Saturday, March 12, 2022

An extra set of hands would be nice

I almost made it! Two presentations representing three quilts are prepped and ready to go. The third presentation for today, which I'll do twice, is a bit rough at the moment! The pictures are taken, and most of them are loaded in the presentation. It's trying to make sense of it all now. I think the girls will get a shorter walk this morning, so I can deal with that. 

Then I'll work on the stuff for tomorrow, tonight. Yep -- I know why this weekend ended up being so crazy. I was supposed to be away next weekend, but that isn't happening. So I crammed everything into this weekend! OH!!! Well, I'll get it worked out, and I have loads of pictures - I can talk my way around anything -- I just want it to make sense to the people listening in. 

I'm happy with the progress on our sew alongs. WOW --- I'm so excited -- well, I had a hard time getting to sleep; I was so excited to share with the others this morning. Or was it because I was running around the house, taking pictures of quilts?? Good grief!!!

I got all my sewing done in the morning, so it was on to other things in the afternoon. 

I fired up the embroidery machine as I had a rather large item I created in the mySewnet software that I wanted to get stitched out before tomorrow. I'll share it with you when I'm done. 

Embroidery unit hard at work

And the long arm was working at the other side of the studio, so I got lots of steps going back and forth. More on that darn Fitbit tomorrow. 

Working on a quilt on the long arm

The bobbin was running low in the embroidery machine, and so was the bobbin in the long arm. I couldn't watch both, so I stopped the embroidery machine and watched the long arm. Got a new bobbin in and then back to the embroidery machine to watch for that bobbin to run out. 

Yep -- there's a low bobbin notification in the embroidery unit, but not in the long arm. However, when that low bobbin notification comes up, there's still a lot of bobbin thread (pre-wounds), so I let it run out. 

And while this is happening, my headphones are saying "low battery." And before both bobbins ran out, so did the juice on the headphones. 

Headphones need to be recharged

I had to laugh because I sure could have used a third pair of hands or a second body yesterday to monitor the machines. But the quilt is done! 

Customer quilt - DONE

The headphones are recharged and ready to go later today. OK -- The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley is WEIRD. Very weird and reminds me so much of Liane Moriarty's books. It's from the point of view of each character, and well, there are lots of secrets! But we won't go there. 

The embroidery is not finished. It was scheduled to take over 7 hours with close to 200,000 stitches. At one point, the bobbin messed up, and I have to do a bit of ripping. That did it for me last night. I'll rip out the errant stitches later today and fire up the embroidery machine again. Hopefully to get it done tonight. 

Amidst all that snow, I went for my walk. This time to the mall to find some baking pans. YES -- I'm going to bake a cake. The recipe called for 7-inch cake pans, and I could find 8 or 6, but no seven. I bought the 7-inch, and I'll just have to cook the cake less since it won't be as thick. 

Baking supplies at the ready

Thankfully, there's no real accumulation of snow and no need to shovel. The mounds of snow in front of the driveway are almost gone. Thanks, partly because I went out the other day and shoveled more of it into the street! 

And there were the two girls outside enjoying the snow in their own way. 

Lexi likes to sit and watch. 

Sitting and enjoying the snow

Murphy lies down! 

Enjoying the snow on her tummy

I just checked the status of my package coming from the US. Yesterday I had an "in-transit" notice on the file, and today -- NOTHING. I'm guessing that means it's on the truck and out of the warehouse. Let's hope that I'll get a note in a day or two that it's here! Actually, if it came by Thursday, that would be great since I'll be in that neighborhood - well, closer to it on Thursday. 

And I almost got all the half-square triangles trimmed from that one batch. 

Trimming half square triangles

It's actually a good and totally mindless thing to do while babysitting the long arm and/or the embroidery machine. I can drop it at a moment's notice if I need to, and there's no thinking when getting back to it. 

Well, I'm off to finish sorting pictures. 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I am exhausted just trying to follow you around. I do hope you get a chance to sit and savour some part of the day. Maybe you can join me in a short meditation. BTW lat me knOW how that cake comes out. I have never used self rising flour