Thursday, September 1, 2022

Day 6 -- In the heat of the moment

 So it's day six and I'm now in torres Del rio. Sipping on coke (again!) and have had the most amazing beer ever!!! 

Last night was bizarre. Although we were in the albergue, there seemed t be Spanish kids in the backyard when we were trying to sleep. And at one point, I swear they were murdering each other. I think they stopped at around 11 PM. 

We also were situated beside a major highway - I mean right beside the highway. I swear the trucks were coming through the window. Then strangely at 11, they seemed to stop and I did NOT hear another vehicle until about 4:30. Now why is that? 

I was up and out the door at aout 6:15. I didn't stop for food as I had my croissant and my chocolate danish with me. It was a bit tricky getting out out of Estrella, so thank goodness for the Camnio Nina app. If you know anyone going to do the Camino -- they MUST use this app. It keeps you on track if you are not sure which has happened a couple of times. I am NOT getting lost again! 

Then we were in the country and we did make a couple of stops in a couple of villges along the way. I didn't stop in the villages as I had water with me and I had my pastries. 

I had checked my feet before leaving and I've now come to the conclusion that no bandaids will work while walking. They need to be lubricated but not bandages. OH -- I didn't have anyone above me last night, so I stole that pillow and put my feet on it. Those blisters hurt like crazy the night before, but they were pretty good last night. I have visions of walking painfree today. 

What a dreamer. However I asked the girl who took the bus about her blisters. OMG -- she has one about the size of a quarter on her heel. Suck it up girl!!! She supposedly took the bus again today. 

I walked mostly by myself again today and I LOVE IT. It's "stressful" to maintain a converssation with someone and ensure you are keeping pace with them. I don't want any of that and happy to walk alone. 

I made decent time this morning for the first 10 K but the second half was challenging. I stopped to check my feet. Nothing seems to be gettting worse. But then I developed a hot spot on one of my toes on the right foot. Seriously???  I'm about done with the issues on the righf foot! OK --- so I need to suck it up -- there are loads of people with worse ailments that I have. 

Whenn I arrived at Los Arcos which was to be the end of Stage 6, I chatted with a woman from Quebec who also had blisters, She was going to change her socks and let them air a bit and then she was pressing on to the next town so she would havea head start on tomorrow which is supposed to be a long day. 

So I had a Coke (oh god - loads of sugar) and then I changed my socks and looked at those feet. A new blister on the top of my toe which I was able to relieve the pressure from and I said to myself -- you CAN do this. So I took off for another 6 KM to the next town. 

Let me say that it was getting hot by now as I started out about Noon and arrived at 2 PM more or less. Zero shade!!! Except for one or two trees where someone had conviently placed a bench. But still hot. I have no idea what the temperature is and I do NOT want to know either. 

I'm now in Torres del Rio and 6 KM closer to tomorrow's destination. The only problem with jumping like this is I arried "late" and guess what? Yep -- I've got the top bunk! But I can live with that. 

The roads for the most part were decent. Hills, but nothing major. Stoney roads but not too bad. All in all, the walking conditions, other than the heat, were good. Thank goodnes for that hat. But here's the thing about the hat -- it's false security. I keep thinking I'm reaching a shady area, only to look up and see the brim of my hat and the sun!!

That talkative lady had passed me twice now and I've been polite, BUT not encouraging. I do not want to have to shake her hospitality. And did I say that she was MADE UP??? My mascara would be swirling down y cheeks. 

We were approaching one "mountain" and were trying to determine if there was a building on top or was that just a rock formation. As we drew close, I believe it was a medieval castle built into the rock formation. I passed the medieval fountain which had fish in it!!

I've had lunch, a shower and my clothes are INSIDE to dry which means they wont' be dry and I'm not paying 3 E to use the dryer. They'll be hanging off my pack tomorrow, except for my shortss which I need to wear. Those shorts are the BEST thing I could have brought. With the very loose fit around the legs, they are perfect for this heat. 

An can you believe me, who is always wearing that grey sweatshirt back home, leaves the albergue at 6:15 AM in a short sleeved T-shirt and my shorts. My long sleeved stuff stays in the backpack. 

Mentally, I'm doing OK. I have spent a lot of the last two days dwelling on my feet which isn't good. I'm getting better at taking care of them and I think (I PRAY) that I'm over the worst of it. But after I got myself organized for the last 6 KM today, I foused on enjoying the walk despite the heat. 

an you believe that I've been waling for 6 days already? I can't use my personal mileage as it seems to be way off, but we have walked about  --- hmmm --- I don't know the mileage and my book is upstairs. I'll have that for you tomorrow. I do know that I walked almosts 30 K today. 

It's nap time and I think I have run out of things to say!!!

Hae a super day!!!!



  1. Elaine I heard there was terrible enormous hail last night, I hope it wasn't anywhere near you!!

    1. in Spain???? I haven't seen a drop of rain!!!!