Saturday, March 26, 2022

Calm like a duck

Quack! Quack!!

No -- I haven't seen the pair of ducks that usually visit our pond each spring. Perhaps they have decided to bypass us this year. 

No - I started with all the quacking because that's exactly how I feel - calm, cool, and collected on the outside (the part you can see) and going like mad on the inside (the part you can't see). Just like a duck on the water -- we don't see their little legs going like mad to get somewhere. 

I'm still prepping the homework for THIS MORNING. And I'm still sewing - well, not right now, of course! But even if I don't finish the block, I've got enough for the group to get the gist of what we're doing. And there really wasn't time to get it done before. I could have eeked out a half-hour somewhere; perhaps I shouldn't have watched one of the baking shows! But there is only so much work that my brain and body can process in one day.

AH -- I'm not going to worry about it. It'll all work out. I have great faith and confidence in myself. 

So lots of sewing going on, but none that I can share with you yet! And there's the virtual retreat this weekend -- TONIGHT and I always have high hopes of sewing something for me. Alas, that won't be the case, yet again. I'll be sewing to catch up, and I have a bit of work on my UFOs that need to be done, as well as quilts to trim. 

ONE DAY -- I will be caught up! 

So I took my car to the garage to get the brakes fixed. As we all know, brakes and batteries took a big hit during the pandemic, and us not driving them. What I want to know -- well, I know, and it irks me. Why didn't the car manufacturers tell us that we need to get our cars out more often or put them in the garage where it's dry? Did anyone tell us that? They did, but only after it was too late, and the brakes were rusted. 

But what irks me, even more is that I was told that there was uneven wear on the tires, and they needed to be rotated and balanced. So I did. Then I got the tire report yesterday, and the wear is CONSISTENT on all four tires -- so why did that need to be done? I will contact them, but one more thing to add to the list of things to deal with. They were already taking a ton of cash from me, so why add this on? Sigh............

I know the brakes needed to be done -- I could feel them pulsating as I used them, which is not a good sign. 

No more ghost sightings in Studio B, but something bizarre happened. 

If you've been following along, you know that several light bulbs need to be replaced. In this row of lights, three of six bulbs need to be replaced.

Half the bulbs are burned out

Two of six need to be replaced in this bank, and I'm expecting one more to go any day. 

Two of six bulbs are toast

The middle bank of lights was fine - all the bulbs were intact -- they were the last to be installed years ago. TWICE yesterday, the lights dimmed as if we had a brownout. Then all of a sudden, I realized that something was not right. 

An ENTIRE light fixture just stopped working (right at the top of this picture). 

A light fixture just stopped working!

We've had enough issues with the light bulb prematurely burning out in our house that we had the hydro folks here years ago to check. Yes, there are spikes at our house, but nothing to be alarmed about. 

But the way this light went suddenly makes me think it might be toast. I can still see perfectly fine, but this light is right over the cutting table, and it's a tad dark!!!

I'd better investigate and get the lights back in good working order. I hope I don't need to call an electrician to replace that fixture -- I DO NOT do electrical. And they are so busy -- it could be a while to get it fixed. Let's hope it was just the bulbs that went. 

But how weird --- ghost? or brownout? or something else? 

I'm happy to report that I got an e-mail from Cherrywood to alert me that my second book had arrived at the warehouse in NY. They don't know that; they just know it arrived at its destination. The SAME day, I got an e-mail from Cross Border Pickups to alert me that a package had arrived. This was on March 22, I think. Yesterday, I paid $10 plus tax to have the package shipped to me. And as easy as that, the package is on its way. This super slick system works like a charm to get stuff across the border at reasonable prices. At least, it works for Laura, and now it works for me!!! Thanks again, Laura. 

My package is on its way

I went shopping yesterday -- big stuff like dog food that NO ONE in their right mind would get on foot, although I could have taken my wagon. NO -- not going there. But this repair bill and the fact that DH's car is getting on in years makes me ponder the need to have two cars. If we don't get a chance to use both cars regularly, do we need two cars? 

If he didn't have to do errands for his mother, he wouldn't drive much. Well, until golf season hits. Speaking of cars (again), my manual transmission seemed to be the talk of the dealership. Is that a manual transmission? I had several people ask me and look inside to check. It's hilarious! 

