Sunday, September 18, 2022

Deju Vu!

 Oh my --- I am getting to like this quiet pace. No deadlines, yet I'm still getting lots done -- well, I"m getting stuff done, I don't know about lots. I'm reading, relaxing (yet still walking), and well -- it's positively grand! However, I don't think I'm quite ready to retire yet! I've got so much to learn, and teaching (or leading a group) helps me to learn, so I can't give that up entirely!

But what day is it? Oh yes -- Sunday!

My days are positively starting to be like Groundhog Day! Yep -- I got two more community project quilts done. 

Community Project quilt - DONE

The second community project quilt is done!

Both are trimmed and ready for binding whenever I get to that point. My focus is to quilt as many of those small quilts as I can. I am making that roll of batting stretch far. I think there's still enough for another six quilts? I'm losing count. Don't worry -- there are still at least six more small quilts. Then I decided I must check my batting closet to see if there was any other polyester batting. Let's get it all used up! 

I found one piece last week, which is included in the batting count for six more quilts. But look what I found. A HUGE batt at 120" square. Good grief --- well, that's OK, as there are a "few" more small quilts to quilt. So now my goal is to use up ALL the polyester batting, and then I focus on something else. 

A large poly batt

My goals these days are to use up, finish up, and make a dent in those quilts that Diane has made! I have a system going. I try to have one quilt on the long arm before bed. That's done! Then the second quilt of the day has the backing made (if it didn't come with a backing) and that it's ironed, as well as the top. That is done. 

I took the small quilts and paired them up, and those pairs are lying on the floor. Once I have the quilts for the day prepped, I take one of the pairs and put it on the ironing board so I can prep that as I'm quilting the quilts of the day. The stack of paired quilts is rapidly diminishing. I didn't take a picture, but I will for tomorrow. 

It's all about focus! I know I won't have this same flexibility starting in October, so I'm taking advantage of the time now. 

All is good! And then someday. I must start on those bindings! 

I did a quick perusal of my bookshelves to see if I had any of the other titles of quilt history books I bought at the used book sale, and NOPE -- I don't seem to see them. I thought of starting to pull books but got sidetracked. But I did find this book on Durham Quilting from the Durham region in England. Guess what? That's where my Mom's side of the family came from. Perhaps a trip to England is in order! 

Durham Quilting book

I watched a video on the new software for the long arm and learned a couple of things, which I'll play with later today. OK, so here's why I don't like the Power Panto -- not that most of you care since you don't have the software. But some patterns are not nested or not deeply nested, so no partial row is needed to fill in any gaps.  

See how there are no significant gaps along the top? The Basic mode (which I always used in the past) allows me to resize the pattern (with some distortion), but I could have a complete pattern at the top and bottom. 

A complete row at the top using Basic Mode

The new Power Panto mode doesn't allow that to happen because it prevents the pattern from distorting, so regardless of whether you do not need a partial row at the top and bottom, you will ALWAYS have a partial row. That's why I don't like this mode -- at least for these pattern styles. 

Partial row at the top

Partial row at the bottom

Now, I see this mode as helpful if you do NOT want any distortion in the pattern, like a circular design. That's very hard to not distort using the mode that I like. So I should break away from this pattern and try a new pattern each time I quilt! It's just that this one was super easy to place, but time to learn something new. 

I had fewer problems with the placement yesterday, so that is good. For some reason, there was a glitch and let's hope it was an operator error! 

I will be a pro when I get to the customer quilts! 

I listened to three or four hours of that audiobook, and I'm down to the last three hours. It's heavy reading, and I can only handle so much intense focusing. But I did listen to it when I went for my afternoon walk. I hope to finish it today. Now, who the heck is the murderer?? It's about a 10-year-old murder case, and the book is about three characters playing mind games on each other about who did the murder and why. Although there is a current crime that happened, we still don't know why. It's all very mysterious, but zero action, zero chasing bad guys -- it's all mind games!

And I caved and watched two episodes of the Great British Baking show, as I wanted to know who was in the finale. OK -- so that was a surprise! And while watching, I got this much done on my hexagon block for Green Tea. 

Hexagon block for Green Tea

The hexagons are all prepped, and I started to sew them together by hand. Today, I'll be more focused (I hope!) Oh shoot -- DH was going to be leaving this morning so I could have the house to myself, and his plane just got canceled. I don't think he's pleased! Hopefully, he can get the next plane tonight. 

So this is what happens in our house. I'm sitting quietly in the living room, reading my book. Lexi is sleeping on one of the dog mats, and Murphy is jealous and wants to get closer. 

Hey Lexi -- get up! I want to play

I mean it -- get up, or I'll attack you!

You asked for it! Attack!

And then it comes down to a full-blown "attack" where they lay face to face and wrestle with each other. Absolutely hilarious! 

Hey Lexi -- I'm going to chew your face off! 

Oh, those girls are such a source of entertainment. What would I do without them to disturb my peace and quiet??

I did not get out to buy running shoes, but Diane alerted me to an article in the newspaper about buying running shoes. Alas, that was elite running shoes. But interesting to note that there are THREE types of running shoes for serious runners. There's something called a SUPER SHOE that can knock time off your run! Seriously??? Buying shoes has sure changed. Those shoes cost upwards of $300 and last for about 200 KM. Yikes! 

That prompted me to search for hiking boots versus hiking shoes versus trail runners. Many hikers are ditching boots for hiking shoes or trail runners because of the weight and heat. Lots of people are using trail runners, which is something that I'll be investigating. I found a great pair online, but they are waterproof but breathable. I may just have to try those in the appropriate size and see if they work. It's going to be hard to replicate those hot, dry conditions at this time of the year, but I'm just going to have to. I still have a couple of free weekends, and now that I can walk, I should get out for some serious hikes to see how it goes. 

And my cousin is still digging out obscure information. Holy --- I need to put on paper what she has unearthed!!!

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. My dear friend…being retired does not mean you couldn’t teach classes. It does, however, mean that you get to pick and choose what (and when) you wish to do something. It means you would not have a “boss” to answer to….you would be your own boss. I say “Go for it!” 😁

    1. Oh Maryke --- you are a trouble maker (LOL) Believe it or not, but I have cut back on some stuff --- you just can't see it because I usually fill the time with something else! But I'm doing more of what I want to do and less of what someone else wants me to do!!!

  2. I agree, you could be enjoying your time like this all the time! Your dogs are beautiful 😻

    1. Pamela --- SH!!!! WE mustn't let the girls know what you said about them. They are beautiful, but comments like that go to their heads!!! Despite what it sounds like on the blog, I mostly do what I enjoy. The trick will be to stay on top so I don't end up with too much to do all at once!!