Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Just give me ONE more day!!!

It's amazing how many times I say that. Just one more day and all would be complete!  That means that I'm missing my time management by 24 hours. I've got to learn how to shift that so that I finish on time.

I was delayed leaving work by about three hours yesterday and I sure could have used those three hours. But what gets done, gets done. If it doesn't -well - we're talking quilting here, not medicine!  And I know that all of YOU will not be critical if I have a quilt top in the booth, NOT a quilt.  Cause we're all quilters and we know what it's like!

I did manage to get the last quilt top for Quilt Canada pieced last night. It's on the long arm and the intention is to quilt it today. It may not have a binding for day one of the show, but that can get put on tomorrow night. But it better be hanging tomorrow!  I'm absolutely in love with the design - it turned out better than I had hoped. I wish I had time to custom quilt it, but alas - there is no time. So I have to make another one for me.  I have a feeling that I could easily get rid of this one around the office if I wanted to.

Two of the small items got finished last night as well. Machine binding - I LOVE IT!  I told Gail at the Hobby Horse about my new love for machine binding and she just laughed at me! Because she remembers when I said "I will NEVER put my bindings on my machine"  And now - well, there's no choice!

In an ideal world, I still have two small items to finish for the booth. One is a nice to have and if it doesn't get done for the first day - no big deal. One needs to be finished, but the top is done so at least there is something to show.  It can get finished tomorrow night.

The quilt top on the machine - even if I have to stay up really really late, I want it done!

There is one more quilt top that is a bonus - if it gets quilted, it gets done. If not, the top will be in the booth for people to view if they want.

The magazine quilts - well, those are going to wait for another day - or should I say evening because Quilt Canada starts tomorrow and there is no getting off early there!  On top of it, I have TWO lectures tomorrow that I need to prep for!  Isn't that always the way.

Today is going to be insane. The car is packed to the top with stuff for the booth and I'll be leaving shortly to get to the convention center.  It's going to be like school reunion as this is the first Canadian show that I've done in a while and I've missed seeing all the vendors and the attendees!  Remember if you're coming to Quilt Canada, I'll be in the Northcott booth. I believe we are number 310. If I'm not there, I do have two lectures tomorrow - so plan accordingly if you want to see me, or perhaps if you don't want to see me!!!  And we have giveaways for ALL - well, there is a slight catch, just a teeny one.

Modern Quilting is from 9 - 11 and Panels from 2 to 4.   If you haven't signed up, why not come out?  It's going to be fun.

On the other hand, I did something yesterday that I'm not good at. I cancelled my dentist appointment two days in advance - no time this week. I signed up for a lecture and workshop at Quitls at the Creek and even more important, I entered TWO quilts BEFORE the deadline. No begging this year!!!

On that note, I've got lists of stuff that I forgot at work, stuff that I need to say in my lectures tomorrow and I better get finished writing those lists.  Oh yes, in the middle of set-up today, I have lunch with a customer!  And there is the awards ceremony tonight.  Yep - life is a bit wacky to say the least. But I'm loving it. However I will be happy when today is over!

Oh yes, when I was putting that quilt together last night, the quilt goddesses were on my side. No seams to rip. The math (which could have been wacky worked like a charm), everything worked out the first time and I even had enough border strips prepped - on my last one, I literally cut off the selvedge and the piece was long enough. That was amazing!!!!  Remember what I said yesterday - the harder I work, the luckier I get! That was so true last night.

Got to run!

Have a super day!



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  2. I sure wish they would take Quilt Canada on the road one year. It's hard to keep hearing about it and not being able to justify the expense from the West Coast.

  3. It's in Vancouver in 2018!