Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Trial by Fire

We had a great Monday sewing Zoom session. It truly feels like we're all together in the same room. The only thing that disappoints me is that I can't seem to use my Bluetooth earbuds with Zoom. I can watch videos with the earbuds - no problem. I can see the earbuds connected to the Zoom audio, but I hear nothing, and they can't hear me. GRRR!!! 

So that means that I have to be somewhat attached to the laptop. Oh well - it could be worse. I was going to do some cutting and well - I just need to get myself organized. However, I did get stuff done, and the sleeve is now stitched on the Quilts of Valour quilt. So that's one quilt down and one to go.

I've sent a picture of the first Quilts of Valour quilt - the second quilt will get done next week. I'm in the middle of crisis mode again this week. Two more projects that need to be done ASAP. I'm madly setting up Studio B for what I need to take pictures - it really is in a bit of a mess at the moment with the tables all over the place. I must try and put some order back in the area - not sure how that's going to happen. But that's a job for next week.

I'm taking pictures and need to get editing and uploading. Lots of stuff to write, and I've got some great projects and ideas to share next week.

Remember that package that arrived on Friday???

The overdue package on the doorstep

Well, that project is due in the US on July 23. And today is the 21st. That's not going to happen.

I do appreciate the confidence that the editors of Golden Peak Media have in me. It's not enough that this project is due very soon and is requiring a very short turnaround, but we're using a totally different fabric and adding embellishments where we don't usually do that. Oh yes -- nothing but fun and games at my house.

I had a play session yesterday, where I experimented with the "fabric" to see what would work best for the project. After some attempts, I found something that I was thrilled with. Yes - it's quilting, but quilting with this product.


Yep - I'm working 100% on this project with cork. I've worked a bit with cork fabric in the past, but not to this extent. Thankfully, the project is small. I got the first part of the 12 blocks completed this morning. Step two is mostly cut, and then there's a step three. Once that's done, I can assemble the project. My goal is to get it in the courier by tonight. I know - breath!!!!

This is one of those situations where one doesn't have time to think. You just do. But here's the thing about just doing and not thinking. The more hours you put into your practice (whether that's yoga, welding, quilting, gardening, or whatever), the more you can accomplish things because you're pulling from your vast knowledge base. And that's precisely what I've done.

Although I did have a 2-minute panic session when I looked at the product and looked at my pattern and said, "how am I going to make this happen?"  Then I started cutting, and I was good to go. I'm literally making this one up as I go along, and so far, I love it. I can't wait to see the end product.

So what cork fabric am I using???? It's from EverSewn, and it's beautiful to work with. It comes in one-yard bundles and a few different colors. But I'm in love with the darn stuff.I'm going to have a few bits left over, and I've got to come up with something super exciting to use the bits with.

Not only did I have to wait a LONG time for the fabric to come, but some of the colors won't work as planned (one color was out of stock, so a substitution was made - it didn't work) so we had a small design change on the fly. All is good.

Someone asked me the other day if I enjoyed working on these crazy deadlines. I have to say that I do enjoy it. I do like to have a break, though - I'm not sure that I'd like to work to a deadline every day all day. But it's going to be a crazy week as I have FOUR Zoom sessions to prep for this weekend, as well as blog posts to write. Ther is no one to blame but myself for not getting a headstart on that stuff. It'll all happen - just a wee bit of juggling will be required.

I don't seem to be too worried about it since I was outside napping for a wee bit yesterday. But now, the rest of the week is heads down!!!

In the spring, I saw a goldfinch in the backyard, and the poor thing couldn't eat the seed from the regular feeder. I got a goldfinch feeder and seed, and I haven't seen the finches since, although I noticed that the level of seed in the feeder is down a wee bit. Not much, but a tiny bit. I thought it was just the seed settling. But guess what I saw last night at dinner??

A flash of yellow

I popped up as quiet as I could to snap a picture of the goldfinch.

The goldfinch

Where are his friends and family? I have a goldfinch buffet in the backyard and lots more in the house. Where are they????

We got a notification that a book is due at the library for pickup. The earliest appointment for pickup is next Wednesday at 4:04 PM. That's crazy!!!  BUT - we can't complain because that means that we are getting access to the library and I'm happy. It would appear that a lot of other people are using the library. I hope to have a few books to return by then as well. One more appointment on the calendar!

Well - it's short and sweet today as everything I've been working on lately is secret. Good grief!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I know the answer to the. Blue Tooth -Zoom problem! Took me weeks to figure it out.
    First turn on the blue tooth. Then connect to the earbuds. Do not have Zoom open while you are doing this. You can check to see if it is working by opening a YouTube video. Now open zoom. It will take about thirty seconds for Zoom to go to blue tooth.

    1. Kate -- I shall try that and see what happens. Thanks. I did learn that you cannot turn the earbuds on during zoom and I keep forgetting to do the test on Zoom.