Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Buying and selling

 Oh dear - I did not get the pictures taken for the item that I'm selling. But I see other people are posting quilt-related items on Kijiji, which seems to be the place to sell these days. Frames, machines, and more stuff are finding new homes, and that's awesome. 

OK - so I must take pictures of the stack of fabric dyeing supplies. I've got a scale, plastic, and glass containers (not margarine containers, but the real thing) with measurements on them and pour spouts. And a whole lot more stuff. It's housed in four boxes that have been sitting in the kitchen for a while. It's time to get rid of it! Today - I'll try and post it. 

I had three awesome presentations yesterday. I hope the attendees were excited - I was excited at the end! I need some serious computer time to play with the embroidery software! I did manage to get a wee bit of sewing done and a couple of stolen moments in the gazebo where I was on a phone call, not sorting through paper! Perhaps today!

So here's the tweaking I did the other day in Studio B. This six-drawer shelving unit was upstairs but was almost empty. Some 2" and 2½" strips, as well as some squares of fabric. It was more than half empty. I consolidated that into another container and brought the unit downstairs. It's NICE to find some partially filled units, and I hope there'll be a lot more space open up as time marches on. 

A six-drawer shelving unit

As I worked on assembling my presentations, many samples and supplies got pulled, and to have them close at hand, I had them sorted in baskets on a table in front of the film studio area. It wasn't messy, but it was a lot of stuff. 

Supplies at the ready for my presentations

So - I started by putting all the sewing machine feet and accessories for Husqvarna Viking in one of the large drawers. All the accessories for PFAFF went into the other large drawer. Then I took a few other categories and put them in the smaller drawers.  

The cabinet is now filled

Ah -- that looks so much neater already. 

The table is a wee bit emptier

And look at the empty containers that got moved to the furnace room with the other empty containers. I should take a picture of the containers. All of them used to be piled around Studio B filled with stuff. Now it's put away and keeps the room looking nice and tidy! Did you notice that most of my containers seem to be either blue or orange? 

Empty containers

Then I remembered another shelving unit in Studio U and what's in there? It's time to deal with this as I want that unit. 

An 8-drawer shelving unit

Except for some Halloween fabric that got put with the rest of my Halloween fabric, all the other items in the unit got put in this tub! A green one! That shelving unit was NOT being efficiently used! That tub is now sitting on one of the UFO shelves in Studio B. I had vacated a spot on the shelf - I can't even remember what was in that spot. The bottom line - there was an empty spot waiting to be filled, and now it's filled. 

Everything in the 8-drawer unit fit into ONE tub

This time, I had EIGHT drawers to fill with more stuff. 

The two shelving units with a new life

That got rid of more stuff on the table, and it was looking good. Then I decided to pull ALL my loose samples and put them on the table. I have one wider shelving unit upstairs that can be emptied, and all this stuff can go in it. I might actually be able to completely clear this tabletop, compile all the samples neatly into some cabinets and make the room look even better. 

This is the last of the loose stuff to deal with

As I filled that second shelving unit, I emptied these containers! Good grief - what am I going to do with all these empty containers now? I did use the one with the blue lid in the stabilizer area. I'll neatly organize the containers - they are NOT the same size which is a challenge! But there are laundry baskets, open baskets, and a whole lot more. I'm NOT getting rid of them yet - there may be something that needs to go in them. For the moment, they are in the furnace room and out of the way. The furnace room, by the way, is NOT filled with junk. It's pretty empty. 

More empty containers

I'll probably go back and rearrange a wee bit more within each drawer and label them! The two of them are beside me, just out of camera range. So if I need a foot or a supply or a sample during the presentation/class - it works like a charm. Because they are self-contained units on wheels, they are easy to move around if I need to. My ultimate goal is to keep all tabletops clear - well, as clear as they can be. Well, I don't want to use them to store stuff; I want to have them clear to use. I'm using a couple of them to store the embroidery units from various sewing machines, and I'm OK with that. But on the working tables, I don't want junk on them. That's for working!

It's so nice and super easy to tweak the various areas, now that the majority of the stuff - well, ALL of the stuff has a home. I love it, and I imagine I'll be tweaking it for the rest of my sewing days! I'm just excited to discover holes where other stuff can be stashed as I try to consolidate it all in one spot. I'm trying to keep finished stuff upstairs and unfinished stuff downstairs. Let's just say there's a bit more unfinished stuff upstairs that has to be consolidated, but there's no room at the moment. It's all safely stowed away, so there's no panic to make that happen. 

I managed to get one more Snail's Trail block done. Progress!!!

One more Snail's Trail block

As I was looking at the fish yesterday, I realized that of the approximately 50 fish, there is ONE black one and one that looks very anemic! He's almost white. It can't be a koi since we've not added fish for years. They maintain themselves! 

A white goldfish

I'm canceling holds on library books and returning what I can. I'm now down to seven physical books from the library and only two on hold (both are suspended for a couple of weeks). I'm going to try and get that down to zero. I have my own books to read and other things to read and material to sort - I need a break from reading! I have ONE audiobook in my account, which I just need to read the ending as I wasn't able to finish it before it had to be returned. There are two on hold. You know what? That makes me feel happy. I just needed a break, and I'm enjoying The Quilt Show as a break. It was getting overwhelming to HAVE to read to keep up with the lists. And silence is golden! 

So today - your tidying up today is all about books. If you have audiobooks or library books - do you really need so many? So if you have a library account - it's time to get it under control. If you've renewed a book several times and still haven't started it - perhaps it's time to return it! Free up some shelf space and some mental space!!!

On that note, it's another busy day. This time, I'll be stuck at the computer writing and the long arm, with one presentation later this evening. OH - and taking pictures so I can sell the fabric dyeing supplies. 

Have a great day!!!!


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