Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Day Five The agony of de FEET

 So today was all about the feet. But I'll talk about that in a second. 

I must say that I had a great sleep in that air conditioned room, but it was not without its challenges. I had a dream about Thimbles and Things and it was so weird. It was like I hd married the Hobby Horse adn Thimbles and Things together and Paula and her family were living in the store!! OK  -- where did that come from???

We had breakfast in the albergue so I didn't get out until about 7. The walk was pretty decent for the entire time -- a few uphill climbs as we entered the villages but nothing too long or too strenous. But once that sun came out, it got warm. Not super hot, but warm. 

I think I'm now up to four blisters and one more wanting to form. What did I do to ask for this?? OK - so -- it's supposed to be a pilgrimage and it's not supposed to be easy but seriously??? Four blisters? 

I had a couple of bandaids, but I don't think I'll wear them tomorrow. Just stop and keep the feet lubricated. Yep --- I think God gave me two per foot so I wouldn't over compensate and cause other issues. Thanks for that!!!

We passed vineyards, farm fields of sunflowers, and walked a great part of it close to a major highway, but always far enough away that it wasn't in our face. And can you tell me why every village is on top of a hill? Every single one!!! 

I didnt eat much at breakfast so it wasn't worthy my 6 E, but that's OK. At a small bakery along the way, I grabbed a banana and  cholcate pastry. I got out my tote bag to carry that pastry and it would have been a huge mess if I carried it in my hand. As I walked, I took a bite about every 1 KM. It's easy to hold off and not eat the entire thing at once. It's hard to eat too much in the heat and with all the walking. 

I am not the only one with blisters, and I heard that one girl took the bus today to avoid walking. I hope that won't happen to me but if I need to -- I will have to. But one day is NOT going to fix this mess. 

I will spare you the pictures of any of it. I'm trying to keep them open and we have a nurse amongst us and she was going to help another fellow and said "does anyone have needle and thread"  Yep --- I've got that so I said she could use my supplies as long as she popped the big one on my toe which is very hard to reach. 

I had to slow down a wee bit today because of the pain, but that was only on the really rough patches of the trail. And I did NOT want to stop because it would take some courage to get moving again!!!

And probably because of the pain, it seemed to take forever to get here. By the way - here is Estella which is a fairly big town. I have no idea what is happening to my GPS. The distance today was supposed to be 21.7 KM. However, my Fitbit registered 30 KM. Probably because of all the tiny steps I took on the descents. But I swear I'm connected t my phone GPS so that shouldn't be affecting it. 

 I don't know what the issue is, but I do know that it was a bit discouraging to watch those KM move at a snails pace and not know when or how long it was until we arrived. 

However as mentioned, it was OK. I'll survive. People have way worse things to deal with and a few blisters are not going to stop me. 

There are people from all over the world who are walking. Lots of Americans and there are Canadians, but I haven't met them. Oh -- just Ben from the other night. They are of all different ages and backgrounds and each is walking for their own reason. 

I'm surprised at the number of people who are forwarding their bags or part of their bags. WOW -- why pack a whole bunch of stuff that you won't need? I just seems like one extra thing to take care of. No need for me as I was pretty diligent about the weight an have no issues with the backpack. Just those darn feet. 

OK --- so as I was sitting in the patio area of our albergue yesterday in the afternoon, I spotted a woman walk by with MY pee cloth. OK --- maybe it was a coincidence that she bought the same one. I don't know and it would have been awkward to ask. So I'm going with the fact that she found it knew what it was for and is using it. Case closed!!!

I didnt need it toay anyways. 

And when I arrived a the albergue, I got the bottom bunk AGAIN!!!!!  So I would start taking the top bunk if it would heal my feet. But the lady next to me wanted to wash and dry her clothes and offered to do my laundry as well. So I'm all done and ready for a nap. But I'm waiting for Metta and the guy with the blister so we can do all that medical stuff and then I can have a nap. 

We are staying at a municipal albergue tonight for 8 E. You cant beat that. I only hope we can find a bakery on the way out to buy something to eat for breakfast. Yep -- the meals are a bit sketchy to find, but I went across the street when I got in and had my beer and tortilla which is to die for. 

I can't think of anything else for today. I'd better brush up on the route for tomorrow. I think we have a long stretch with NO towns so better to have food and water before heading out. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Spain is a VERY old country. I suspect that the villages/towns are built on hills so that they could see the advance of any enemies. In warfare, “the high ground” always provided the advantage.

  2. I’m sorry your feet are killing you, my daughter swears by wool socks, i mean really good wool socks even in the summer, I had bought some light weight ones when we were in Banff/Canmore area this summer hiking, wool is the way to go!
    Hopefully things get better for you!
    How long are you thinking you’ll be on this trek?

    1. I'll be experimenting with all kinds of socks and shoes when I get home.

  3. Hi Elaine, I walked the Camino a few years ago - every village is at the top of a hill! I only got blisters once. I used a needle and thread. I left the thread hanging out of both sides of the blister overnight and they were drained and much better by morning. Good luck with yours. Enjoy your journey!

    1. So why did that work ffor everyone else but not me??? I think the problem was my shoes. They didnt have the air or the space to heal!!!!! Lesson learned!!!