked so long and so hard as yesterday (on quilt stuff). I was super focused and I accomplished a LOT.  I don't think I even dare tell you everything I did because it would make your head spin. Let's just say that for those that work on one project at a time?  I started FIVE new ones yesterday!  Call me silly, but I made good progress.

I have a class to teach later today so won't get as much done today, but I've been up early and making good headway into getting those five projects completed. One of them is for our booth at Quilt Canada. I designed it months ago (should have started sewing months ago as well!). I'm happy to report the center part of the top is done - just four more borders.  I'm very happy with it!

I thought I would share something with you. Something that I'm very excited about and I'm absolutely thrilled. No pun on that by the way!!!

I think I did post something about this a while back. If not, I remember at least posting the video on Facebook.  It's super exciting to see a collaboration between the quilting world and the corporate world. Libs Elliott was the artist and she was an absolute perfect fit.

Thanks to Ronda who alerted me that the bottles were  (at last) in the LCBO, I snagged one a couple of weeks ago. I'm only now getting to share the photos with you. Don't worry - the bottle is still full and I did buy it because of the bottle, not the contents.  I know of several other quilters who did the same thing!

Vodka bottle with a quilt on the label (the front)

The back
 In case you haven't seen the video that was produced - check it out.  It's super cool and again, I think Libs was so perfect for this collaberation.   Make sure you watch the video that goes along with this. It's so amazing - I just love watching the video. And I want to know if that was filmed in Libs studio? apartment? because it's so freaking amazing!!!!  I want to work in some cool loft space - like Victoria Finaly Wolfe?  Nope - I get the basement!  But that's OK - on hot days like today, I LOVE my space. And no need for air conditioning which would kill me!

I don't know if you noticed anything about those pictures above?  See a little photobombing going on???  Who was the culprit?? Guess................

Murphy has to be the center of attention for everything!

Speaking of Murphy, Lexi posted this morning. That dog is so lazy - so much to tell and she says she just too busy!

Have a super day!!!   Stay cool


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