Monday, September 26, 2022

Double up!

The woes of the internet! For whatever reason, my e-mail doesn't want to sync (yet again), so I may or may not have pictures! I sent the e-mail hours ago, and I've restarted the computer TWICE, and still nothing! GRRRR!!!! I must call Microsoft and see what that's all about. I can see the e-mails on my phone, but not on the computer. 

And while I can do a send/receive, it won't sync, and that's what needs to happen for the e-mails to download. OH --- good --- it just synced. Why does it work sometimes and then nothing? It had NOT synced all day yesterday. 

I was back at the longarm. Good grief --- will this madness never end? I'm almost to the point where I want to focus on something else! But I managed to get TWO more Quilts of Valour quilts quilted. So that makes numbers 3 and 4 of 11. 

Quilts of Valour Number 3

Quilts of Valour Number 4

I should clarify that the quilts for Quilts of Valour do NOT have to be made from the Northcott Oh Canada collection. It just so happens that I had a bit of that fabric, so Diane made these quilts from the collection. But once this grouping of quilts is done, the rest are from other fabrics. 

I had to make a back for yesterday's quilts, and I "cheated." I had just enough fabric to make an extra wide back, so I could do the first quilt (sideways), and then there was enough backing to load the second quilt, so I didn't have to reload the backing. That saved a bit of time, although I'm getting fast at pinning quilts. I can have a large quilt on the machine now in short order. 

See that white line -- that's where one quilt ended and the next one started! I hope to do more of that with some of the other quilts. It saves a lot of time and also saves fabric! But works best when the quilts are the same length, which is why I'm sorting them by size as I pull out which ones to work on next. 

Two quilts loaded on the same quilt back

I had to join the batting, which was super easy to do on the long arm. I use those strips of fusible tricot, and my iron and the bar served as the ironing surface! That also saves on the amount of batting if you can quilt two quilts one after the other. 

Fusing the batting together

One thing I realized was that when my quilts roll up as they are quilted, they do NOT interfere with the amount of workspace I have as the quilts are rolled UP and behind, so I don't lose any space. That was good planning by the engineers who created this table. Other brands will have the quilt rolled up on the first bar, which can affect how much room they have to work!

No wasted space in my work area

Anyway --- all that to say that two more quilts are done! Then I made a backing for the RCMP quilt, which got quilted. I had a tester who checked it out and gave it her 100% approval! I guess I have to wash that one as well before it goes! I should get the binding on today and wash both! 

The quilt tester

All three are trimmed, and the bits are taken care of. I even managed to fill several pet mats with all the scraps, and I need to serge those shut. 

I did NOT get to any binding as I was too tired. 

We spent all afternoon and evening on Virtual Retreat, which is always fun! I spent a bit of time just chatting and doing nothing! That's because my day starts way before their day does, although they go to bed later than I do!

We have a municipal election in one month, and until yesterday there have been no signs. Then between the morning walk and the afternoon walk, it was a mushroom garden. Signs sprang up everywhere! 

So those girls of mine are pretty funny. Lexi is so cool --- I do NOT need to be next to my Mom, but Murphy has to be as close as she can possibly get. 

Mom -- My sister is an IDIOT! 

However, that Princess is right up on the sofa when her Dad watches TV. She has no qualms about it any longer -- why should she? She doesn't get punished or pushed down -- I'd say she's settling in rather nicely! What will she do when he goes away for business? Who is she going to cuddle up to then? Oh, Lexi --- you are a Daddy's girl for sure! 

Mom -- I'm cuddling with Dad! 

But then Dad doesn't discipline her, so who is to blame? I've given up that couch --- they can make it as dirty as they want -- as long as they are happy! 

It's Monday sewing today! I hope to get more quilts quilted ---there's one on the machine already and the second one is pressed and ready to be loaded when the machine is clear. I said I was going to do 22, and we have until November 11 to do so. I may slow the pace down after the first 11 as I want to finish some other stuff! 

Anyway -- back to Monday sewing. We have a show and tell at 11 to see what each other is working on and interesting stuff we see along our daily travels. That show and tell is so much fun!! I have created a very eclectic mix today and can't wait to share it with the group! 

If you're looking for a quilt show, there's one in Brantford this coming weekend. The guild is the Brant Heritage Quilters Guild. Check it out -- I'll be going; I just don't know which day yet. It's on September 30 and October 1. Check out the link for more details. 

On that note, I've got to get those girls out for their walk! 

Have a super day!!!


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