Thursday, June 15, 2017

I made it!!!!

I can't believe that that crazy day is done!  I got everything packed in the car - it was overflowing.  I had not one, but TWO lectures and different stuff for both of them - of course.

But wait - I was up early in the morning (that seems so long ago!). The binding got put on the quilt and it looks great. The little 3-D item got completed and the cushion cover is done!  I completely forgot to take pictures of everything yesterday - I'll take pictures today and try to post some on Facebook during the day.   What a relief to get all that done - there is one more quilt to be quilted, but they hung it up without it being quilted and you know - it doesn't look half bad!  I'll finish it later.  That leaves only the tote bag and if it gets done, great. If not, no big deal.  I'll work on it tonight - maybe!

The first lecture on Modern quilting was VERY interesting and I have to say that I got as much out of the lecture as the audience did.  There were a lot of very smart people in attendance - very passionate people about our industry and they all brought a lot to the table. Thoughtful questions and suggestions.  I'm going to take a few of them and use them in the coming year at our guild. Lots of photos were snapped and I was thrilled with the lecture.  Many people came and told me how happy they were and that makes me very happy!

I loaded everything back into the car and then into the booth where I was the spin master with our spin wheel for a couple of hours until it was time to do the next lecture which was on panels.  I love doing this lecture. There's so much to see and so much to do with panels - well, I could go on and on for days!  Some things didn't get done in time, but they will be worked on - maybe at the retreat so I can have new stuff for the next panel lecture whenever that will be.  Someone commented that I always had new stuff to show - yep - that's why I'm so silly busy.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it all.   The cameras were out in full force so that was a good thing and I forgot to take a picture of the quilt that I made with the panels for the booth, but I already know THREE people who purchased panels to make the quilt.  Yikes - guess I'll be writing that pattern.  Today  - I take pictures.

And there were a number of people that signed up for ALL my lectures.  I love you ALL.  I so appreciate the support of all of you.  And while I love sewing and creating, there isn't anything that I love more than sharing ideas with all of you. Thank you so much - your kindness, support is very much appreciated.

Quilt Canada was busy and I heard that there are TWELVE buses coming today!   That is a good thing - but we will be busy!!!   I have no commitments today - except being at the wheel or in the booth. I can deal with that - a calm day!

When I got home last night, we went out for dinner and then I did nothing. Well I did check a couple of e-mails, but that was it. I've mostly unpacked the car except for the giant suitcase which I'll do tonight. Stuff has to be put away. It's all in piles in the studio as I unpacked and sorted. And I MUST MUST get some of these quilts finished. Like sleeves (if necessary) and labels.  So much is not done. That will be my goal in this period of calm.  BUT wait - there are still those two magazine quilts to be done. I'm begging for an extension until Tuesday - they can easily be done by Tuesday. Well Monday so they can be shipped and arrive on Tuesday.

And I got a laugh when I looked at Facebook last night.  There was an intruder in my office.

Paul - get to work!

There is Paul sitting in my messy office!   We had to move everything for carpet cleaning and there is stuff everywhere!  Well, it's actually pretty clean - the floor usually has more stuff on it.  Unfortunately, he didn't write any patterns while he was there!  I fired him!

On that note, I'm going to get to the show early so I can have a look around and chat to people.  Oh my - it's like school reunion.  So many people, so many connections to be made or renewed or strengthened.  I could spend the entire time networking, but I must be in the booth working. So if you're around - stop by, wave and say HI.  I'm the one with the Canada Flag head band!  

Have a great day!!!


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