Friday, July 17, 2020

Who turned out the lights?

I made excellent progress yesterday on the next quilt on the urgent deadline list. A while back, I was asked to design a quilt for Quilts of Valour using Northcott fabrics. The idea was the pattern was to be sold at Quilt Canada. Of course, we all know that Quilt Canada didn't happen, and the quilt design got put on the back burner.

At the request of Quilts of Valour, I had to redesign a part of the quilt - no big deal. I came up with something, and there the pattern sat. I have to say that I wasn't 100% happy with the redesign. One part of the quilt, I loved and the new part, I was lukewarm.

The goal was to make one quilt using the Oh Canada collections by Northcott and a second colorway using a blender collection by Northcott. In case you don't know, a blender collection is a basic collection. Choosing the fabrics was the easy part, and they've have been sitting here. As a matter of fact, it was the blender collection that I lost a while back and found it on top of the bookcase.

Still not convinced that the redesign was where I wanted to go, I started cutting and sewing yesterday. As I put the pieces on the design wall, I was happy, but it just wasn't right. Then I had an epiphany, and I ran upstairs to my computer and EQ8. Did some juggling and OH YES -- this is what I want!! The size remains the same, the fabrics and colors remain the same. And I was even able to use the blocks that I had been working on in the morning.

Once that aspect was finalized, then it was easy to keep working. The top of the first quilt (made with the blenders) is close to completion, and I hope to have it done today. Then I should be able to get the other quilt done over the weekend.

My plan is to quilt one of them with an edge to edge design, and the other one will be custom quilted. I hope to be completely finished by Tuesday. Let's just say that I have to be because it'll be time to move onto the next urgent project.

I'll share the quilts with you when they are completed, so that'll be next week. I have to write up the pattern and will be doing that as I work on the construction of the two quilts. There are four designers in total that were asked to participate, and I'll let you know where and when you can purchase the patterns.

I LOVE when that happens. But it was only under extreme pressure that the design came to me. The name was also causing me some angst. But once I rejigged the pattern, the name just popped into my head!!!

You gotta love computers! I was clearing out some e-mails and came across one from Mark's. Hmm - they also have women's leather running shoes. They were having a sale, so I decided to look at their website. I also need a new pair of rubber boots when it rains. I received several e-mails from them during the day, asking if I was still interested. And I'm getting ads about shoes on my newsfeeds!!! I hate to buy shoes online - I do NOT want the hassle to return if they don't fit. I might pop down to Mark's today and shop in person.

Speaking of shopping, what's the WORST thing to shop for in your house?

Well, at my house, it's light bulbs. Seriously!!!  Whenever I go to the store for a light bulb, I'm totally lost. So much has changed with lightbulbs that I try to stand in front of the section, looking totally helpless and hoping that someone will come and help me. I ALWAYS take the old light bulb with me. You can't buy one without knowing what socket thingy you need. Then there's the wattage, and that doesn't seem to be the same. Indoor versus outdoor and well - it's a nightmare to shop for lightbulbs.

A light bulb needs to be replaced

So here's the dire situation in our house. Remember when the light bulb on the Ott-Light on my desk died? I bought a new bulb at a ridiculous price of $40. The light bulb doesn't work!!!!  I have to play with it, but it could very well be the light. That needs to be worked on. Then I realized that the light that hangs from the ceiling in the dining room, which has three light bulbs in it, two of them are gone! It's very dark in here!!!

As if that isn't enough, the light bulb at the very bottom of the stairs on the way to Studio B has gone! Seriously????  What's going on???

I think it's just timing, but we had an issue at one point with light bulbs. We thought we had some power surges in the house as the light bulbs were popping all the time.

I found a replacement light for the basement light in the light bulb box. Let me say that I will NEVER install pot lights again. It's a pain in the butt to take them out and put them back in. The light worked for about 10 minutes, and the next time, I turned on the light - it didn't work. Seriously???  I'm going to steal one from another pot light in the basement. I don't use the pot lights there any longer, but the light bulbs are still in them. Now to get one of them out.

Wish me luck with the light bulb thing! Why can't we just have ONE kind of light bulb for everything? This is way too complicated.

I see that we have NEW garbage/recycling containers in the forest and in the parks. Both are in the same receptacle. The opening is small, so hopefully, that will discourage anyone from bringing their household garbage to these containers. I just don't get why processing garbage and recycling is so difficult for many people. Unlike the lightbulbs, there are two options: garbage or recycling. Yes - I know it's sometimes complicated as to what goes in the recycling. But it's way easier than lightbulb shopping.

The new garbage cans in the forest

I also managed to get this customer quilt done! It's trimmed and ready for pick up today.

Customer quilt - DONE

I had to get some community project stuff prepped as well. When people offer to sew on bindings or sew up a quilt kit, one must ALWAYS take them up on that offer. I got a kit ready, along with two quilts and six placemats that need to be bound!  Between Rose and Diane, I'm going to get all those kits done, and the quilts will be bound. Thanks to you both!!!!!

Community project kits ready to go

I'm going to have to get back to the quilting machine with more community projects, and I need to get in touch with Project Linus so I can start to deliver some of the smaller quilts that we've finished up. That's a job for next week.

Another quilt event is gone for this year—actually two significant events.

WOW --- that's a HUGE deal to have both Quilt Markets in one year canceled. First time ever!!  I notice on the web site that Quilt Market is scheduled for the fall of 2021, but nothing scheduled for spring. Can this be the start of the demise of Quilt Market? Quilt Market is for trade only, and I think it's going to be tough to get this show back to what it was. With virtual shows and so much new being posted on the internet, it's going to be tough to convince companies, stores, designers that it's worth it to get back together. Quilt Festival, which is open to the public, will have no problem. People will flock to that one.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I finished Finding Chika yesterday. Yep - I cried when she died. Actually, it's all the stuff leading up to her death that made me cry. The death did not. A great story and something you should read if you think you do NOT have time to have children.

Onto the next audiobook as I see people are waiting for it, so I'd better get it finished. The next one is 15 hours, so that's a couple of days worth.

Even though it was threatening rain last night, I went for a walk. It was misting when I left the house and took an umbrella, just in case. It started to rain a bit harder, and I used the umbrella, and then it stopped raining. Then it started again and rained the rest of the walk. Doesn't matter - it was glorious, and there was NO ONE else outside. Wait - there was a family of three out walking, each with their own umbrella. Why don't we want to walk in the rain? Take an umbrella. It's no big deal - and I got my exercise in.

Don't forget the virtual retreat TOMORROW and Sunday. Here's the link to the Zoom Virtual Retreat tomorrow.

The Virtual Retreat is Saturday, July 18, and Sunday, July 19.  It will run from 9 AM to 8 PM  EST.
Here's the Zoom link for Saturday.

Join Zoom Meeting SATURDAY, JULY 18 9:00 AM EST Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 5962 3529 
Password: 905818

On that note, I'm out of here. Loads to do today, but it's all good since my design is finalized - it's just a matter of sewing!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Around here in BC, we'd never get outside if we waited for it to stop raining, especially this year. Most of the time, I don't even bother with an umbrella, I just embrace it! Sunshine is finally heading our way tomorrow, for more than a day or two.

    1. Good point!!! The folks in Ontario are not so keen on the rain! I did feel a bit wimpy with the umbrella, but I was glad to have it!