Thursday, July 16, 2020

One more quilt done!

Another deadline bites the dust!

I got the quilting done on my Trend Tex challenge. Then it was time to put the binding on. Hmm - this was a bit complicated, and despite the small size, it took a bit of finagling to get that binding on. I was almost finished when I noticed a wee glitch. No one is going to see that - well, they might, but it's a design element now.

Because the binding was a bit unusual, I had to hand stitch it down. The hanging sleeve got attached, as well as a label. Then I walked it over to the post office. I had two options to send it - Regular post, which will take about 6 to 7 days for $12.30. Or I can send it Express Post, which will take about 3 to 4 days for $12.60. Those aren't the exact prices, but the difference between the two was about 30 cents.

That was an easy decision - I'll take Express Post, please. I have to say that I'll continue to go back to this post office. Even though the quilt got put into a bubble wrap envelope, the employee does NOT hassle you whether this is printed material or whether it fits through the slot and therefore qualifies to be shipped as a parcel. Nope - she just took it, weighed it, and gave me a price. I like this lady!!!

I now have a tracking number, and so I can watch the progress. If the quilt arrives before July 22, it will be judged with the other Trend Tex quilts. If it doesn't, it'll still be auctioned off with all the Trend Tex challenge quilts - whenever that happens. I believe it's sometime in September. I'll let you know.

In the meantime, you do not get to see my quilt, but I LOVE it. It turned out exactly how I thought it would. Depending on what other quilts are in the show, I may have to buy it back! Isn't that crazy? The Trend Tex challenge has always been a fundraiser for CQA, and why not participate? I learn so much from making challenge quilts.

More than ever, we need to be supporting our local stores, our local organizations, our local whatever. If we don't, then we won't have them, and that would be a shame.

Speaking of the mail, the mail from the US is super slow. I'm waiting on a package that was shipped weeks ago. It's for a magazine project that is due on July 23. Let's see - today is July 16. I should be putting the quilt in the mail today. I still haven't received the fabric. And it happens to be a project that I was going to need some experimenting with. I don't think that's going to happen. Let's just wing it together. It may need to get moved to another issue since I can't do a thing at the moment.

While I did the hand-stitching on the challenge piece, I watched more of BluPrint. I heard that it's going to become Craftsy again. Even though I have a membership, I don't seem to be getting the e-mails. I need to check into that. You can read all the news on the link above.

Do you know how much time is required to research and write all these follow up e-mails? It's totally crazy. I got a lot of that done yesterday, but I still have a few more to follow up today.

Speaking of Quilt Canada, I want to send a big thank you to Mary Ann. I received this pin in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and it's been sitting on my desk to acknowledge!! Yes - we have spent some great times at Quilt Canada, and I think she is a permanent volunteer to hang the Trend Tex Challenge. Sadly, that didn't happen this year. But I have this pin to remember what could have been and to remember Mary Ann. Thanks so much!!!!

Quilt Canada pin

Next year, Quilt Canada is in Mississauga. I'll be there. Hopefully, we'll be past the point of wearing masks wherever we go.

The girls and I walked through the forest on our morning walk. Well, part of the walk was through the woods. I had to laugh - the forest was treated for gypsy moths in June. And there's this moth stuck right in a tree. Now, why is that? We seem to have a LOT of moths at our house this year. Not sure why.

A moth stuck on the tree
 I was sitting at the table having dinner last night and was snapping photos of the birds at the feeder. I was questioned as to why I was taking selfies! HA!!! Apparently, I spend too much time on my phone at dinner. But I was snapping photos - of the birds, of the girls.

Birds enjoying the bird feeder

Remember how I chatted about stopping to see the roses? Well, when I opened this picture this morning, I was shocked to see that basketball net in the background. I don't remember that being there. The shed, yes, but the basketball net? Where did that come from???

I just checked. Oh yes - that basketball net is indeed in the neighbor's backyard. In the photo, it looks like it's right in front of the shed, but in reality, it's not close to the fence at all—just a quirk of the camera angle.

I put in a lot of KM yesterday with the walk to the post office and my two regular walks. I did double duty on the walk to the post office. I stopped at the grocery store, which is in the same plaza, and picked up some stuff that I needed. I love leaving my car parked in the driveway!

I've noticed this manhole cover on my evening walk and finally stopped to take a picture last night. This is an interesting way to say that there is water below. There's another one that I must get a picture of tonight.

Manhole cover with a fish on it

Way more interesting than this one, which just says Danger Water. Boring!!!!

Man hold cover

So here's another funny thing that I've seen on my walks and in many places around the city and even in the country.

I'm guessing this is some kind of vent. But a vent for what? It makes me smile because I think of it as when the earth needs to pass gas! Instead of blowing a hole in the ground, the gas can be released through these vents. But why? Why do we need these vents? I can understand in the city although there are no houses near this vent, but why are they needed in the country? What are they connected to under the ground?

So two quilts down for this week and well, there's still a couple more to go! And I have homework to get finished for Vintage Christmas. All in a day's work. Don't worry, I'm not overworking by any means. I did spend a fair amount of time outside reading. After the package was delivered to the post office!

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this coming weekend. I can't wait. I've got several quilts that need binding and TWO quilt tops that I want to assemble. It's going to be fun to sew along with all of you. I hope you can stop by for a few minutes to say hi or stay all day!

The Virtual Retreat is Saturday, July 18, and Sunday, July 19.  It will run from 9 AM to 8 PM  EST.
Here's the Zoom link for Saturday.

Join Zoom Meeting SATURDAY, JULY 18 9:00 AM EST Meeting ID: 840 5962 3529 Password: 905818

On that note, I'm out of here for today.

Have a super day!!!



  1. That vent is usually venting the gas from what was a garbage dump. We have some in the middle of Calagry that was at one time way out of the city.

    1. Hmmmm - that's an interesting concept. It's close to a swampy area, so that might have some bearing on it as well. But I can see where a garbage dump would need to be vented.