Sunday, March 20, 2022

The day went from weird to bizarre

 OH MY --- there are several other shows to alert you to!

The Textile Show at the Gerrard Art Space (Toronto)  --- show runs until April 3!!!  (better hurry on that one!)

Colour with a U  -- a quilt show at the Orillia Museum of Art & History -- runs until April 9 

Common Thread Quilt Guild Ottawa) is hosting its show on May 6,7,8. 

Hamilton Quilt Guild -- June 3, 4

And don't forget the Virtual Retreat next weekend. I'll be posting the links next week. 

It's so nice to see shows starting to happen again! Now we have to adjust ourselves to fit DAY trips in our schedules. How are we going to do that? We're so used to doing everything on Zoom!

So yesterday was a weird day, and then it got bizarre. 

I puttered in the morning and managed to get one more homework assignment out the door. Other than some information handouts to finish, all the homework assignments are up to date. PHEW!! I'm not out of the woods yet and still working on some writing assignments, which I hope to finish tonight. 

In the afternoon, Ronda came over to borrow my embroidery machine since she broke hers (too rough!), and it needs a minor repair. 

But what was she thinking? She came to do embroidery and forgot to bring a stabilizer! No worries, I have lots. I even let her borrow my hoops! 

She had a bit of embroidery to do, and then she quilted a quilt using an embroidery design. So it looks like edge-to-edge quilting but done with an embroidery machine. 

Ronda quilting her quilt on my machine

While she came with her quilt marked for the hoopings, she did NOT calculate her thread properly! OOPS  -- that required a quick trip to Fabricland to get more thread for the bobbin. Thankfully they had the color she needed. 

I bought some cord, but gosh, I was tempted to look at the fashion fabrics because I have a serger and I know how to use it! But we were in a hurry and had no time to browse. All the staff was very chatty and friendly. I think they are happy that restrictions are being relaxed and that everything will soon (let's hope) be back to normal. 

Although the mask mandate will be relaxed tomorrow, I haven't heard if we need it for the gym. I think we just need to bring one with us for the next several months -- just in case!

So now she's set for the bobbin thread. We had dinner, and then she pointed out that she would run out of top thread. I don't think she did the math very well on her thread requirements! One small spool will do about 40,000 stitches, which is not a lot of stitches in the embroidery world. 

Luckily for her, I happened to have a very similar color, and she was back in business. 

Empty spools of thread!

But things got very weird. I was using the iron, and I had turned on a small heater to get rid of the chill. I then plugged in my FitBit to charge, and the next thing I knew -- dead silence. WHAT?? I looked at the black screen on the embroidery machine -- she looked at me. What happened? 

OH -- the iron and the heater, with everything else on -- the breaker couldn't handle it. I unplugged the heater and ran and flicked the breaker back on. Thankfully the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 has an emergency stop. And this is the message you get when it comes back on after a power outage. 

Yeah --- let's start right back where we left off before the power so rudely got interrupted

I was sitting across the table from her sewing some samples, and I swear, I felt and even NOTICED someone standing beside me. The only problem was -- there was NO ONE there. It was a fleeting sensation -- lasted milliseconds. I get goosebumps even now. It was such a strong sensation - I've no idea what happened -- I've never sensed anyone in my studio before. Is it haunted?? 

Thankfully she was there, or I may have packed it in for the day!!! But now I know who keeps hiding things from me! Or who makes the scrap piles multiple at night! I did manage to get some tidying up done while Ronda finished her embroidery. 

And Murphy? What's with this? I know she likes to eat things, but seriously? A note that I post on the door? She tried to eat it. Sigh....................  Thankfully, it wasn't homework! 

Murphy ate my note!

I did manage to pick out the part of my Wanderers Wife that needs to be switched around. I didn't get a chance to resew it back together as I was done by that time!!! But look -- I was so tired that I started to rip out the wrong seam! Sigh...................

My Wanderer's Wife is ready to sew back together in the CORRECT orientation

She finally finished at 9:03!!! I LOVE the clock on my sewing machine. I know it's a small detail, but I would be lost without it. 

The quilt is finished!!

The nuttiness of the day did NOT end there. I woke up this morning with a dream in my head. For the sake of decency, I won't tell you all the details. But there I was, walking down a street with a garbage bag in my hand (I guess I keep seeing that garbage on the street), and if I get a chance, I might get out today and pick some up. But what was I wearing? Well, it wasn't much! I think that's because my friend Margaret is buying a dress and sent me a picture and the back of the dress was pretty skimpy. 

I need coverage! I can't wear a sleeveless shirt, and I hate scoop or V necklines. How bizarre is that!!

Always amazes me how our brains can fit together small details of the day and regurgitate it as a dream. I don't remember many of mine -- I'm sure some of them would be doozies!!!

Thankfully, the day is over, and hopefully, there will be no more ghost sightings! Ronda's quilt got done, and I made good progress!!! And somehow, I eeked out 11.6 KM. 

And I fixed the dishwasher again! This time, I took everything apart (in that drain area), and sure enough, there were two SMALL pieces of ground beef in the drain. It doesn't like that, so it's all better now. 

Today, we have our Out of the Box show and tell, and OH MY --- these guys are super creative!!! I can't wait to hear all the stories behind their creations!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I follow a blogger in Maine who wears the same shirt every day. Each year she orders 12.

    You definitely had a crazy day and I am in full belief of you sensing "someone" standing there. Guardian angel in your life preventing any other weird activities as you'd already had enough?

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Hey I am with you on the clothing coverage. Long sleeves and crew necklines. I sunburn so easily I keep covered up!