Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What I found on the internet

I did accomplish a lot, but not really anything that I can share with you. Gosh - the secrets still abound. The QUILTsocial blog posts will be up next week, and it's been a wee bit of a learning curve behind the scenes, but all is good.

I got about a third of my "to do" list for the week done! How cool is that? Even if it mostly meant dealing with events in my calendar and making a few phone calls. It doesn't matter - those things are done now, and I can move on to the next bunch of things to do.

Holy - I found some embroidery patterns yesterday, and well - I need to be stitching out at least one embroidery design EVERY day. There's so much that I want to stitch out - there just isn't time to do it all.

But it was kind of a nice relaxing day - no immediate deadlines and that felt really nice. I did have a wee nap outside but spent most of the day puttering around. Collecting supplies to do some embroidery, getting organized, and well just puttering!

I saw this sign somewhere recently and took a picture. Doesn't that look awesome! Make the best of every day! No hiding!

A cool quote

At one point, I was looking for some yarn. I came across this in the yarn stash. Now, what the heck is it?? I've no idea - something started - no pattern. It almost looks like a sweater for Barbie. I put it back like that, but I really should have ripped it out.

What is this??

I did spend some time looking at things on the internet, and a while back, I found this quilt. It's part of the Row by Row Experience. Ooops - It's now called the Quilter's Trek. This is a collaborative quilt by 9 shops in the Chicago area.

Winter's Window collaborative quilt

Here's the list of shops that have put the quilt together.

You could get just the free patterns, or you could purchase the laser cut kits. You can even order the kits this year, which is something we could never do before. I LOVE the quilt but figured that it was going to cost too much, and I still haven't done the one that we collected from these shops last year. But isn't it an awesome quilt????

Thanks to Daphne, I'm all signed up for the Kimberbell Love Notes mystery quilt. I signed up at Snip and Stitch, which is in Nanaimo in BC. I know - there's no reason for me to have signed up for this quilt. I don't need it, but honestly - I love anything that Kimberbell puts out. I should just say to them - send me one of everything. Thanks to Marianne, who also let me know of a shop in NS (Quilts by the Bay) that is doing the Love Notes Mystery. The first installment should be sent out on August 3rd.

And that new Halloween bench pillow? Oh god - I don't need this, but it's absolutely adorable.

Halloween bench pillow

What I need is a bench, so I can put the pillow on. Kimberbell has the best bench pillows ever. There are so many of them, and they are all adorable.

Then I found this as well that I think is a great idea. It's an iron caddy. 

That's why I don't go shopping much anymore. It's too easy for me to find things that I want. I seem to do a good job on the internet. However, other than the Love Notes Mystery quilt, I did not buy anything.

However, I'm happy to report that I've received all (I think) of the video equipment I need to get my live presentations up and running. Now to figure out how it all connects. That's a job for the weekend. I'm sure it's pretty easy - mostly plug and play. I may need to buy another tripod or two - I'll see how the set up goes.

Oh - before I leave, I see that Miss Lexi has finally got herself together and actually wrote a blog post. Now, what could be so important to pull her out of her laziness to make that happen? I guess you'll have to check it out.

On that note, I'm out of here to try and get a few more things off my "to do" list today. It would be great to get everything done by the weekend, so I could be a total slug this weekend.

Have a great day!!!!


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