Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More show n tell..............

So what's with the weather?  This is not summer.  BUT I'm not complaining because I'm quite happy with the cooler temperatures. Great for sleeping, great for hanging out outside. I could do with a touch less rain. 

I made good progress on my deadline quilt last night.  The top is done, the border strips are cut. I didn't have any backing fabric so I couldn't load it on the long arm. DUH!!   First thing today - get backing fabric. This is actually the SECOND version of the same quilt.  I was making it for Fall Market last year. Didn't quite get it finished, but enough for my purposes.  I figured I might as well finish it. It's fast and easy except the version that didn't get completed uses the directional print of the collection which is called Silent Night by Northcott. I got most of the nasty part of using the directional print done this morning and I should be good to get that finished up soon.  This collection will be shipping to stores very soon.  It's gorgeous - deep rich colors. 

When you work on these deadline quilts for magazines, they get done months before the magazine comes out. And then when the quilts finally get returned to you, you've almost forgotten them.  I got one back the other day. This one is from the Stitch in Time collection (also by Northcott).  There are two colorways but this one is my favourite.  

Table topper - A Stitch in Time collection

The table topper appears in the current issue (Spring 2017) of A Needle Pulling Thread.   I also have an article in the same issue on string piecing and making scrappy blocks.

Oh - I might just throw some of that string piecing in my retreat bag.  The only problem is that carrying ALL those scraps takes a lot of space and I'm supposed to be good and stay with two bags!  Last night, I remembered another project that I want to work on and it's all cut so that got winged into one of the bags last night.  I've still got loads of space.

One other project that got put into the bag is the Gravity quilt by Jaybird.  Here's one that's almost finished. Rose brought her version to our weekend class for show n tell.  It's a huge quilt, but absolutely stunning. She just needs to bind it.  She did an overall design on it and I love it - quick and easy. I taught this as a class last year.

Gravity quilt by Jaybird
Mine is now completely cut out - it was mostly the background diamonds that weren't cut. It's in the retreat bag, the rulers (need them to cut off the tips of the diamonds for easier assembly) are in the tool bag.  I think I now have four projects all cut and ready to go and one bag is only about half full.  I told you they were big bags!

Lots of other stuff going on - madly trying to write up some patterns  - in particular Coast to Coast to Coast which is the one that I made with all the Provincial panels. My goal is to get it to print by tomorrow.  The first draft is done!  That's the easy part. Now the checking and rechecking and it's a tad harder since I don't have the actual quilt with me and there is a bit of fudging to do. No worries - we'll make it happen.

On that note, I'm out of here. As usual, there's loads to do. I mean what would be the point of coming to work and sitting around doing nothing?

Have a super day!


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