Friday, March 4, 2022

I SOLVED the mystery!

I got the third car errand done and did a bonus on that trip as I had to return something to Best Buy. They were very accommodating since I was past the 30-day limit, but they took it anyway. Thank you, BEST BUY!! I was thrilled with their service and will definitely shop with them again before I would consider buying from someone else, and you all know who I mean! 

OH BOY -- things are starting to open up for sure. The day before, I ran into Elaine at Oh Look Fabric, and yesterday, I ran into a LOT of people at Brampton Sew and Serge. It was an excellent excuse to get going as there were too many people in the store. Thankfully, I had paid, so I could sneak out. But hello to everyone I saw in person!!! 

I will admit that when I have something break up my day like that, it takes me a long time to get back in the swing, and sometimes, I just throw in the towel for the day. At four o'clock, I was done, and I sat around and read for the rest of the day -- I didn't even watch a baking show! I haven't watched any for over a week. 

I did get some more computer work out the door, so that was good. I hope to finish most of it off this morning, and that would lead to a weekend with ZERO commitments. Lots to do, but zero commitments - at least urgent ones. 

But I get why people want to do so many sew alongs or blocks of the month or whatever. They love to have a deadline. I know for myself that I would probably get NOTHING done without a deadline. I almost felt bored yesterday. WHAT????  

Part of that problem was a book supposedly a memoir of a lady hiking with her young daughter. The book ended up being more about the relationship with her daughter, her husband, her son, and the psychology of growing children than it was about hiking. I finished the book, but I was a bit disappointed. 

And part of the book was the author trying to deal with negative social media because the public didn't like her previous book. Well --- if it's a memoir, does it need to be filled with a 5-page reading list about relationships?? That's not a memoir! At least not in my book! I will NOT be recommending this author, and she's Canadian! OK -- her name is Angie Abdou. Has anyone else read any of her stuff? 

I couldn't even drag my butt downstairs to sew. However, I was up and at it early this morning, and well -- this is what happened. 

The VERY first block that I picked off the wall for the Farmers Wife did NOT have a label on the back. Hmm -- what does this mean? I checked through the blocks in the book and saw that it, in fact, came from the book. There was NO sashing for this block, meaning it was already in the quilt. So I searched the wall, and YES -- I found the duplicate. 

So here is the quilt as it was the other day. Here's a hint: both blocks are right on the outer edge and made of different fabrics. Here's a further hint -- one is on the top, and one is on the right-hand side. 

Where is the duplicate?

Did you spot them??? 

How about now? WELL   -- -I think the one I left in the quilt is WRONG. Maybe that's why I made the second block. I need to check this out a bit more. Thankfully, it'll be easy to switch. Stay tuned for that update. 

The duplicate block

It's a bit hard to tell because of the different coloring. 

But the good news is that the block that should be in the quilt was almost identical to the duplicate, so it was an easy switch. 

Easy to switch the duplicate with my extra block

And as I worked on adding the sashing to the remaining blocks, it was effortless to find the appropriate one. 

The remaining sashing

However, there was the extra block when I was done and ONE sashing left over. What's this all about? 

One extra sashing

So I checked the book, and yes, there is a block for that sashing; however, upon closer inspection, the lettering on the sashing wasn't finished!! I checked the quilt, found the block, and yes, the proper sashing is attached. This sashing is now in the scrap pile, as it was a duplicate that never got finished. 

The incomplete sashing

The extra block is now in the orphan blocks, which I'm trying to put on my design wall! 

The extra block

All the blocks were identified with a scrap of paper that included the number or the name and number. I thought I might have to go through all those to find the mystery block. 

My labels

But then remembered that the garbage had been emptied the day before. Thankfully, I didn't need to go dumpster diving to solve the mystery!

Ooops - -the garbage was emptied

OK -- that was bugging me, so I went downstairs to take a couple of extra pictures. Here's the coloring in the book. 

The block in the book

Here's the block in the quilt. 

The block in the quilt

Here's the extra block. AHA -- I probably remade the block because the coloring wasn't right. That's why there was one extra with no label, and I didn't mark that???? It doesn't matter -- the mystery of the quilt blocks is solved!

The fabrics were switched in the bottom section

This morning, I got busy and added all the remaining sashing. Then it was time to audition the cornerstones. There was fabric in the bin for that, and YEP -- I can live with that. 

Auditioning a cornerstone

Then I realized I forgot to add the final piece of sashing to the end of all the rows, so most of that got cut this morning. 

No sashing was added to the bottom of each diagonal row

I was on a roll, so I also started to cut the setting triangles. 

The setting triangles look great

Oh, what the heck -- I might as well cut all the setting triangles, but I haven't cut the corner triangles yet. 

All the setting triangles are in place

I still had time before breakfast, so I started to cut the cornerstones and sashing for the long strips of sashing that go between the rows of blocks. 

Cutting the cornerstones and sashing

I cut this strip into the sashing pieces. One more strip is ready to press and cut later today, and then I can start sewing this together. HEY -- I might actually finish my goal for this month. 

That would be good, and I won't be far from getting it ready to be quilted as all that will remain is adding a border or two, the binding and the backing and none of that takes very long. Sewing all those bits together is the big job. 

It pays to have goals!!!

Thankfully today, there are NO outside errands. I have a call to make this morning, then some paperwork, and I hope to spend the entire afternoon downstairs doing stuff for me! And that's how I plan to spend the weekend as well --- two whole days with no commitments to anyone, so I hope to spend it how I want. 

On that note -- I'm off to get some work done this morning, so I can sew for fun this afternoon!!!

Have a super day!!!


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