Thursday, March 3, 2022

Show and tell - Wonderful Woodland

I'm so glad to know that it's not just me who received those annoying robocalls. And yesterday? Not a single one! Go figure!!

But as some people have acknowledged in the comments -- DO NOT, I repeat - DO NOT answer any call if the caller ID isn't there or you don't recognize the number. It's perfectly OK to let your phone ring. Remember, if you have Android and programmed correctly, you flip the phone face down, and it stops ringing. 

Don't be going around saying, I received a call about an illegal package or the latest scam -- you wouldn't know the subject of the scam if you didn't answer the call. You admit that you answer those calls by telling everyone what calls you get. Do yourself a favor -- DO NOT answer those calls. 

And I hate to think of the current political situation and that book I am reading - One Second After. That would be a total disaster if that ever happened. It's not just our communications -- it's EVERYTHING. Everything we use today is run by computers -- electricity, water, sewage, cars, EVERYTHING!!! Let's just keep our fingers crossed and pray!

I solved my FitBit problem by deleting the entry of 32.2 KM and entered 12.2 KM, which is more like I would have done that day. Good grief!

I didn't have time to work on Farmers Wife, so I still haven't found the duplicate block. Some people have mentioned the two tree blocks in the 6th row from the bottom. 

Farmer's Wife

Nope -- -look, there are two tree blocks in the book, and if you look close, they are different. 

Temperance Tree

Pine Tree

Not by much -- the thickness of the trunk and the number of fabrics used, but they are different. 

I hope to get to it later today or tomorrow morning, and then I can hopefully figure out why I have an extra block. 

But OH MY -- I got a good laugh yesterday. 

Remember that quilting magazine from 1990 that I posted the other day? 

Quilting magazine from 1990

Look what I got from Linda!!! YES --- both her and her mom made tree skirts in 1990 or 1991. Could it be they used that magazine??? 

Tree skirts

Linda's tree skirt

Her mom's tree skirt

I just checked -- the one in the magazine used six diamonds, not five, and didn't have lace, but it was a THING in the early 1990s!!! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

And look at the note in the pattern --- so quick and easy, you'll make two that will be LONG remembered! Just like Linda's!!!

From the pattern

Here's some of the homework that was shown this past weekend. At the Hobby Horse, we're working on Wonderful Woodland - a cute pattern by a Canadian designer - Art East Quilting Co

Wonderful Woodland

All the creatures are Canadian, and I can't wait to see the finished quilts! 

The first block we worked on was the bear. 








There were a couple of others, but well, there's an issue with the pictures. I prefer to receive the photos as attachments, not embedded in the email. It's a long story, but it takes LONGER to save an embedded picture than it does to save an attachment. I've learned that it depends on which email app you use on your phone as to how easy it is to attach photos, and then if you have an Apple device -- it's a crapshoot if the attachment process will even work. 

I use the Samsung mail app, and it works like a charm. I can forward 30 photos to myself at a time as ATTACHMENTS. Don't forget that you should resize your images when sending them as they are usually huge, and that's why your device won't let you send more than one or two. I resize to 10%, which allows me to send 30 at once. 

This process works perfectly for me. So if you are struggling to send photos to anyone, take a look at your email app and then look at attaching versus embedding and resizing those photos!!

I think Samsung did make some changes in how you can download pictures to your computer, so I must investigate that very soon. But why or why do they make changes to things that work just fine? Of course -- I just checked the drive (after connecting my phone to the computer), and it works just fine this morning! Maybe it got changed back! 

If you attach your phone (using a data cable) to your computer, the drive on your phone becomes just another drive on your computer. Then it's easy to drag and drop those photos from your phone to your computer. Easy peasy!! Once I do that, I delete everything from my phone, and if you do this via the computer, it takes seconds. 

So for anyone who doesn't know how to attach photos or can't because they have an Apple product that doesn't allow that to happen, send the photos EMBEDDED. I'll deal with the few seconds extra it takes -- I'd rather have a photo than no photo!

All in the life of learning and using technology. 

I did my two car errands yesterday -- both took longer than planned. When I arrived at Oh Look Fabric to pick up some stuff, the place was busy, and I had to wait for others to get their fabric cut and cash out. Then I was on my way back home! But that errand is done, so that is good. 

I have one more driving errand, and hopefully, I'll get that done today. And I got my French serger presentation organized, and I've reviewed the entire thing and learned new words. It's quite the task, to say the least, but I'm learning loads, and now I need to get better at retaining all those new words. I'm actually doing not too badly, but still -- it's a lot for my brain to handle!

And can you believe how nice it was yesterday? I did NOT wear a hat for any of my walks, and in the afternoon, my jacket was open, no mitts, no scarf or hat! Can spring be far behind? Well, it's back to minus 9 this morning, so I guess spring isn't quite here yet!

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Those robocalls sometimes leave a message and that is how we know if there is a package at the border or there is a warrant against our social insurance number. We never answer numbers we don't recognize.

  2. Another warning, if you do answer for some reason, some will ask a question with an obvious yes as the answer. Do NOT answer - hang up. They record you saying yes and then take it an put it to a conversation so you are saying yes to something they can bill you for.

  3. Fitbit interprets arm movements as steps. I logged a bunch of steps one day just binding a couple of quilts.