But I did stop at Micheal's and get some yarn that I needed. More about that another day. Yarn is on sale this week -- 30% off for anyone who needs to know. I didn't go crazy - I bought three balls. But I need to find that PINK CHENILLE yarn that I have here. That's the one I want!!

Then off to the library to drop off and pick up some books. OK -- if I didn't go for that walk, all my homework would be done. BUT, I have my priorities straight -- my daily walks are more important than prepping for homework. I can talk myself through a homework assignment without props, but I can't add steps if I don't go out. 

This sign was at the front door. 

In the last couple of days, I've read this sentiment in many e-mails and in other stores. What is happening to our world that we need to post this sign? Are people really this rude? I think some of them need to be shipped to a war-torn country to see what's it like to not be able to buy groceries at the store or have a roof over your head. We are a nation of UNGRATEFUL people. It's a nation where people feel ENTITLED to do what they want, and it's sad. It's just very sad. Thankfully, not everyone is like that, but I find this disturbing. And I've seen it from QUILT SHOPS. What happened to the happy, friendly quilters that we used to be? 

I see that the crazy rains we've had the last couple of days have started to erode the path in the forest yet again. They need to bring in heavy equipment and compact this piece, so it's like concrete. Otherwise, they'll be back after every rain to fix it. 

Lexi checked out the path

Now, this is a bit ridiculous. We all know of the downward dog position in yoga, which I've never found that comfortable, but apparently, Murphy thinks it's OK, especially when Mom just gave her a treat and she's eating it this way? Oh, Murphy!!!

Eating a treat in downward dog position

DH comes home sometime today. He hasn't been away from home this long for a long, long time. The house has been so quiet! I threw all the dishes in the dishwasher, but if I had left them on the counter, he would know that I actually cooked while he was away! The girls will be beyond themselves when he gets home, and Lexi can't wait for him to sit on the sofa, so she can join him. 

Well, that's it for today. Don't forget to check out the final post for QUILTsocial this week. I learned so much from my research and sample-making! 

And tonight and tomorrow is the Virtual Retreat. I need to talk less and sew more!

Saturday, March 26   -- Starts at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, March 27 -- Starts at NOON

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

And here's the list of upcoming quilt shows, so make sure you get these on your calendar. I have a couple to add but no time to deal with it today. 

Here are the quilt shows that I'm aware of in my area. 

The Textile Show at the Gerrard Art Space (Toronto)  --- show runs until April 3!!!  (better hurry on that one!)

Colour with a U  -- a quilt show at the Orillia Museum of Art & History -- runs until April 9 

Common Thread Quilt Guild Ottawa) is hosting its show on May 6,7,8. 

Hamilton Quilt Guild -- June 3, 4

Didn't even get to e-mail. I'm hoping today after I finish my lecture and before the Virtual Retreat, I'll get to answer a few of them. 

Have a super day, and see you tonight!!! If you're new to Virtual Retreats, just stop by to say hi or get your sewing machine fired up and sew along. It's really an open house via Zoom. 




  1. It's not just your country. The USA is full of disrespectful idiots who are entitled beyond my comprehension. Many of them have died of C19 but many remain.

    I have a friend in Dallas who drives an Acura. Last year it 'died'. She had it towed to the dealership. They told her she needs to drive more than 300 miles per month in order to keep all the systems running properly. She has a work-from-home job. She might drive 100m per month but her husband is gone a lot and right now 1 car locks her up at home (nothing in walking distance).

    So far this year I have driven nearly 350 miles. I can walk to my community library but none of my other regular monthly errands. My car however, is always in the garage so none of your weather related issues for me.

    It is frustrating when they tell us (women) we must do some repair/service and then find out it was fine. I always turn down the work when they call me from the annual service visit. I do my research and then schedule it if it is deemed truly necessary. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. If I didn't love my gardening so much I would live in a high rise downtown and not need a car!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the yarn sale at Michaels! Unfortunately, the 2 nearest me (London) don't seem to have much yarn anymore. Is it a supply issue, or making room for something different? I've started watching the Len's Mill flyers for sales and stock up then!