Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh Canada!

It would appear that EVERY quilter in Canada has made something with the Northcott Sesquicentennial fabric. Well, most quilters - OK a LOT of quilters. Have a look at this article about an 87-year-old male quilter!  It's pretty cool. Thanks to Susan for sharing that.

It's now my turn to share a bit of some of the stuff that I've been working on.  Northcott had the cutest little packs of 5-inch squares made up as a giveaway for Quilt Canada. They were highly coveted and even though it was to be one per customer for the show, I know that wasn't always the case. Guess what?  Yep - we ran out!  Fortunately, we had some other giveaways for the people that came by.    I don't think I have a picture of that little pack.  I did get one that I used for my sample but there wasn't any to spare. If you got one or more - USE IT UP!  Don't hoard it!

Here's the deal.  When other fabric companies give you fabric, you get just the fabric. When Northcott gives you those little packs of fabric - we also give you a FREE pattern. I know!  And guess whose job it is to write those free patterns?  Mine!  Sometimes I'm lucky and I can pick the fabric I'm going to work with and sometimes, I have to go with what I'm given. Let's just say that each opportunity is a challenge and I LOVE a challenge. In the little pack (Northcott calls these packs of 5-inch squares chip packs), there were 5 squares of the cream and 5 squares of the red print. And this is what I made with the squares.

10-inch (finished) maple leaf block
 I love the block and was happy to figure out how to make it from 5-inch squares with minimal waste. If you would like a copy of the pattern, here is the link on the Northcott website.  If you did get one of those chip packs from our booth or if you get one in the future at a show or other event, check the back of the packaging. There is always a link to the website for a free download pattern.

Now it wasn't enough to give you a pattern for a block and fabric for one block and not know what to do with it. So I made a cushion cover by adding a couple of borders.

Cushion cover
 And I also made a small wall hanging using the same block by setting the block on point and adding one fabric for the border.  (Note - I did have extra yardage to make THREE blocks in total)

Wall hanging
 In case you're wondering, this is NOT the Northcott Sesquicentennial collection. This is from the latest Oh Canada collection called Our Home and Native Land.  There was NO extra of the Sesquicentennial collection to hand out as a freebie. It's been flying out the door.

There is also a free download for a lap quilt (note the picture on the website is slightly different from the actual pattern).  These things happen when you design with electronic files and once you get the fabric, you realize it won't work.  Too wasteful or not quite the right size or whatever.  I'll get the picture changed on the website next week. There is also a free download pattern for a tote bag. It's my Everyday Tote using Our Home and Native Land. I was going to aim to have it done for the booth, but that didn't happen. I did get the quilt top done and the tote bag is partially completed.  Something to strive for this week????

I actually made the smaller items from the leftovers of the quilt - I fussy cut that border so it would work on all those projects.  But you don't need to make the lap quilt to make the other items.

And then from the leftovers, I made this little basket.  I was a real hurry when I made it and wasn't thinking at all about the size.  It's supposed to be a bit longer - 5 squares long rather than 4.  There's also a free download for that pattern. Actually, there are two different versions on the Northcott website.

Everyday Basket Version 1
Everyday Basket Version 2

Everyday Basket

I have more stuff to show but I left the items at work.  I was supposed to be doing some project photography this weekend and totally forgot to bring the quilts home.  Oh well - more time for sewing!

On that note, I'm out of here.  Wait a minute, I thought I saw Lexi at the computer. Oh yes - I see she did post this morning. That dog!  She and her sister, Murphy are two big trouble makers.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Elaine, when might you be posting the pattern for the Coast to Coast to Coast quilt. I am very excited and would like to do this. I had a idea that was a wee bit like yours and mine will be different but I would like to be able to use the math you did. I keep looking and I have not seen anything yet.