Monday, July 6, 2020

It's a good day!!

I just don't do well with lack of sleep. I had TWO naps yesterday. The first was in the gazebo and lasted a couple of hours. At about 4 PM, the gazebo gets sun, and at about that same time, the lounger on the deck is now in the shade, so my second nap was there. I had a great sleep last night, and I'm ME today! Not Miss Grumpy Pants!

Since I was in the gazebo a bit earlier than usual, I had to turn my chair. It's so protected by trees - it really is a lovely spot. I can't imagine a backyard without a gazebo.

The view from the gazebo

I'm almost caught up with all the stuff that was due for magazines. One last submission to finish off this morning, and then I'm caught up! 

Well sort of. I'm working with a couple of new companies, and I've got some follow up to do. Where's my fabric for the next project, which is due July 23?? It should have been here by now. Thankfully this one is small, but it still needs to be sewn. 

I don't know about you, but I feel that I spend a LOT of time following up with people. Oh well - it's all in a day's work. 

Here's the really good news. The customer quilt is done! And once I got the pattern back the way it was supposed to be with FIVE repeats, not six, it worked like a charm. Can you believe that this is this customer's FIRST quilt? I think she said she has sewed before. The seams were terrific, and the quilt was pretty much square.

Customer quilt

I find that when I'm out shopping - OK -- so I was never much of a shopper, and with the pandemic, we haven't been shopping much, but the couple of times when I have been out lately, I'm so rational that - well, I'm not sure where that came from.

I did buy ONE frivolous thing the other day. I saw this bicycle fabric. I may already have it, but I thought I deserved one small extra thing. I saw loads and loads of other prints that I would have loved to buy. Then I thought of all the fabric that is being transferred to the Community Projects pile and thought that buying more wasn't a good idea. I'm scaring myself!

My bicycle fabric

There were some gorgeous Halloween fabrics. I did not cave in. I already have many Halloween quilts that are finished or need to be completed. And I have a LOT of Halloween fabric. I do NOT need more.

It was Little Bear's birthday on July 4. He was a lucky dog that day and got to go for FOUR walks. The darn little guy is so cute!!!  And he sure looks happy. I wish we lived closer to him. Oh - and then we could see M more often as well!!!  He's now four! My, how time flies.

Little Bear on his birthday

I seem to get all this homework done, and then I never post it. So here are my blocks from the Vintage Christmas quilt that I finished yesterday.

Mitten block

Christmas Star block

These blocks are super cute, and I can't wait to get them all done. We've made 24 blocks of 42. We're going to have to start thinking about how to put the quilt together! I like that we're taking our time to make the blocks. It would get boring if we just zipped through and made all the blocks at once. Besides, it keeps the group guessing as to which blocks I've chosen for that week's assignment.

I don't think I posted the blocks that I've chosen for the homework for Christmas Fig, either.

Tree of Life


I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these blocks. There are 20 in total. Only six left to sew. And they are HUGE. I see two quilts for this project.

But the best news? I'm up to date! I think I have one more set of instructions to write up, and then I'm up to date.

You remember that we signed up for The Big Canada Run? It started on July 1. A total of 8,000 KM, and it's a team effort. We're four in the group, but so far, only numbers from three people are logged.

Can you believe how far we've walked so far???

Yes - three of us have already logged 175 KM since July 1!!!  That's how much we've walked in FIVE days. I think I logged 65 KM of that 175 KM. And in this heat? What's wrong with us? Well - you walk before it gets hot, and then you walk once it starts to cool down. It's no big deal.

I see a fair number of people out walking both in the morning and the evening, so that's nice. Some are regulars, and we say Good Morning every day. Others, I don't see every day, but we're a friendly group, and everyone says HI. That's a great thing! We need more community connections!

I see that it's almost time and I'd better get moving. It's Monday sewing today, and I also have another quilt on the long arm that I NEED to get done by tomorrow.

Have a super day!!!!



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    1. Thanks -- that's actually my daughter's dog. He's a teacup Maltese and is the most adorable little guy!