Saturday, September 10, 2022

Community Quilt projects

I'm going to become positively boring if this continues! But I must say that when I went for my wee personal walk in the afternoon, I could feel myself (and my feet) feeling much better. Here's the good thing which I'm sure you'll all be happy about. I do not have a pair of shoes I can put on for a good walk, so I'm currently stuck with sandals. 

I need new running shoes, in a larger size, before I can go far. I hope to remedy that next week. I dare not damage what healing has happened. I changed my bandages yesterday, and things are looking good, except for one tie, and if it's still infected, there is NO WAY that I will be able to deal with the pain by myself. So if you're a nurse and close to me, I may be calling on some assistance. I'll see how it heals over the next two days! 

Anyway --- all is good, but I'm becoming a slug! I finished one book last night and, of course, immediately started another. It's an older Sandra Brown (Mirror Image), but those books on the shelf have to go, but not before I read them. The audiobook I'm listening to is three short stories (The Family Lawyer by James Patterson), and I finished one of those. I love to read, but I'm getting bored and restless. Too much sitting around, and it's driving me crazy. 

So I turned to the long arm. I got two more community quilts done. 

Community project quilt - DONE

Community project quilt - DONE

Remember that each of these is small -- about 40" by 44" so they do not take long. Those five quilts are now waiting for the binding to be put on, and I should attempt that today. 

So I thought about all the community project quilts waiting to be quilted. How many are there? I decided to sort and clean up that area -- well, it was neat and tidy, but I wanted to sort and count the quilts. 

Remember that MOST of these quilt tops were sewn by Diane. There were a few done by myself and a couple sewn by someone else. How many are there? I'll tell you in a minute. 

Except for a handful, ALL of them include binding, and about half include the backing. I might be way out to lunch on that number, but there are backings for some of them. Some are a complete package to quilt (backing and binding), some just have the binding, and some are just the top. Diane did what she could with what I gave her. Can you imagine how many miles of binding Diane has made?

A good percentage of them are lap-sized -- we aimed for 60 by 72. Some smaller ones are more appropriate for younger children in size and color, and there are quite a few of these small quilts. I dug out the small ones and all the flannel quilts, as that's where my brain is these days, and I want to use up that polyester batting. 

There are TWO large tubs (the kind you store decorations in), 2 cardboard boxes, one plastic tub, two laundry baskets, and a cloth container. How many quilts, you say?? 

There are a grand total of TWO HUNDRED quilt tops! I know --- that's crazy!!!

I have seven more in progress -- five are quilted, and two are on the slate to be quilted today. Three are sitting in the front hall waiting to be delivered, and I've already given away three. 

In total, that equals 213 quilts. Never mind that I have two more large tubs with quilt tops and backings I made before we started this project that are slated for community projects. 

Let's just say that if Diane is willing to sew? I'm willing to feed her with something to sew. I do NOT need all this. All I can say is that I'd be in a HUGE mess without her generous offer to sew quilt tops! Thank you, Diane!!! I'm afraid to touch base with Cathy, who also took scrapes and other bits from me, but I should see what she has completed! 

What is scary is that I have NOT touched my personal stash for most of this. Yes -- I have dug in to find some backings or a border, but I have NOT touched that stash. And that makes me very afraid. How much fabric is in that stash? Way MORE than what I've been giving to Diane! At first, I wasn't going to touch my stash other than to use it for backings, but that thought has long gone from my head. I'm down to three tubs of "donated" fabric, and it's becoming harder to find coordinates.

So I'm going to dig through my stash, color by color, mix these neutrals from the three tubs, and start giving her that when she needs it. I'll be selective when I touch the stash -- I do NOT want to give everything away, but I know what I keep skipping over and that no longer needs to be there. 

Or I might focus on my flannels and try and use them all up. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll have to see how I feel in the next couple of days and look around, and if I could clear all the flannels, that would clear an entire length of two shelves in the stash room. Yep -- -I might just do that! 

I did not clear up any more papers yesterday, but I should. Too much reading -- well, I'm lying in bed, which is not good for my body. So I need to move!!!!! How will I ever get old? 

I'm up-to-date on the Amazing Race Canada. OK -- those episodes were just too darn stressful. We see how the episode was edited, but what was the actual time difference between the arriving teams?? And seriously?? Those brothers were amazing! I cannot believe the physicality they put into that last episode; they deserve an award for that. The other speed bump for a previous group was NOT nearly as challenging. 

Well, that's it for me. I really need to get busier, so the blog is more interesting. But it's still all about decluttering and quilting! Yes --- I'm tackling all that flannel fabric. Oh --- I have to go -- I'm so excited now! I have a purpose for my day!!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I donated almost all my flannel to my guild's outreach group and it felt 'sew' good to get rid of it. I had meters and meters of fleece (artic and other) and I sold some of that but gave some of that away for backings for the outreach group as well. When do you know when to much is to much? Well now I know I had way to much flannel and if someone else can use it - especially those in need of a quilt, then I feel better within.
    Remember to relax Elaine - give those feet a little rest. Even though you feel you are not doing anything, you your body time to heal.

    1. Gwen --- you did great for donating all that flannel. IT's amazing how it quickly adds up and all of a sudden, you have piles of the stuff. I'm making excellent headway to get through it and hope to make some pieced backings with more of it! It will be GONE one day (hopefully sooner than later!)

  2. I got sick of flannel last year. I gathered it all up (62y I think) and donated to a program here that makes feminine hygiene pads for girls in countries where they are required to stay home from school during their menses! All gone!

    Keep listening to your feet. You're not a slug, you are a caretaker. They will serve you well for a long time if you give them the time they need to heal :-)

    1. WOW --- you are the second person who said they are sick of flannel! It all seems so warm and cozy and then POOF -- you don't want it anymore. I hope to make pieced backings from it and get rid of it all! Slow and sure! But that was a good cause you donated yours to! I've heard of that group -- I think we have a chapter close to here.

  3. Marsha Briscoe-KohlerSeptember 11, 2022 at 6:24 AM

    Girl I am Following your Poor feet. They are in Need of good shoes. Maybe try on Bayfield St in Barrie

    1. Marsha -- Thanks for the tip on the shoes. I'll check them out --- what I really need is a NO waterproof shoe for the extremely hot temperatures and something that fits a bit looser, especially in the front!